2nd Anniversary Gifts For 2022: It Takes 2!

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

It takes 2! And your 2 year anniversary is another impressive milestone in your life story. By now, you know each other better than anyone else on the planet. Their desires and wants are expressed in the little moments, but when it comes time to pick that perfect second wedding anniversary present, you might be drawing a blank.

If that’s the case, don’t worry, you’re not alone! By now you’ve had a bunch of different gifting occasions to cover, and the well of good ideas can start to run a little dry.

But, we’re here to help! We can’t tell you exactly what the best 2nd anniversary gift is for your significant other, but our research team has uncovered a ton of great options across a number of categories that can help you (or at least get the ideas flowing)!

Customary 2nd Anniversary Gifts

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The History Of Customary Anniversary Gifts

Customary gift giving is a big tradition in many marriages. According to Wikipedia you can look all the way back to the middle ages for the origins of this practice. The modern incarnation of customary gift giving for each year dates back to 1937 when the Jewelers Association laid out customary gifts for each of the first 25 years, and then 5 year increments after that.

Cotton - The Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift

Cotton is the customary gift for the second year anniversary, and a versatile choice if you’re thinking about going this route. Some great cotton themed gifts include things like clothing, sheets, robes, bags, and more!

China - The Modern 2nd Anniversary Gift

China is the more modern 2nd anniversary gift if you’re looking to go with something customary, but not finding anything in cotton. This can be a good opportunity to pick up additional place settings of your Wedding China if needed, or round it out with things like serving bowls or other accessories. Figurines, vases, and other options are also great if you don’t need anything in the kitchen.

Garnet - The Jewelry and Precious Metal Gift

Jewelry and other luxury items featuring garnet stones are the thematic 2 year anniversary gift. These beautiful red gems look great set in rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and other items for those fancy nights on the town.

Color Theme - Red

Red is the color of the second anniversary according to custom. Combining the red theme with traditional or modern gifts is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Another great option is to look for bows, giftbags and other wraps in these colors. We’ve rounded up some great choices for you below.

2 Year Traditional Gifts - Cotton

Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift in the US (for the UK, it’s paper - we have tons of great Paper ideas in our guide to 1 Year Anniversary Gifts).

There are so many cotton gifts to choose from, but one of our favorites is an amazing set of cotton bed sheets. If you’ve already got a nice set, consider something personalized with embroidery like a pillow or throw blanket.

  1. Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
  2. Imagine the quality of hotel linens with the perfection of handcrafted 1000 threadcount sheets, all at an incredible price. That is the Thread Spread promise. Their team of artisans measures each bed linen individually and stitches it to perfection.

  3. A Personalized Cotton Travel Map
  4. This USA Push Pin Map perfect way to track travel, family vacations, bucket lists or sales! This map is printed on a beautiful 100% cotton canvas. This makes such a fun and unique gift for couples and families! Adds a subtle rustic look to your decor and will forever be a keepsake of your adventures.

  5. A Personalized Anniversary Pillow
  6. This pillow has a subtle "2" inside the heart, and is perfect for the fact that "two hearts became one". Each pillow is made just for you, with your personalized info that you leave at check out. The fabric ends and seams are serged and the included insert (pillow) is cotton/poly fiber-fil. The fabric is a sturdy, yet soft cream colored cotton duck.

  7. Personalized Tree Throw
  8. Whether you or your favorite couple are newly entwined or more seasoned cuddlers, this personalized throw with initials in a heart-carved tree makes for a cozy cover-up. It's cotton content comes from surplus, pre-consumer material collected from apparel and upholstery factories, recycled into new yarn instead of discarded.

  9. A His and Hers Bath Towel Set
  10. A set of high quality cotton towels is an essential part of any home! This His and Hers set is perfect to give your significant other, or as a couples gift for those near to your heart. It's sure to see daily use and bring years of enjoyment!

2 Year Modern Gifts - China

China is the modern take on the customary wedding anniversary gift for year 2. If you had wedding china on your registry, it can be a great opportunity to add more place settings, or complete the collection with serving dishes, etc. Even if you don’t have a big collection, a nice teapot or cake stand can go great in any kitchen!

  1. An Elegant China Serving Bowl
  2. Wedgwood drew upon its considerable archive for this indulgent range. Steeped in authenticity while maintaining a modern, classic style. Combining elegant interior design motifs with the pure oval form of the celebrated Wedgwood cameo, together with bold Florentine accents to give scale and impact to any formal dinner setting.

  3. Serving Palette with Bowls
  4. Great food is like art for the tongue, and this creative serving platter offers a colorful way to express yourself. Designed to look like a palette of paints, the stoneware and porcelain set includes a white tray for serving home-baked bread, assorted crackers, or colorful crudité, and colored bowls for holding dips, toppings, or condiments. And just like an actual artist's palette, the curved shape and thumb hole allow the piece to be carried with comfort and stability as you make the rounds at your next dinner party.

  5. A 3-tier Cake Stand
  6. An impressive stand for those who love to entertain, this cake stand is great for baked goods of all kinds. It's so beautiful, you'll want it displayed even when it isn't filled with yummy treats! Free shipping is usually available too!

  7. A Bone China Espresso Cup Set
  8. Entertaining never looked so good with this impressive bone china espresso or tea cup set. Pull it out at the end of a late evening with friends, or for that Sunday brunch! As a modern take on the customary 2nd anniversary gift, you can't go wrong with one of these great sets!

  9. A Tureen with Ladle
  10. Bring a bit of the French countryside to the table when you use the Fitz and Floyd Toulouse Tureen with Ladle. Beautiful and functional, it features colorful birds, butterflies and delicate floral accents on a pastel blue background. A beautiful bird nestles among a nest of flowers and leaves, serving as a handle on the lid. Realistic twig-shaped handles and trim complete the look.

2 Year Jewelry & Gemstone Gifts - Garnet

Jewelry is never a bad choice for an anniversary, and the Garnet is the traditional stone of year 2. The beautiful red color helps symbolize love, and looks great in any piece. From rings to necklaces, to earrings, you’re sure to find something beautiful!

  1. A Beautiful Garnet Bracelet
  2. A beautiful sophisticated gemstone bracelet composed of deep dark red genuine Garnet gemstones and Sterling Silver beads with a Sterling Silver connector bead in the center finished with a Sterling Silver charm. The gemstone beads are strung on the highest quality beading wire in sterling silver.

  3. Quiet Courage Garnet Necklace
  4. Find perfect balance, love and serenity with Mary Steratore's sterling silver Quiet Courage Necklace. This charm necklace brings vitality and harmony to daily life, as the wearer feels courage from garnet, a calmness and persuasion to manifest dreams in the smokey quartz, and perfect life balance from the yin and yang.

  5. Rose Gold Garnet Stud Earrings
  6. These impressive 14k Rose Gold 7mm Round Garnet Stud Earrings are sure to impress your special lady for your second anniversary. They're versatile and work with any outfit. Whether she's off to work, or a night on the town, she'll be sure these incredible earrings are close at hand!

    Garnet makes for an attractive piece for men and women alike, and these beautiful cufflinks are proof positive! Keep him looking good and dressed to impress when the occasion calls for a more formal attire. He'll think of you and the 2 year bond whenever he puts them on!

  7. Garnet and Diamond Accent Ring
  8. This handsome oval-cut genuine garnet ring evokes a powerful fashion presence heightened by diamond accents, and an understated attitude. Created for the contemporary person on the go in two-tones.

2nd Anniversary Gifts For Her

Finding a great present for your wife is tough enough when it doesn’t symbolize your undying love and eternal bond. There are dozens of great choices on this list that work well for men or women, but here are a few just for her!

  1. Spa In a Box For Couples
  2. Bring the relaxing magic of a spa day home this Anniversary for a fun way to spend the day together! This awesome set will help you unwind together and pamper each other. Contents include: 2 oversize his & hers towels, 2 champagne flutes, tea candles, USB aromatherapy diffuser, 5 piece bath set, bath caddy, and rose petals.

  3. A Red Wine Aerator
  4. If She loves wine, she'll know that most red wines benefit from being allowed to breathe for a time before drinking. This means swirling wine in a glass or decanting it from its bottle into a decanter and leaving it there for an hour or two. By incorporating air into the wine, the undesirable effects of tannins, sulfites, ethanol are reduced. This enable the wine to breathe, release the flavors and aromatic properties of the wine and make an inferior wine taste great.

  5. Skivvie Nix Subscription Box
  6. 2 spankin' new pairs of undies delivered to her door each month will keep the variety high, and let the romance flow. Choose her style, size, and color preference, and they'll do the work to deliver her bum a worthy surprise each month!

  7. A Monogrammed Cotton Robe
  8. Take the time to pamper her this anniversary, after all she's earned it after 2 full years! A luxurious cotton robe is a great practical gift that fits with the traditional theme. She'll think of you whenever she wears it, and your special bond that will last through the ages.

  9. A Cotton Rope Basket
  10. This cool cotton rope basket is both decorative and functional. She can use it to organize her things, to hold laundry, blankets, or whatever she pleases. It's another great gift on our list that fits with the second anniversary traditional theme of Cotton!

Other great anniversary ideas abound in our epic list of Romantic Gifts For Her!

2nd Anniversary Gifts For Him

That special guy in your life works so hard to show his love, and it’s fitting that you take a few minutes to show him you see it with a great gift. This list is full of awesome ideas, and here are a few just for him!

  1. A Cozy Bathrobe
  2. A luxurious bathrobe is a great choice of attire for a romantic evening or morning around the house together! Most men won't go out of their way to pamper themselves, so this is a great way to do that for him. This particular one features cozy high quality materials, deep pockets, and a hood for extra warmth, but there are tons of great options out there to suit your man's tastes!

  3. A Personalized Glass Decanter
  4. The Cathy's Concepts Personalized Glass Decanter A-Z is absolutely stunning. It has a narrow neck for easy handling and a flared tip for directed pour. Its wider base has clean, straight lines that cradle the whiskey and showcase its natural color. Both the stopper and the neck of the decanter have been lightly ground to create a tighter seal to keep air away from your liquor, preserving its quality longer.

  5. A New Sweater
  6. Whether for office or home wear, a nice sweater can help form the cornerstone of a Man's Wardrobe. For the cotton anniversary, clothing is a great choice! While many sweaters are made out of wool, there are many great cotton options out there as well (and if he's not too much of a stickler for tradition, even a wool one is probably close enough!).

  7. A Cotton Vallet Tray
  8. These modern vallet trays are personalized with your special wording on 100% Organic Cotton. The maker will customize the trays with your wedding vows, song lyrics, names or initials. Cotton symbolizes your lives being woven tighter together like cotton fibers!

  9. Level 2 Complete Vintage T-Shirt
  10. Is your husband a bit of a gamer? This hillarious T-Shirt is a great way to compliment a more serious or traditional second anniversary gift. Let's face it, most guys don't go in for the mushy stuff, but combine a little humor and his favorite way to pass the time, and he'll proudly show the world the milestone you reached together!

For more awesome inspiration for gifts for your guy, check out our awesome list of Romantic Gifts For Him!

2nd Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Couples gifts are fantastic, whether you’re a part of the couple or not! If you are, it can be a great opportunity to enjoy something special together just the 2 of you. If not, it’s incredibly thoughtful of you to show them your support. You can also check out our epic list of Gifts For Couples for more inspiration!

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Couples Apron Set
  2. Kick off your shoes, relax and give the gift of love. Let it be going on a couples sports adventure, attending a music festival, or making that culinary romantic dinner for 2. Truthfully, it's simply fun to be with the one you love, and experiencing that memorable moment of affection is priceless. It's that timeless couples gift, that can be cherished for years to come and talked about at family parties.

  3. A Personalized Anniversary Blanket
  4. This blanket never fades, just like the love it represents! Personalization allows the couples names to be permanently displayed on these beautiful blankets. This sherpa throw blanket is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. A functional gift like this is a perfect way to help them remember their bond each day.

  5. Anniversary Family Tree Artwork
  6. Are you looking for a truly special anniversary gift that will touch the hearts of your loved one's for years to come? This personalized Family Tree and Lovebirds stretched canvas wall art is the perfect romantic gesture to commemorate a marriage! With the wording of your choice, this customized artwork will warm their hearts each time they look at it.

  7. First Dance Lyrics Cotton Print
  8. This design is printed on high quality uncolored cream cotton fabric. It's fully customizable, and can contain any wording you choose, but most people opt to go with the lyrics of the song they had their first dance to. A truly special and timeless gift.

  9. A Personalized Cutting Board
  10. A good cutting board is essential for every kitchen, and this is a keepsake that can be used for years to come. It is made with maple or walnut wood and oiled with a food-safe oil that preserves and toughens the board. Dual-sided Cutting Board, one side for Slicing and dicing one side to display proudly.

Experience Gifts For A 2nd Anniversary

Some of the best gifts in life can’t be wrapped. A special experience can stick with us our entire life, and forging memories together is one of the best way to strengthen a relationship. Here are some great ideas for experiences you can share together!

  1. A Romantic Getaway
  2. An anniversary is the perfect opportunity to take some time to travel together! No matter what your tastes, a few days alone away from the day to day grind is great for just about any relationship. Whether you go halfway around the world, or just book a room for the night across town (maybe away from the kids), this is time tested winner! AirBnB can be a great choice for travelers, letting you experience a bit more of the local culture and life, or a traditional hotel is always a pleaser too!

  3. Go Hiking In A National Park
  4. Whether you’re an active couple who are always on the go or not, an adventure hiking or camping in a National Park (or other scenic area) is a great way to spend time together and strengthen your relationship. Being alone with nature and your significant other is a magical experience, and you should make it a point to experience it for your anniversary if it’s been a while!

  5. Tickets To A Concert
  6. Concerts can be among the most memorable experiences in our lives, and it’s as much about the people we’re with as it is who’s performing. If your significant other has a favorite band touring near you, picking up a set of tickets for the 2 of you is a fantastic option! You’ll look back fondly at the evening for years to come!

  7. A Romantic Dinner At Home
  8. A nice home cooked meal can be a real treat, espeically if you don’t cook often. Even if you do, kicking it up a notch and going all out with a fancy dish or cut of meat can be an extremely special treat. This can be a great option for a budget friendly anniversary as well if money is a bit tight this year.

  9. A Brewery Tour
  10. If your significant other (or you) have a favorie local brew they enjoy, why not go see where it’s made! Tours typically come with a glass or 2 (or more) of tasty adult beverages fresh off the line. This is a fun way to fill an afternoon, and is an activity you can look back on for years to come!

Giftwrap, Bags, and Decorations - Red

Once you’ve come up with the perfect gift, take the next step and make sure the presentation matches the effort and thought you put into it. From decorations to that perfect wrap, the little touches really enhance the experience!

  1. 200 Mini Ruby Red Balloons
  2. Red is the customary color of the second anniversary, and fortunately happens to symbolize love and romance as well. Add a bit of extra magic to your special evening with these awesome balloons to help set the mood.

  3. Hanging Heart Swirls
  4. A bit of extra decor can really enhance the experience of your special day. As the 'Red' anniversary, there's a great chance to find some awesome decorations in the valentines space. And, if it's off-season you can find some real deals!

  5. Cherry Red Reusable Gift Wrap
  6. The No-Fuss Gift Wrap That Keeps On Giving! No Tape, No Scissors, and No Mess! Quick and Easy, this patented Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap stretches over presents of all different shapes and sizes. It comes in fashionable patterns with a Built-In Bow effect, and helps create the Best Dressed Gifts Every time!

  7. Red Wrap Tissue Paper
  8. If you're giving a gift that's best packaged in a gift bag, don't forget the tissue paper! All of these color tissue papers are made with quality, pride and tradition right here in the USA. Blind tests have shown Color-Flo Tissue to be equal to or surpassing the look and feel of any color tissue on the market today.

  9. Love Gift Box
  10. Just because wrapping isn't your natural talent doesn't mean you can't give presents that look awesome! These inventive giftboxes are fool-proof! They come with a pre-mounted bow, and are printed beautifully with the word Love in a heart pattern. Class up that present with a perfect presentation to knock their socks off!

DIY and Homemade 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Making something by hand is a great way to show your significant other that they’re worth the extra effort. It doesn’t have to be a professional level work of art to be special! Here are some great ideas for DIY second anniversary gifts that just about anyone can do!

  1. An awesome second anniversary custom cotton gift bag! This is a great DIY project that can help enhance any gift you plan to give this anniversary. The project is fairly easy to make, and inexpensive as well. They’re sure to love the time and effort far more than a store bought bag, that’s for sure - show them they’re worth the effort!

  2. A pun to be sure, but a welcome one. If you and your partner in crime love a good drink, this is a fun thematic way to do it on your 2 year anniversary! A bit of cotton candy, plus a nice sparkling wine or champagne makes for one great romantic evening! All that, and it’s easy and cheap to pull off as well!

  3. There are some great choices further up this list that involve printed words on a cotton canvas, like the first dance lyric print. Did you know you can actually make these yourself if you have a bit of time and a creative touch? It’s true! Click through to find out how, but this can be a better choice than buying one directly from someone else since it will come from your heart.

  4. A Boudoir Album
  5. One of the great things about print on demand photo services, is that anyone can produce a professional looking album - and no human has to see the photos. This makes for a great opportunity to produce a seductive Boudoir photo shoot album for your significant other (yes, guys can do it too). All you need is a friend or a good tri-pod, a few select undergarments, and you’ll have a steamy book that will ignite their passions in no time!

  6. One great option for this or any occasion is to combine a bunch of small gifts in a unique and inventive way. Finding an assortment of cotton related products and creating an epic DIY gift basket is a great way to show off your crafty side, and impress them with the effort you’re putting in!

Personalized Second Anniversary Gifts

The cotton anniversary is an epic opportunity for a personalized gift. With embroidery, you can take just about any clothing or other item and make it truly special and personal.

We’ve outlined some great choices above, but here are our favorite Personalized Second Anniversary Gifts:

  • An Embroidered Throw Pillow
  • Cotton wall hanging with your names and wedding date
  • A cotton travel map
  • Monogrammed bath towels
  • Coasters with your wedding date and names
  • A wall hanging with the words to your first dance song
  • A cotton valet tray with your vows
  • A monogrammed robe

Creative Second Anniversary Gifts

By the time the second anniversary rolls around, you’ve got several years of Valentines, Birthdays, Christmas, and more behind you. Don’t get stuck in a gift-giving rut!

Our picks for the most Creative Second Anniversary Gifts are:

  • A heartfelt handwritten card
  • A craft beer subscription box
  • A homemade Boudoir album
  • Monogrammed bath robes or towels
  • A funny themed T-Shirt
  • A DIY cotton gift basket
  • Romantic toys for the bedroom
  • A cotton wall hanging

How To Find The Perfect 2 Year Anniversary Gift

Well, sadly there’s no magic answer to the question of what to get your husband or wife for your second wedding anniversary. There are tons of options out there, ranging from the traditional to truly unique and unexpected. No 2 relationships are the same, so we can’t give you the exact right answer.

Fortunately, we can round up the creme of the crop gifts from a variety of categories to help you get your creative gifting juices flowing. You may or may not find the perfect present on this page, but we do guarantee if you use this as a starting point, the right item is sure to come to you soon!

Answering a few simple questions can help you narrow down the search quickly:

1) Should you go with a traditional 2nd anniversary gift?

The first choice you should make is whether to go with a traditional gift (Cotton, China, Garnet, or red items) for year 2 or not. There are great arguments to be made for either route, so one thing we recommend is to go with a traditional gift if you did the same your first anniversary. Traditional is also a great choice if you can’t think of anything specific they’ve had their eyes on.

2) Should you go with a couples gift?

A couples gift can be a great choice - something you can both enjoy together can make for an incredible experience neither of you will forget. On the other hand, getting something special that’s just for them is great too!

3) Should you give an experience?

By the time your second wedding anniversary rolls around, it might be high time to get out of your daily routine and experience something special together. If the last trip you took with just the 2 of you was your honeymoon, we’d definitely recommend a romantic getaway of some sort. It doesn’t have to be expensive or far away, just a night at a hotel alone can be a great way to mark the occasion!

4) Should you make something by hand?

The cotton anniversary is a great chance for getting crafty, especially if you’re into sewing or embroidery. Even if you aren’t, putting a bit of elbow grease into any gift can be a great way to keep costs down, and impress them with the fact that you’re willing to go the extra mile and do more than just click a few buttons and wait for a box to show up on your porch.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative presents mean thinking outside the box.

Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every 5 years is what we consider to be a major milestone anniversary. If you or a couple you love has made it to one of these, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

We have a ton of other great gift ideas on our milestone anniversary gift guides, so if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, please consider one of these!

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