1 Year Anniversary Gifts For 2022: The First of Many

Article by John Abrams. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

The First Anniversary of your marriage is a truly special time! It marks the completion of the first of many full years to come. A year which often sees many couples discovering new joys and challenges in their relationship.

With the wedding a year behind you, odds are good that a bit of the newlywed bliss and romance is starting to take a backseat to every day life. So, it’s incredibly important to take time out to celebrate this incredible milestone together a look back on a year of ups and downs knowing you faced them all together!

There are tons of great 1 year anniversary gifts to choose from, from the customary to the completely unique. Choosing what’s right for your Husband or Wife can be a big challenge, but we’re here to help! We’ve got a great guide with lots of well researched items you can choose from directly, or use as inspiration to get those creative gifting juices flowing. After all, nobody knows your significant other like you!

Customary First Anniversary Gifts

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The History Of Customary Anniversary Gifts

Each anniversary through the years has a number of customary gift choices associated with it. According to Wikipedia the practice of giving gifts to mark an anniversary of a wedding dates back to Germany in the middile ages, and the addition of customary gifts for each year dates back to 1937 when the Jewelers Association defined gifts for each of the first 25 years, and then 5 year increments after that.

Paper - The Traditional 1st Anniversary Gift

For those looking to go the traditional route, Paper themed gifts are the 1st anniversary gift of choice. Consider items like art prints, books, love notes, journals, and similar gifts for your loved partner.

Clocks - The Modern 1st Anniversary Gift

Clocks are the more modern alternative for those looking for a customary gift but don’t want to go with paper. This would frequently include items like wrist watches, engraved pocket watches, or a nice time-piece for a mantle or wall.

Gold - The Jewelry and Precious Metal Gift

Another great option is to go with jewelry or other items made from the customary first anniversary metal - Gold. This could include everything from Gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, to gold plated watches (also fits the modern gift theme), cufflinks, or belt buckles.

Color Theme - Gold

As with the precious metal and stone theme, the customary color for the first anniversary is Gold. Whether you plan to work this into the gift you make or buy directly is up to you, but another great option is to look for bows, giftbags and other wraps in these colors. We’ve rounded up some great choices for you below.

1 Year Traditional Gifts - Paper

Paper is a versatile material and a great way to kick off your own tradition for anniversary gifting. If done right over the years, you’ll be able to look back and enjoy fond memories of gifts with special meaning that follow the same theme our parents and grandparents used.

For paper themed gifts, one of our favorite items is the Anniversary Journal (below). It lets you record special memories from each year of your marriage, and can be a treasured heirloom for your family long after you’re gone. Various types of artwork are also great choices if you plan to go with the Paper theme!

  1. The Personalized Anniversary Journal
  2. This anniversary journal commemorates 1st through 60th anniversaries in timeless style. With a bit of dedication and ensuring you record each for each and every year, you'll be creating a treasured heirloom to pass down through the generations to your kids, grandkids, and beyond. It's a truly wonderful way to celebrate your first year and all the rest to come!

  3. Folded Book Art
  4. This I Love You patternned Folded Book Art is the perfect first anniversary gift, sticking heavily to the customary traditional gift theme of Paper. These meticulously constructed pieces are each made by hand, and can be customized with your unique initials or other designs. A special gift for a special day!

  5. A Leather Journal
  6. These beautiful leather journals are a versatile and high quality option for this or any anniversary. They fit quite well with the traditional paper theme, and come in handy for all sorts of uses. Whether it's for your Husband or Wife, everyone will love unwrapping one of these beautiful leather-bound treasures!

  7. Let Love Shine - Artwork
  8. These beautiful framed paper Let Love Shine art pieces are another good choice if you're in the market for an anniversary gift. They're made from luminous glow in the dark materials, and come to life when the lights go out. 30 minutes in direct light is all it takes to charge, and the beauty of the piece can't be over stated! Take note, the size for these prints are relatively small, so don't be caught off gaurd when it arrives.

  9. A Paper Rose
  10. This beautiful paper rose is hand made in England printed with the words I Love You. It's a lovely present for a special occasion, and available in ivory/white, pink or red. Comes wrapped in paper with raffia tie & a tag with heart decoration.

1 Year Modern Gifts - Clocks

Clocks are the modern customary gift for a first anniversary, and another great choice if you’re planning to stick to the theme. Whether you decide to go with a unique wallclock you can display in your home, or a nice watch they can wear to work or out on the town - their are a ton of great products you can choose from!

  1. An Hourglass Flip Clock
  2. This playful clock has a creative take on the time - the numbers tell the time, while the hourglass reminds you that it's always passing, flipping animatedly from full to empty throughout the day. Display the design on your desk for a clever conversation-starter that reminds you to take things with a grain of salt— er, sand.

  3. A Gold Sundial
  4. This inventive choice is a metal sundial with gold features, and covers 2 of the customary presents in one! This is especially great for areas with lots of sun, and makes a great decoration in a first home or apartment. The sundial is a historical artifact as timeless as your relationship!

  5. A Personalized Mantel Clock
  6. Celebrate a boundless love with this Personalized Heart Mantel Clock. The large dome-shaped clock features a roman numeral face, quartz movement and an aluminum border detail. Engrave the heart plate in the center of the clock with a couple's name and wedding date, a special message or simply a family surname.

  7. Moving Gear Wall Clock
  8. This gorgeous wall clock is made from birch wood and features real turning gears that are sure to amaze. It's a fantastic bit of home decor, and looks great on any wall! The center can be personailzed with a last name or other short wording of your choosing.

1 Year Jewelry & Gemstone Gifts - Gold

If you’re shopping for your gal, jewelry is pretty much never a bad choice! When it comes to guys too, there’s usually some great options for accessories and other luxury goods that can fall into that broad theme. For a 1 year anniversary, gold is the customary gift of choice. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet, or cufflinks, there are so many great items you can choose from that will fit every taste (and budget). Here are 5 of our favorites, but use these as inspiration and find something that fits your partner’s unique style!

  1. 24K Double Heart Ornament
  2. An anniversary is a time of love, commitment, and beauty. Give this gift of a carefully crafted figurine, plated in 24K gold and with a gorgeous slender design to celebrate your time together. An integral part of the piece is the stunning crystal hanging inside each heart that truly brings it to life and furthers the message of enduring love. This item also has free shipping with prime!

    The 10k gold used for this chain bracelet is the standard for beautiful high-quality gold jewelry. 10k gold is the strongest of all gold jewelry as it is mixed with alloys to add strength and durability to stand the test of time. Show her how much her love and support means to you this year!

    Inspired by the cufflink's early history, when royal families commissioned the pieces for special events, this Ryan locket cufflinks are quite royal indeed. With sleek black onyx studded with a bright white topaz, these cufflinks, that come in sterling silver and gold plated, will turn heads. Add personalized photos inside and they are truly extraordinary!

  3. Hearts A Fluttering Ear Studs
  4. Sometimes butterflies flit around inside your stomach or do figure eights across your chest. (At the best times they do both simultaneously.) Virginie Millefiori celebrates that beautiful flutter of love with these handmade heart studs. The sides of each gold-plated silver earring move away from the center at a gentle incline, like shimmering gilded wings.

  5. Gold Heart Pendant Necklace
  6. This love necklace is inscribed in 24k gold with "I love you" in 12 languages on to a brilliant round Swarovski gemstone that's inlaid into a heart shaped pendant. The I Love You necklace, is beautifully inscribed using innovative technology, allowing them to write tiny text under the surface of the gemstone.

First Anniversary Gifts For Her

Gift shopping for your wife can be a daunting task. Between Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, and your anniversary it can be hard to continually come up with unique and interesting gifts she’ll truly enjoy. For anniversaries, it can often be good to go with a customary gift, since there’s a good chance it’ll be something you might not think of normally. However, if you’re looking for great non-traditional items, we’ve got you covered here too. Read on!

  1. Bright Cellars Wine Subscription
  2. Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you’ll love. Take your taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches, and then they’ll ship 4 unique bottles each month, direct to the door! If your wife loves wine, this is a great gift you can share together throughout the year!

  3. A Beautiful Gold Watch
  4. This Riley watch by Fossil features a multifunction movement on a stainless steel bracelet. She'll love getting this as an anniversary present, and be amazed by how easily it pairs with her outfits. Whether she's off to work or out on the town, this versatile watch can't be beat!

  5. Precious Moments 1 Year Figurine
  6. Unforgettable moments happen every day. Celebrating all that they've learned about each other in their very first year of marriage, these newlyweds look forward to keeping their love alive for the rest of their lives together. Precious Moments creates heartwarming, giftable pieces to commemorate life's special moments. Every design starts with an authentic message from the heart that guides the product development process.

  7. First Anniversary Music Box
  8. This beautifully trimmed Italian Music and Jewelry Box makes the perfect gift. The Sankyo brand musical movement is enclosed in glass for an added touch of luxury. Use the photo opening to add your own special touch of personalization, like a picture from your wedding, a copy of the invitation, or anything else with meaning.

  9. 120 Language I Love You Pendant
  10. This incredible Pendant is inscribed with the words "I Love You" written in 120 different languages. The innovative technology allows them to write in super tiny font below the gemstone. This unique pendant is sure to be a great conversation starter, and something she'll love to show off!

We have tons of other great gift ideas for every gal. Other great anniversary ideas abound in our epic list of Romantic Gifts For Her!

First Anniversary Gifts For Him

What do you get the guy who has everything for his 1 year anniversary? Well, it’s a tough question but we are here to help! We’ve rounded up some great customary gifts that work great for a man or woman above, but if you’re looking for more inspiration, here are some other gifts most men will love!

  1. A Rugged Chronograph Watch
  2. If classic is his choice, this one-of-a-kind Grant is a wrist essential you can rely on. New materials and accents make this timepiece stylish enough for formal occasions, but built to withstand everyday use. Built to outlast fleeting trends, this is a superlative investment fit for any occasion.

  3. A Craft Beer Subscription
  4. Craftbeerclub.com is the best way for beer enthusiasts to enjoy fine quality brews from around the country! If your husband loves a good craft beer, this is a fun and exciting way to keep the memory of your anniversary fresh all year long! Each month brings a surprise set of rate and interesting beers the two of you can enjoy together, all delivered right to your door!

  5. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map
  6. Your honeymoon is just the beginning! Map all of your adventures in wedded bliss with this beautiful keepsake. Personalized with your names and anniversary date, this print of artist Wendy Gold's vintage-inspired world map is framed and mounted on sturdy foam core. Use the included 100 pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations, and more as an artful and sentimental way to celebrate traveling as a twosome.

  7. Personalized Collar Stays
  8. This set of two, 2.5 inch stainless steel collar stays are engraved with a personalized anniversary message. Just provide the initials, the anniversary year and date and you're all set for a perfect 1st anniversary!

  9. An Engravable Pocket Watch
  10. A classic brushed satin black pocket watch with a touch of modern flare! Featuring a metallic silver dial, analog 3-hand quartz movement, day and date sub-dials, high gloss black hands, indexes and numerals, 14" diamond cut curb chain with easy to clasp spring ring and engravable front and back outer case. A Speidel pocket watch is a great way to celebrate your 1 year anniversary, and fits nicely with the modern customary gift - clocks!

For more awesome inspiration for gifts for your guy, check out our awesome list of Romantic Gifts For Him!

First Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Whether you’re shopping for friends who are having an anniversary soon, or just looking for something you and your husband or wife can enjoy together, these gifts are great for couples! One of our favorites, is the “Love Is Art Kit” below. It’s a bit risque, but sure to make a memory that will last a lifetime! You can also check out our epic list of Gifts For Couples for more inspiration!

  1. Love Is Art Kit
  2. With this cheeky kit, couples can turn love into art in the bedroom, as the bold black non-toxic body paint takes shape on a white cotton canvas. You create a striking painting that captures the beauty of intimacy in a new and elegant way. Celebrate your bond with one-of-a-kind, highly personal art.

  3. Our First Kiss - Personalized Print
  4. These exclusive personalized photo art feature the most important moments they've shared, and make an awesome couple's gift. It's completely 1 of a kind, and perfect for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, etc! Personalize it with the couple's names and special date.

  5. Personalized Leather Coasters
  6. Coasters make a great present for a couple, whether it's their first anniversary or 50th! A personalized practical item that gets daily use is a great momento, and is sure to keep you in their thoughtS. These leatherette Engraved coasters include a Metal Rim and soft backing, but there are plenty of other options to choose some so don't be shy!

  7. An Engraved Cutting Board
  8. What Could Say I Love You More Than A personalized Practical Gift like This Cutting Board?! This is a standard cutting board size that provides a good amount of real estate to chop and also makes for an elegant display. All boards are cut, glued, sanded, finished, and laser engraved all in Broken Arrow, OK (U.S.A)!

  9. A Custom Illustration
  10. Commemorate their anniversary with this unique first anniversary paper gift. Each illustration is completely custom and personalised to your specifications. All you need to do to order is send the names you would like on the artwork, date of wedding, and the image of the wedding venue or church you would like to use. Easy!

Experience Gifts For A 1st Anniversary

Some of the best gifts around aren’t items at all, but rather experiences you can share together. Making great memories is a way to strengthen any marriage, and an anniversary is an amazing opportunity to splurge a little and get outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s a concert or show, wine tasting, or a romantic get-away, experience gifts are an option you should definitely consider on your first anniversary!

  1. Wine Tasting
  2. If you and your significant other enjoy a fine glass of wine, consider a wine tasting tour! You don’t have to be a wine-snob to appreciate a flight or 2 of amazing wines. This can be a fun way to forge your bond even stronger, and if you don’t live near wine-country, it’s a good opportunity to get away for a few days as well!

  3. Tickets To Their Favorite Team or Concert
  4. Some of the best gifts are the ones that leave a lifelong impression, and an awesome pair of concert or sports tickets have to chance of doing just that! Whether they’d prefer an evening at the ballpark, or a broadway show, there’s something for everyone - and if you enjoy the experience together, you’ll have a lifelong bond!

  5. A Brewery Tour
  6. Brewery tours can be an exciting and fun way to spend an afternoon! If they’ve got a favorie local brew they enjoy, why not go see where it’s made! Tours typically come with a glass or 2 (or more) of tasty adult beverages fresh off the line.

  7. A Beach Getaway
  8. Whether you live on the coast already or somewhere further away, a romantic beach getaway is an awesome choice for a first anniversary. Spend some quality time together relaxing in the sun and just pulling back from the day to day rut you might find yourself in after a happy first year of marriage. AirBnB typically has plenty of romantic beach properties to choose from, or go with a more traditional hotel.

  9. A Cooking Class
  10. A cooking class is a great time to bond and learn something new! Typical classes focus on one or 2 dishes or a full meal you can prepare together that evening. Knowing how to create a wonderful meal can really come in handy the next time you can’t figure out what to eat!

Giftwrap, Bags, and Decorations - Gold

Once you’ve got the perfect item picked out, you can really make a great impression with the perfect wrap and complimentary decorations. Guys especially, don’t skimp out and wrap it with whatever paper you happen to have laying around - show her she’s worth the effort! We’ve rounded up some great wraps, bags, and decorations that fit the traditional first anniversary color theme (which is gold).

  1. Gold Confetti Balloons & Curling Ribbon
  2. Get the party started with these beautiful gold themed balloons. Suprise your husband or wife with a beautiful bouquet or spread them around the house! The gold theme matches the traditional colors of a first anniversary, and the high quality construction will help you dazzle them!

  3. Metallic Gold Tissue Paper
  4. If you're going with a gift bag for that special item you've picked out, be sure to grab some of this awesome gold tissue paper to complete the effect. This set pairs great with the bag down below.

  5. Gold Foil Dots Gift Bag
  6. Featuring a metallic gold and silver design, and ribbon handles, this large gift bag is a festive way to celebrate a birthday, engagement, bridal shower, housewarming, or holiday. Simple design makes this bag appropriate for many occasions. All-in-one gift bag and tissue paper set makes wrapping presents quick and easy!

  7. Elegant Gold Print Wrap
  8. Looking for premium quality wrapping paper at a reasonable price? Your search is over! This wrapping paper has a smooth glossy finish and a metallic foil shine with Stripes, Chevron and Dots design. Perfect for a first anniversary due to its gold color, and the leftovers are great for all sorts of other occasions as well.

  9. Gold Glitter Anniversary Cake Topper
  10. Whether you're thawing out your wedding cake top, or baking a fresh treat, this topper is a great way to bring a touch of fun to your festivities. The glittery cake topper reads "Happy Anniversary", and comes in that great gold color that's the customary color for 1 year!

DIY and Homemade 1st Anniversary Gifts

The best things in life are free, and that can be true of an anniversary gift as well! Spending a ton of money isn’t necessary, and lots of times knowing that you put the effort into a project for their enjoyment is more fulfilling for yourself - and shows them how much you care. We’ve rounded up some of the best options for DIY and Homemade First anniversary gifts you can make from around the web!

  1. This is a truly unique gift you can make yourself that’s perfect for the Paper anniversary! The end result is a beautiful framed silhouette of a special moment from your wedding (or other event of your choice). They look beautiful and understated, and go great as decor in any room of the house!

  2. An Online Cooking Class
  3. If you’re looking for an economical yet fun way to spend an evening together, consider doing an online cooking class together! As with the more expensive instructor-led classes, this can be a super romantic activity to do with a partner. For no more than the cost of ingredients, you can turn making dinner into an evening you’ll never forget!

  4. Scrapbooks are always a fun and crafty gift that’s clearly heartfelt and appreciated by whoever is receiving it. They can be as elaborate or simple as your tastes and skill level allow for. Just gather up some photos of your adventures over the past year, a bit of scrapbooking supplies, and you’ve got a truly special handmade gift brewing!

  5. If you’ve got a little bit of technical skill (or can follow directions well), consider making one of these awesome computer generated 1 year photo collages. They feature fun and romantic images of the 2 of you arranged in the shape of a big One, to help capture your love for them and show you care!

  6. These inventive gifts are easy to make at home (but available for sale if you don’t have the time). The background is a printout of the words to your wedding song, and it’s overlayed with a beautiful paper tree featuring hearts containing your names and wedding date. Looks great on any wall, especially in your first home together!

Personalized First Anniversary Gifts

Personalizing an every day item can transform it into something truly special. For anniversaries, one great option is to add your names and wedding date to just about anything.

Here’s our list of the best Personalized First Anniversary Gifts:

  • An Engraved family cutting board
  • A wall hanging with your names and wedding date
  • An etched set of wine or pint glasses
  • Personalized stainless steel tumblers
  • Coasters with your wedding date and names
  • An illustrated print of a wedding photo
  • A scrapbook of your first year together
  • A keychain or bracelet

Creative First Anniversary Gifts

With hard work and a little luck, this is just the first of many anniversaries you’ll celebrate together. It’s never to early to be creative and steer clear of boring old presents like gift cards or chocolates.

Our picks for the most Unique First Anniversary Gifts are:

  • A homemade photo silhouette
  • Romantic toys for the bedroom
  • Personalized wine or beer glasses
  • A craft beer subscription box
  • A commemorative artwork or wall hanging
  • A homemade gift basket
  • A heartfelt handwritten card
  • A funny themed T-Shirt

How To Find The Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift

Searching for that special first anniversary gift can be tough. So many things to choose from, and do you go with a customary traditional gift or opt instead for that special thing they’ve had their eye on for a while.

Truth is, there’s no single right answer, and no one can tell you what the best gift is. It’s entirely dependant on you, your spouse, your relationship, and even your budget.

Even though we can’t tell you exactly which path to take, we can help inspire you with options that are frequently a hit and help you make the right choice. To that end, there are a few main things to keep in mind on your first anniversary (and every anniversary to follow).

1) Should you go with a traditional 1st anniversary gift?

The first choice you should make is whether to go with a traditional gift (Paper, Clocks, Gold for year 1) or not. The first year is actually a critical year for deciding this, since it can guide future year choices… You can create a tradition for your own marriage to go with a gift in this theme each year, or go your own way - again there is no right answer!

2) Should you go with a couples gift?

Whatever you wind up going with, an important thing to decide on early in the process is whether you want to give a couples gift you can both use and enjoy together, or something special just for them. We usually recommend things you can enjoy together for an anniversary since it’s a celebration of the 2 of you together, but something like jewelry or watch is a great option too.

3) Should you give an experience?

Not all gifts need to be bought at a store! Some of the most memorable gifts aren’t items we can hold, but the experiences we share with the people we love. There are tons of options for great experiences for every budget and person… from concerts, to wine or beer tasting, to camping and hiking, to a romantic destination vacation.

4) Should you make something by hand?

Getting creative and making something by hand is a great choice for any anniversary, and the traditional 1 year paper theme is an especially good one for handmade crafts. Great choices are things that include photos from your first year together and other types of artwork you can hang on a wall. If you’re skilled in other crafts like woodworking, spending time and effort creating something special will almost always beat out a store-bought item.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative presents mean thinking outside the box.

Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every 5 years is what we consider to be a major milestone anniversary. If you or a couple you love has made it to one of these, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

We have a ton of other great gift ideas on our milestone anniversary gift guides, so if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, please consider one of these!

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