50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For 2022: The Golden Anniversary

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

50 years of marriage is a feat few in this life manage to pull off. If you or your loved ones have made it this far hand-in-hand, you better believe it’s a great reason to celebrate!

Whether it’s a blowout with all your friends and relatives, or a nice quiet evening at home or abroad, the golden anniversary is a magical time that’s perfect for gift giving. Unlike most anniversaries with assorted themes for traditional gifts, modern gifts, gemstones and precious metals, year 50 is all about one thing - Gold!

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular gold gifts (and a few non-gold as well) for you to choose from. With a bit of brainstorming and contemplation, you’re sure to find just the right 50th anniversary gift idea, no matter who is on your list!

Customary 50th Anniversary Gifts

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The History Of Customary Anniversary Gifts

Customary gift giving is a big tradition in many marriages. According to Wikipedia you can look all the way back to the middle ages for the origins of this practice. The modern incarnation of customary gift giving for each year dates back to 1937 when the Jewelers Association laid out customary gifts for each of the first 25 years, and then 5 year increments after that.

Most anniversaries have an assortment of customary themes to choose from. For example, the traditional 10th anniversary gifts are Aluminum, Tin, and Diamond. But not the 50th, oh no - it’s all gold gold and more gold! But don’t worry, we’ve helped categorize some of the best choices to make it easy to find the right item for the unique person or couple on your list!

Gold - Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts

Gold makes an excellent traditional gift, because it’s timeless and elegant. It’s incorporated into all sorts of traditional items, like tea sets, porcelain plates, clocks, and more. If your recipient would love something vintage and traditional, we’ve got you covered!

Gold - Modern 50th Anniversary Gifts

Modern gifts also frequently incorporate gold due to its beauty and projection of elegance and wealth. Some of our favorite gifts in this category are things like wall hangings / art, items for the bar, and practical items like watches or bottle openers.

Gold - The Jewelry and Precious Metal Gift

There’s a good reason gold can be found in just about every high end piece of jewelry in one form or another - because it’s both beautiful and associated with wealth and opulence. As mentioned above, there are so many great gold items for just about every budget, and as many fine pieces to choose from as you can imagine. Spend some time browsing this category to see if there’s something that catches your eye!

Color Theme - Gold

Gold is the official 50th anniversary color. It’s often a great idea to consider decorations like balloons, paper plates, or gift wrap and gift bags as a way to incorporate the Gold theme in your special day. As one of the biggest ever milestone anniversaries, the options for 50th anniversary decorations are numerous. In addition, you can also consider some great DIY items like table centerpieces and others.

50 Year Traditional Gifts - Gold

Traditional gifts are a great option you should consider no matter who is on your list. The gold theme is pervasive for the 50 year wedding anniversary, but you can still differentiate based on the type of gold item you choose. Here are some awesome traditional 50th anniversary gifts we think are worth a look:

  1. 50th Commemorative Porcelain Plate
  2. This beautiful plate reads "50th Anniversary love does not look with the eyes, it sees with the heart. 50 years of marriage, a lifetime of love. Happy Anniversary" - Plate Has a Decorative Swirl Design and Comes with a Stand for Display. This is perfect for the celebration whether for you and your spouse or a couple close to your heart.

  3. A Real 24K Gold Dipped Rose
  4. Roses are always a symbol of love and appreciation. However, the 50th anniversary of a marriage calls for something far something above and beyond the ordinary, and this is it! Perfectly fitting with the gold anniversary theme, this beautiful rose will remind that special someone of this momentous occasion each time they see it.

  5. Golden Porcelain Tea Cups Set
  6. The tea set is a pure hand-painted craft, and each one is unique. This tea set is resistant to high temperature, wear-resistant, not easy to fade (much like a love that has lasted 50 years!). It's a beautiful and traditional way to celebrate, that sticks with the gold theme.

  7. Chambord Mantel Clock
  8. Amidst ornate detailing including water maidens, shells, Griffins, & smiling putties, this 1.5 foot tall Toscano exclusive clock becomes truly sophisticated period decor. The classical greek-inspired work is cast in quality designer resin & finished in faux antique gold Gilt.

  9. Gold Crystal Cylinder Vase
  10. This beautiful classic vase is another great option for celebrating this epic day in style. They are on-theme with a beautiful gold and crystal combination, and it will become a fantastic centerpiece of any room it's placed in. Whether you're shopping for your spouse or a couple you love, this is an awesome choice.

50 Year Modern Gifts - Gold

If a traditional gift doesn’t seem like it’d fit the personality of the person or couple you’re shopping for, don’t fear! There are also tons of awesome modern style gifts to choose from that are equally fitting for the happy couple on their 50th! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Personalized Gold LP Record
  2. Made from an upcycled vinyl LP that's finished in a dazzling gold hue and suspended between two pieces of glass in a floating frame, artist Jeff Davis's custom wall art is sure to top the charts at home. The lyrical words you compose for your two-tone label can commemorate this special day in a way that's modern and vintage at the same time.

  3. Personalized Sheet Music Art
  4. A personalized gift using sheet music is a modern and unique way to celebrate. Turn your favorite song into a beautiful sheet music artwork for your home. They will use the sheet music from a meaningful song to create a custom sheet music artwork, all in a gold color to represent the 50th anniversary theme.

  5. Golden Wedding Anniversary Sundial
  6. This elegant sundial was designed and crafted specially for celebrating this most tremendous occasion. The dial is fully functional when placed in the sun, and boasts beautiful gold features. Whether for this is for your lifelong partner, or a couple that's close to you, this is an amazing gift!

  7. Golden Champagne Bottle Opener
  8. A practical gift that fits perfectly with the 50th anniversary golden theme. If Champagne is on the menu every now and then (or more often), this is a fantastic way to be frequently reminded of this special day. The opener is simple to use, so you'll be enjoying 2 tall glasses in no time.

  9. Gold Whiskey Stones
  10. Another great option for the home bar, these make a perfect gift for the man (or woman) who enjoys a glass of fine whiskey. Unlike traditional ice, these stones won't melt and dilute the flavor of that fine beverage. It's certainly not traditional, but a great practical choice that will have them looking back fondly on the last 50 years every time they use them.

50 Year Jewelry & Gemstone Gifts - Gold

Gold jewelry is a timeless classic, and one that’s definitely worth considering this year. The simplicity and elegance of gold has caused it to become a staple of the jewelry industry, with so many high-end designers featuring it in at least some small way on so many pieces. Have a look at a few of our favorite gold anniversary jewelry, and then browse your favorite jeweler for more inspiration if needed!

  1. Men's Weathered Stone Ring
  2. Operators, talkers, moves - all smooth. Your guy - He's got dimension. This 14k-gold men's ring by Emilie Shapiro does, too. She applies her signature texture, reminiscent of a weathered stone, for a look that'll remind him that sometimes it's the bumps that make life beautiful.

  3. Two Tone Gold Ring
  4. This beautiful 14K Two Tone Gold Yellow & White Gold 6mm Light Ring Wedding Band (Size 5 to 13), is meticulously crafted in gleaming and durable 14k gold. It's a truly special design that's unique and bold. They'll look at it with fond memories of that special day, and the 50 years of love that came before it.

  5. Gold Sea Star Earrings
  6. These beautiful sea star sand dollar earrings can make a great accent to any summer outfit, and are doubly great for a summer anniversary. She'll look as fantastic as she did on her wedding day, and her face will light up with joy when she sees them! A truly bold and unique design that'll bring her years of happiness.

  7. Hand Engraved Cuff Bracelet
  8. This stunning cuff bracelet is a perfect choice for that special lady on her special day. Bring joy to her heart that's as bright as it's been for the past 50 years as she finds this beautiful gift. There are tons of great options on this gift list, but this one certainly deserves your consideration!

  9. Gold Bypass Ring
  10. Perfect for casual or formal occasions, this gold bypass ring will sure to turn heads. Crafted in 10k two-tone gold, this gold bypass ring offers elegance and style and exude feminine charm. If treated carefully, gold jewelry can last a lifetime and handed down to future generations. You can often find this item discounted at 10% off or more with coupon.

  11. Double Heart Pendant
  12. Beautifully crafted gold and diamond double heart pendant. Set in 10 karat yellow gold and dripping with 1/4 CTTW dazzling diamonds, this necklace is double the love. A great go-to piece for everyday wear, or keep for special occasions.

50th Anniversary Gifts For Her

The woman of your dreams has been by you through thick and thin, better or worse, richer for poorer, and now is the perfect time to show her exactly how important that is to you! Here are a few of our favorite 50th anniversary gifts that are just for her:

  1. My Lucky Stars Necklace
  2. A wearable family portrait of organic sophistication, Catherine Weitzman's My Lucky Stars necklace offers a subtle and elegant alternative to reflect the unique bond between a mother and her children. Set along a sterling silver "bubble" chain, a single large star and up to four smaller stars (cast from real starfish) of 18k gold vermeil represent your family constellation.

  3. Precious Moments Porcelain Figurine
  4. Five decades have passed and their hair may be graying, but their love still feels just like new. A 50th wedding anniversary is an amazing milestone and this bisque porcelain figurine honors all that a couple goes through, the good times and the not-so-good times, celebrating how their love has endured and grown over 50 years.

  5. Women's Gold Watch
  6. A polished gold-tone finish and roman-numeral markers lend luxe elegance to this Michael Kors chronograph watch. Three subdials and a date wheel detail the dial. She'll love it and think of your magical relationship as she wears it each day!

  7. Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mugs
  8. Lovely 50th anniversary Mr right and Mrs always right mugs gift set from Haysoms. Finished with text on the front and back which reads "50 years of being Mr right" and "50 years of being Mrs always right". The "50" is written in a gold finish for the golden anniversary theme.

  9. I Love You Necklace - 120 Languages
  10. The I Love You necklace is beautifully inscribed using innovative technology, allowing them to write tiny text under the surface of the gemstone. The stylish cubic zirconia heart pendant measures 0.6 inches, and is prong set into a gold plated heart-shaped frame measuring 0.7x0.96 inches. It's available in a beautiful choice of colored cubic zirconia stones, so you're bound to find the perfect gift.

50th Anniversary Gifts For Him

The man in your life has been your support and your rock for 5 decades. The two of you have taken on challenges that so many other couples weren’t up to the task of, and you made it through! Show him what his love and steadfast support all these years has meant to you with a fantastic gift just for him:

  1. Michael Kors Men's Watch
  2. Featuring a classic silhouette, this gold-tone Michael Kors Slim Runway watch includes a black sunray dial with gold-tone stick indexes. A gold-tone three-link bracelet completes the look. A super practical gift that will have him looking back on the last 50 years of magic every time he checks the time.

    Stacy Adams has been proudly offering jewelry for over 14 years by artisans who have perfected the craft of fine jewelry making. Each piece of jewelry is manufactured to their exacting specifications, and the quality is exceptional for the price. They are confident that your spouse or loved one will enjoy your cuff link and tie bar set for years to come.

  3. Gold-Plated Mechanical Pocket Watch
  4. If your spouse or loved one who is celebrating the golden anniversary carries (or would be suited to carry) a pocket watch, this is a fantastic gift idea. It's beautiful and functional, and works in both formal and casual attire. A great traditional item that's fit for the occasion!

  5. A Literal Gold Bar
  6. What do you get the man who has everything for the golden anniversary? How about an actual gold bar! They come in a variety of sizes (and dollar amounts), so there's an option for every budget. These are a great themed gift that he'll be able to pass on to the next generation.

  7. A Gold Money Clip
  8. Finally, a solution for storing your credit cards and cash without a bulky wallet. The Smart Money Clip is the first patented double-sided money clip. It can store 30 bills (or extra cards) on the clip side and from 1 to 5 cards on the chamber side. Personalize the Smart Money Clip with a name, initials, or company logo. Measures 2.9 inches long x 2.25 inches wide x 0.5 inches deep. Weighs 1 ounce.

50th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

If your favorite couple is celebrating a major milestone in the form of a 50th anniversary this year, it’s a great idea to get them a token of your support and affection. We’ve rounded up a bunch of great items that both of them will enjoy, and won’t break your budget! You should also see our list of Gifts For Couples for even more inspiration!

  1. Ceramic Mug Gift Set
  2. A pair of ceramic mugs - "Golden Anniversary" and "50 wonderful years" with silver lettering and gold hearts. An ideal gift for the happy couple after 50 years of marriage. Finally an anniversary gift that will get used! Complete with beautiful presentation gift box. Both of the mugs are fully dishwasher and also microwave safe.

  3. Engraved Anniversary Plate
  4. Honor the happy couple with a personalized 50th wedding anniversary 12" x 12" cherry wooden plate. A treasured and lasting personal keepsake that looks beautiful when displayed in any room of the home. They'll treasure this beautiful momento of their 50 years of love!

  5. Cherry Wood Wall Cross
  6. Honor the happy couple with a personalized 50th wedding anniversary cherry wall cross. This special keepsake cross will always be a wonderful reminder of the love that they have for one another. The verse reads - 'Every Love Story is beautiful but ours is my favorite'

  7. A Cheese Board Set
  8. Perfect for the couple that loves to entertain! There's no better way to help them celebrate this massive achievment than helping them bring joy to those they love when they bring them into their loving home. This fantastic set features everything they'll need to provide a great spread!

  9. 50th Anniversary Music Box
  10. This music box from Cottage Garden contains Sankyo brand movements. When the music box is opened, a glass enclosure allows viewing of the musical movement as it plays. The music box is approximately 8 x 6 x 2 in size, and features a beautiful anniversary message.

50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Our parents play a big role in defining who we are, and if yours have made it to this landmark anniversary, there’s a good chance you and any siblings you might have are incredibly close. You don’t make it to 50 years without understanding the value of family, and it’s important to show them you’ve learned that lesson from them too. You don’t have to break the bank, but finding something you know they will love and appreciate, and shows you put time and thought into will go such a long way.

  1. Then and Now Picture Frame
  2. Celebrate the day your parents tied the knot with a special keepsake from The Sugared Plums Frames. These picture frames are a great way to commemorate your parents 50th Anniversary, personalized with their names and wedding date, as well as a message of love from you and your siblings.

  3. Gold Luster Ceramic Dishes
  4. Each of Bridget Dorr's three handmade hexagons shines in its own way. To create this set, she forms clay slabs into dishes and glazes them, firing after both steps. Then it's time to paint on the 24 karat gold luster designs, for a look of laid-back luxe. After a third firing, the dishes are ready to hold your go-to jewelry, prettiest trinkets, or precious memorabilia.

  5. Custom Cutting Boards
  6. These Personalized Cutting Boards with Handle are finely crafted and custom engraved with a state of art laser machine. Each wood board is made for special cut wood, sanded, and finished with food safe cutting board oil for excellent protection. The boards are engraved on one side which are meant for display while the other side can be used for cutting.

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs
  8. A perfect mug set that will help them enjoy a luxurious morning together, and bring them back to when they were first married. If you're looking for a great anniversary gift for those who love coffee or tea, look no further than this great set!

Experience Gifts For A 50th Anniversary

A major milestone like 50 is a perfect opportunity to share a wonderful experience together. Whether it’s a trip around the world, a relaxing day at the local spa, or something else you love doing together, there’s no wrong answer. No doubt you already know what experiences you and your spouse will love to share, but here are a few suggestions in case you need help to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. A Couples Cooking Class
  2. A cooking class is a great time to bond and learn something new! Typical classes focus on one or 2 dishes or a full meal you can prepare together that evening. Knowing how to create a wonderful meal can really come in handy the next time you can’t figure out what to eat! This is a great gift to give your parents that they can enjoy together!

  3. A Special Romantic Getaway
  4. If there was ever an excuse for a romantic getaway for 2, the 50th anniversary is certainly it! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, or working with your siblings to find a great gift for your parents, you should definitely consider this. If there’s a destination on the bucket list that still needs to be checked off, there’s no time like the present! AirBnB can be a great choice for travelers, letting you experience a bit more of the local culture and life, or a traditional hotel is always a pleaser too!

  5. Wine Tasting
  6. If you and your significant other enjoy a fine glass of wine, consider a wine tasting tour! You don’t have to be a wine-snob to appreciate a flight or 2 of amazing wines. This can be a fun way to forge your bond even stronger, and if you don’t live near wine-country, it’s a good opportunity to get away for a few days as well!

  7. A Couples Spa Day
  8. Take a little time to pamper yourselves together with a luxurious spa day! Unwind and relax at the local spa as a couple to help strengthen your relationship and enjoy each other’s company. There are usually some great deals on Groupon, or check out the local spa’s website directly! Another great option for either you and your spouse, or to gift to your parents or loved ones.

  9. Tickets To A Show
  10. A great show can be a memorable experience that will last a lifetime and bring people closer together. Whether you couple it with an awesome trip to Vegas or NYC, or prefer to stick to a local production, this is an option that’s definitely worth some thought. From plays, to concerts, to a night at the symphony, the options are almost endless and you’re sure to find something great for that special someone!

DIY and Homemade 50th Anniversary Gifts

Putting a little blood, sweat, and tears into something for your special someone is a great way to demonstrate how important they are to you. Going out of your way to craft something by hand can be far more meaningful and heartfelt than any item purchased from the store. Here are some of our favorite DIY and handmade 50th anniversary gifts:

  1. A Homemade Anniversary Card
  2. A homemade card is an easy yet impressive way to show off your creative side. Even after 50 years, show them you’re willing to take the time to go that extra mile to make their day special! A bit of craft paper and some odds and ends of tools you probably already have around the house are all you need to complete one of these great cards!

  3. It’s never been easier to create a personalized and high-quality photo memory album than it is today. With services like shutterfly, all you need it to pick from one of their great layouts, and then find the perfect pictures spanning the past 50 years to fill it out. You can also use these as a guestbook if you’re having a big celebration party. Guests can flip through amazing memories and leave messages of love and affection.

  4. Another great opportunity to show off your creative side, these exploding memory boxes make for a magical treat your spouse is sure to enjoy. Surprise them with this homemade 50th anniversary gift that comes straight from the heart and is sure to leave an impression. You don’t have to be a master crafter to make something beautiful they are bound to love!

  5. Creating your own flower arrangement can be a great way to jazz up a romantic dinner or evening at home, or even act as your gift if you choose. There are many great ways to present flowers, and everything from the setting to the type of flowers used can be customized to suit their taste. This article has some great tips anyone can learn from!

  6. A Decorative Box
  7. Whether for jewelry, random trinkets, or nothing at all, a decorative wooden box is another relatively simple woodworking project if you’re feeling inclined to try it! They’re versatile enough that almost anyone can find a use for them, and special enough that the work you put in is sure to be appreciated by your significant other for years to come!

Giftwrap, Bags, and Decorations - Gold

Great decorations are the cornerstone of the 50th anniversary party, and we truly hope you’re taking the time to celebrate this massive accomplishment. It’s a great idea to stick with the gold theme for the decorations, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite golden anniversary decorations for you to choose from.

  1. 50th Anniversary Balloons
  2. Balloons are a great way to enhance any annviersary or special occasion, and that goes double for the 50th. These great baloons feature the words 50th anniversary in a beautiful heart shape, and are made in the traditional gold color. Whether it's a quiet party at home, or a blowout, baloons are a great way to kick the celebration into high gear!

  3. Gold Glitter Cake Topper
  4. If your celebration plans include cake, it's a great idea to pick up one of these themed cake toppers. It features the words "50th Anniversary", and looks great with frosting of any color. Your party guests will love it, whether the list is 100's long or just you and your spouse.

  5. Party Guest Book
  6. The C.R. Gibson 50th Anniversary Guest Book can hold up to 500 messages from all your loved ones! This stylish guest book measures 7'' x 9.75'' and has a front cover that can easily be customized to your own event! Includes 1 guest book and 1 coordinating pen.

  7. Gold Plastic Silverware & Plastic Plates
  8. If you're hosting a 50th anniversary party, this is one of the best plastic silverware and plate choices out there. It features gold trim, which perfectly highlights the golden anniversary theme. Your guests will love it, as they come together to celebrate the happy couple on this most epic of days.

  9. Gold Glitter Heart Gift Bag
  10. Perfect for the 50th, this pale pink gift bag features a gold glitter heart. White ribbon handles complete the package. Measures 10.47" wide by 13" high by 5.75" deep. Fits various sizes of gifts like clothing, books, board games, puzzles, or small home accessories. The Hallmark brand is widely recognized as the very best for greeting cards, gift wrap, and more!

Golden Anniversary Gifts

The Golden Anniversary is an epic opportunity for a great gift. Show them your love and admiration at this epic achievement with something they’re sure to love!

In addition to the choices above, here are some of our favorite Golden Anniversary Gifts:

  • A commemorative gold plate
  • Gold cufflinks (men) or earrings (women)
  • A personalized family cutting board
  • Wall art featuring their favorite song
  • A gold dipped rose
  • A new gold watch
  • A mug set for him and her
  • A mantel clock

Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts

50 years of Birthdays, Christmases, Valentines, and Anniversaries add up to a whole lot of presents. Don’t give the same old thing year after year! Stay out of that rut with something unique and creative!

Our picks for the most Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts are:

  • A personalized gold record
  • A commemorative wall hanging
  • A heartfelt handwritten card
  • A romantic getaway to a new spot
  • An actual gold bar
  • A cooking class
  • A craft beer or wine subscription
  • Infused chocolate strawberries

How To Find The Perfect 50th Anniversary Gift

50 years of marriage is an achievement anyone should be extremely proud of. With decades of ups and downs, the overwhelming majority of couples don’t come close to lasting this long. Given what a tremendous feat this is, taking a bit of time for a huge celebration of love and commitment is only fitting. The 50th anniversary is a great time for a party, and that means lots of gifts being exchanged.

So what’s the best 50th anniversary gift for you to consider? Well it depends on a lot of factors, and who the recipient is. If you’re one member of the happy couple, there’s a certain expectation for traditional gold gifts. Likewise, if your parents are celebrating the big day, there are some great options you can consider that are themed for Mom and Dad. Finally, if you’re a friend or more distant relative, there are a host of options that will show them your support without breaking the bank.

We’ve got some great options listed above for every gift giver and recipient, but if you’re still struggling to choose the right item, here are some other things you should keep in mind when choosing a Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift:

1) Should you go with a traditional 50th anniversary gift?

A good starting point is whether you want to go with a customary or traditional gift. If you’re shopping for your spouse, we strongly suggest sticking with the gold theme. Unlike lesser anniversaries with multiple ‘customary’ gifts, gold is basically the only theme for 50. That’s ok though, because there are so many gold options to choose from… between jewelry, home decor, accessories, and more, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something on-theme.

2) Should you go with a couples gift?

There are a lot of great items you can find that are great for both husband and wife to enjoy together. If you’re shopping for Mom and Dad or another couple, this is a no brainer. But, even if you’re a member of the happy couple, it can be a good idea to consider something you will both enjoy (together) to help bring you close and celebrate in unison.

3) Should you give an experience?

As a milestone anniversary, we tend to strongly suggest giving an experience gift like a romantic vacation. These gifts tend to stick with us longer in our memories and warm our hearts when we think back on them. The 50th anniversary is such a huge milestone, we strongly advise you to think of somewhere you’ve always wanted to go together, but for one reason or another, never have. Don’t let budget stand in the way, the 2 of you have earned a bit of splurging!

4) Should you make something by hand?

Putting a bit more time and effort into a gift than just clicking a few buttons and waiting for it to show up on the porch is usually a good option. If you’re at all crafty (or even if you aren’t), creating something special by hand can really let them know how special they are to you and show them your love!

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative presents mean thinking outside the box.

Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every 5 years is what we consider to be a major milestone anniversary. If you or a couple you love has made it to one of these, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

We have a ton of other great gift ideas on our milestone anniversary gift guides, so if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, please consider one of these!

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