7th Anniversary Gifts: Who Needs Luck When You Have Each Other?

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Did you know 7 years is over 2,500 days? That’s a whole lot of highs, lows, and everything in between! A 7th wedding anniversary gift is a great way to show them how much your marriage means to you, and how much you’re looking forward to the next 2,500 days and more!

It’s so important to take a bit of time from your regular routine to celebrate this accomplishment, and the strength of your relationship together. There are all kinds of ways to do this, and giving a perfect anniversary present is just a starting point. We always recommend that people start to really try to think outside the box by year 7, since it’s only natural that you settle into a bit of a rut.

We’ve rounded up dozens of 7th anniversary gift ideas in the sections that follow, to help you create the perfect experience for you and your spouse. Everything from traditional gifts, to ones you make yourself, to experiences you can share together can be found below. Read on, and once again, congrats on this achievement!

Customary 7th Anniversary Gifts

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The History Of Customary Anniversary Gifts

Customary gift giving is a big tradition in many marriages. According to Wikipedia you can look all the way back to the middle ages for the origins of this practice. The modern incarnation of customary gift giving for each year dates back to 1937 when the Jewelers Association laid out customary gifts for each of the first 25 years, and then 5 year increments after that.

Copper - The Traditional 7th Anniversary Gift

Copper is the traditional 7th anniversary gift, symbolizing warmth and an ability to be flexible in your relationship and life. It’s also an extremely versatile gift choice! With everything from barware, to jewelry, to kitchen items, there’s something for everyone (and every budget). We love Copper as an anniversary present, and hope you’ll give it a strong consideration!

Brass - The Modern 7th Anniversary Gift

Brass is the modern version of the 7th anniversary present, and it’s another material that presents (no pun intended) a ton of options. You’ll typically find ideas like pens, picture frames, or lamps in this category.

Onyx - The Jewelry and Precious Metal Gift

You can’t go wrong with jewelry or other fancy accessories, and the traditional gemstone for year 7 is Onyx. Every woman should have a bit of Onyx in her collection, so if your wife doesn’t yet, we definitely suggest you take a look at the options here. Black is versatile and can go with many different outfits. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to find an attractive piece she’ll love.

Color Theme - Yellow

According to custom, yellow is the color scheme for the 7th anniversary. We recommend using this color when choosing things like wrapping paper, decorations, and other accessories you might consider for the big day.

7 Year Traditional Gifts - Copper

Copper is awesome, and there are literally hundreds of choices to consider in this category. Our personal favorite for a seventh anniversary are a nice set of copper clad pans, since it’s such a useful gift. The conductivity of copper helps ensure even and fast heat distribution, so no matter what’s being cooked it will come out perfect!

  1. Copper Stainless Cookware Set
  2. Copper is a well known conductor of heat, and copper clad cookware is an excellent choice if your spouse of 7 years loves to cook! These high quality pans get the head directly to the food surface in a way that other sets don't. Check them out and picture the wonderful meals they'll be used to prepare!

  3. Copper Measuring Spoons
  4. The beauty of these cups and spoons is beyond measure. Crafted individually, the outer mirror polish and inner satin polish give them a luxurious look that nobody else has. These are by far the most attractive cups and spoons on the market, immensely pleasing to the eyes. Cup and spoon sizes are precise and clearly engraved (stamped) into the stainless steel, so they are easy to read and will never wash off or fade like printed ones.

  5. Kinetic Spinner Stake
  6. This kinetic metal sculpture brings the wonders of the galaxy closer to front yard. An active cosmos of independent yet intertwined parts, this way-out piece harnesses nature's power, turning the sun and wind's everyday effects into dynamic art. As the breezes gently blow past the piece, the metal cups orbit in opposing directions around a delicate glass globe, creating a mesmerizing, celestial scene.

  7. 7 Year Copper Iron Rose Heart
  8. Your 7 yr Anniversary Gift symbolizes warmth and strength. Copper is capable of producing heat, allowing the copper finish present on this 7th wedding anniversary gift to symbolize the warmth of your relationship. Beautiful metal decorative flower and number 7 representing the "Copper Year Anniversary".

  9. Copper Rain Gauge
  10. “Eureka!” cried Archimedes as he leapt from his bath and went running naked through the streets of Syracuse, Sicily. Apparently he was very excited about discovering how the whole buoyancy thing works. Sadly, the legend probably isn’t true, but his famous principle is. This copper gauge lets you see it in action every time it rains.

7 Year Modern Gifts - Brass

Brass is a great material for office items. Gifts like fancy pens, desk lamps, and picture frames are some great wedding anniversary options here. We’ve rounded up several choices below, but these are meant mainly as inspiration to help you dream up that perfect gift for your husband or wife.

  1. A Brass Desk Lamp
  2. Brass desk lamps are a classic brass wedding anniversary gift, and for good reason! The elegant material looks beautiful on a desk, counter, or side table. There are tons of models to choose from, so find one that suits your spouse's tastes! When it comes to gift ideas, this is a unique choice!

  3. Vintage Glass & Brass Jewelry Box
  4. Show off your favorite jewelry, knickknacks, and more in beautiful style with this decorative box. The sturdy metal frame keeps this box upright and your belongings securely stored, while the clear glass walls provide an unimpeded view of the items displayed within. Just pull open the 4 cube-shaped drawers and fill them with whatever small items you wish, and you'll have the perfect combination of sensible storage and eye-catching decor for any room in your home.

  5. Solid Brass Pen
  6. The solid weight and heft behind this pen makes it clear that it's a high quality writing utensil! Your loving spouse of 7 years will treasure this item forever, and think of the strength of your relationship each time they use it. The pen does everything you'd expect... Writing, Drawing, you name it!

  7. A Brass Pepper Mill
  8. This Atlas 8 inch brass pepper mill is hand made in Greece using the same methods used for the past 300 years. It is made with a durable all metal body, and a tool steel grinding mechanism built to last. Atlas mills are the origin of the phrase "pepper grinder", since these mills actually grind the pepper. A practical gift idea you can use frequently!

  9. Brass Photo Display
  10. Looking for a way to display your favorite photos, or other images, in a multi photo frame display that is truly original? This brass set features three gallery-style hanging frames (1 square and two rectangular), each suspended from a sturdy metal chain that attaches to a matching wall-mounted knob. The square frame floats a 4x4-inch image, while the two rectangular frames each float a 4x6-inch image.

7 Year Jewelry & Gemstone Gifts - Onyx

Onyx is an elegant and versatile material for jewelry and accessories, and should be a major part of anyone’s collection. From earrings to necklaces, you can’t go wrong with Onyx. For guys, cufflinks and other items can usually be found with Onyx as well!

  1. Onyx Solitaire Ring
  2. A Timeless Treasure and Style Classic, these rings are always fit for any occasion. Beautifully crafted and designed, this Onyx ring is sure to win your way into her heart. This ring crafted in 925 Sterling Silver that adds a polished look to any ensemble and outfit. Onyx is a perfect theme for a 7th wedding anniversary jewelry gift, and there's no doubt your wife will love it!

  3. Onyx and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  4. Beautiful and brilliant! Pair this Onyx bracelet with career or weekend outfits. Featuring a radiant flawless 925 Sterling Silver chain and deep black onyx gemstones. The secure fit promises carefree wear and stability, while the appearance ensures that this bracelet will be the center of attention on any ensemble. This beautiful item is brand new and comes with complimentary gift packaging appropriately selected to match the item you purchased.

  5. Onyx Infinity Knot Solitaire Necklace
  6. This natural Gemstone Infinity Knot Pendant looks stunning around the neckline. Featuring a brilliant cut, round, dazzling black onyx gemstone, this classic pendant is set in 14K white gold. The knot design is a timeless symbol of eternity and love. The pendant is available with a FREE Silver Chain. A good gift for any time of year, but especially a 7th anniversary gift!

  7. Pear-Shaped Black Onyx Drop Earrings
  8. Ross-Simons is the authority on fashionable must-haves. These earrings showcase pear-shaped drops of inky black onyx swathed with a swoosh of 14kt yellow gold for chic, sophisticated contrast! Hanging length is 1 3/8". Earwire, black onyx drop earrings. Each Ross-Simons item arrives in a fine jewelry presentation box.

    The Tuxedo Cuff Links and Studs Set in Onyx and Silver from Cuff-Daddy is aptly named, because these gorgeous Genuine Onyx Studs look dandy on anyone wearing a tuxedo. But they also go well with any shirt with French cuffs and are an accessory for men who want to kick up their fashion profile a notch. Wear them to an important job interview or any social or business occasion to stand out from the crowd and show your good taste.

7th Anniversary Gifts For Her

After 7 years, she’s your world. It’s important to find something special that suits her tastes and will communicate your love and affection in ways words often can’t. We’ve collected a few great ideas below that she might love. You can also check out our list of Romantic Gifts For Her for more general inspiration!

  1. Handcrafted Copper Stained Rose
  2. Metal flower will never die or wilt just like your affection for the loved one. Each eternal rose is unique, because it is hand made one at a time, but it looks similar to the rose in the picture. A lovely Copper anniversary gift will last forever. In a world full of mass-produced consumer goods, this decorative copper sculpture will become a a centerpiece in your interior.

  3. Copper Cuff Bracelet
  4. However you dress to express your individuality, this John S Brana Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet is sure to fit into your ensembles to perfection. If you're the romantic sort, the soft color of the copper is sure to make the perfect feminine finishing touch for a floral print or ruffles. Boho beauties can easily layer two of these cuffs with a flowing maxi for a touch of gypsy chic.

  5. Handmade Turkish Copper Tea Pot
  6. This teapot's body is completely solid hammered copper and nonreactive food safe tin lining on the inside. It isn't lacquered, so it will develop a natural patina, as real copper should.You can be assured this will last for many generations unlike other thin imitations. It's beautiful and functional, and will be a gift to pass down through the family for decades to come.

  7. Copper Keepsake Box
  8. This beautiful copper keepsake trunk looks lovely and functions perfectly to hold your sentimental and favored treasures. It's made of a high quality material that will last a lifetime. The box is lined with a rich velvet lining, and packaged carefully and individually boxed. Makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a 7th anniversary gift!

  9. Copper Infinity Hoop Earrings
  10. These earrings are handcrafted by Pillar of Salt Studio from solid copper. They are quite light and have been antiqued for a vintage, rustic look. The circle part is about the size of a quarter. Because each pair is handmade, please expect slight differences from those shown in the photos. Your pair of earrings comes neatly packaged in a small box ready for gift-giving.

7th Anniversary Gifts For Him

He’s your rock, and it’s important to show him with a great gift he’ll love. We’ve collected a few ideas that are sure to be a hit below, or have a look at our guide to Romantic Gifts For Him if you need more ideas!

  1. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set
  2. If your hubby loves Moscow Mules, or you think he might like to try them, one of these copper mug sets might be just the ticket! They come in a beautiful box, and are ready for use whether it's just the two of you, or you're entertaining in your home! A gift he's sure to love. Free shipping is usually available too!

  3. 10-Piece Copper Barware Set
  4. This is a 10-Piece copper bar tool set of serious quality bar accessories. It will give you the power to whip up impressive cocktails for your guests, no matter what their drink of choice is. Whether you're an amateur bartender or a professional cocktail mixing guru... whether you’re setting up a bar at home or at work - this copper cocktail set is a brilliant way to hit the ground running.

  5. A Vintage Pocket Watch
  6. This vintage style mechanical pocket watch is another excellent choice for a 7th anniversary gift. It pairs with a formal outfit, or even informally. Watch his face light up when he unwraps this watch on your special day! Unique gift ideas aren't so hard after all!

  7. Engraved Copper Money Clip
  8. This is a very unique ultra thin money clip. It is made of copper and has been antiqued. It works well because it gives just a little...making it super comfortable to carry around. It has been engraved with "not all those who wander are lost". This item can be customized with whatever fits your needs.

    Copper men's accessories set makes a perfect gift for the 7th wedding anniversary! One set of copper cufflinks, one tie bar and one money clip comes gift wrapped and ready to send! Each is personalized and hand stamped with the text of your choice.

7th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

A couples gift is a fun choice for a wedding anniversary, after all it’s definitely an accomplishment that both partners should be proud of and enjoy in equal measure! You can also check out our epic list of Gifts For Couples for more inspiration! Whether you’re shopping for yourself and your spouse, or picking something for another couple, we think some of these ideas below are worth considering:

  1. 2019 Christmas Ornament Mr. & Mrs. 7th Seventh Wedding Anniversary Married Seven Years Rustic Ceramic Holiday Collectible Husband & Wife Keepsake 3 Flat Porcelain with Gold Ribbon & Free Gift Box
  2. Christmas ornaments are beautiful, high quality gifts that become treasured keepsakes for years to come. These ornaments make one-of-a-kind gifts to commemorate lifetime firsts and momentous occasions like a seventh anniversary! If you're looking for great gift ideas, look no further!

  3. Personalized Copper Print
  4. This design is high quality Copper Foil print on Card-stock Paper, and makes the perfect gift for 7th anniversary! It's fully customizable with your names, wedding dates, and / or any other special words or phrase of your choice! Looks perfect in any room of the house, and they'll think about their marriage fondly each time they see it.

  5. Industrial Brass & Copper Drink Dispenser
  6. Your at-home bar deserves a little edge. Made by hand, this industrial drink dispenser sports a handsome length of copper tubing that hugs any bottle—and aerates its contents, too. The unique attachment allows bottles of all types to connect seamlessly to the brass spout, and it's mounted on a reclaimed wood board with a liquid-resistant Danish oil finish.

  7. Ayurvedic Copper Water Decanter
  8. In Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world's oldest healing systems, "Tamrajal" (copper-charged water) is said to balance your doshas—the foundation of good health and well-being. Rashimi Ranade worked with Indian copper artisans on this carafe, which is designed with not only a sleek place to store water, but also two tumblers.

  9. Copper Champagne Flutes
  10. Why would you need copper champagne flutes in your home bar? Due to its attributes, copper gets a frosty film when you put an ice cube inside your drink. This is the experience you will never feel when drinking champagne from a glass flute. Copper flutes make a shiny accent in your kitchen, and work as a gorgeous decoration as well as champagne glasses.

Experience Gifts For A 7th Anniversary

A shared experience can be far more magical than a store-bought trinket, and forge memories that will last a lifetime. By the time 7 years rolls around, it’s a unique idea to break out of the daily grind and do something fun as a couple!

  1. Go Camping In A National Park
  2. Whether you’re an active couple who are always on the go or not, an adventure hiking or camping in a National Park (or other scenic area) is a perfect way to spend time together and strengthen your relationship. Being alone with nature and your significant other is a magical experience, and you should make it a point to experience it for your anniversary if it’s been a while!

  3. Tickets To A Comedy Show
  4. Couples who laugh together stay together, no doubt about it! If you have a favorite comedian in common, a pair of tickets to an upcoming show can be an option for your anniversary gift this year. Laugh the night away and forge a memory you’ll not soon forget!

  5. A Cooking Class
  6. A cooking class is a wonderful time to bond and learn something new! Typical classes focus on one or 2 dishes or a full meal you can prepare together that evening. Knowing how to create a wonderful meal can really come in handy the next time you can’t figure out what to eat!

  7. A Romantic Getaway
  8. An anniversary is the perfect opportunity to take some time to travel together! No matter what your tastes, a few days alone away from the day to day grind is helpful for just about any relationship. Whether you go halfway around the world, or just book a room for the night across town (maybe away from the kids), this is time tested winner! AirBnB can be a good choice for travelers, letting you experience a bit more of the local culture and life, or a traditional hotel is always a pleaser too!

  9. Wine Tasting
  10. If you and your significant other enjoy a fine glass of wine, consider a wine tasting tour! You don’t have to be a wine-snob to appreciate a flight or 2 of amazing wines. This can be a fun way to forge your bond even stronger, and if you don’t live near wine-country, it’s a good opportunity to get away for a few days as well!

Giftwrap, Bags, and Decorations - Yellow

Putting the finishing touches on the perfect wedding anniversary present can really be a game changer in the way it’s received. Taking the time to decorate your place, or do that perfect wrapping job can communicate how important they are to you. Here are some good options that fit into the seventh anniversary color scheme (yellow).

  1. Yellow Party Supplies Set
  2. These paper crafts are perfect for a public or private 7th anniversary party or romantic evening. Supplies include 2 paper lanterns, 9 pom poms flowers, 20 tissue tassels, 1 triangle flag bunting, and 1 paper star and circle garlands. It has everything you need for a magical evening of celebration!

  3. Yellow Hanging Paper Lanterns
  4. The paper hanging lanterns are great addition to your party! They go great with the traditional yellow color scheme, and are sure to be a hit! Make sure they knew you went the extra mile this year with these great lanterns!

  5. Yellow Premium Quality Balloons
  6. High quality balloons are a great finishing touch to this year's celebration. Fill them with helium, or just blow them up and spread them around your bedroom or living room for a great romantic evening! Your spouse will love it and appreciate the gesture!

  7. Matte Yellow Wrapping Paper
  8. This Yellow Matte Solid Color Wrapping Paper features a lively and bright lemon yellow color and a modern matte finish. This individually sold roll contains 25 square feet of gift wrap, and is made out of 30% recycled materials! The summery yellow shade of this gift wrap is certain to make gifts stand out!

  9. Light Yellow Tissue Paper
  10. This high quality yellow tissue paper is the perfect way to put a 7th anniversary color spin on any gift you might be giving! Combine with a gift bag, or just a simple ribbon, and the present of their dreams is good to go! Don't spend all your time choosing the perfect item just to have it fall flat due to poor presentation!

DIY and Homemade 7th Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary gift made by hand, and given from the heart can be way more meaningful than a store bought trinket ever could be. We always recommend taking a minute to consider if you have a skill or trade that can help you create a perfect DIY item for this year’s anniversary gift.

  1. A Boudoir Album
  2. After 7 long years, it’s not uncommon for the romance to begin to fade a bit, even in the bedroom. There’s an opportunity to get things back on track with your 7th, and a tasteful Boudoir Photo Album can be just the thing to help you do that. With a print on demand photo service, no humans see your photos, so you can feel free to get a bit… risque… with it to help ignite those passions!

  3. A Homemade Anniversary Card
  4. A homemade card is an easy yet impressive way to show off your creative side. Even after 7 years, show them you’re willing to take the time to go that extra mile to make their day special! A bit of craft paper and some odds and ends of tools you probably already have around the house are all you need to complete one of these great cards!

  5. A Decorative Box
  6. Whether for jewelry, random trinkets, or nothing at all, a decorative wooden box is another relatively simple woodworking project if you’re feeling inclined to try it! They’re versatile enough that almost anyone can find a use for them, and special enough that the work you put in is sure to be appreciated by your significant other for years to come!

  7. It’s never been easier to create a personalized and high-quality photo memory album than it is today. With services like shutterfly, all you need it to pick from one of their beautiful layouts, and then find the perfect pictures spanning the past 7 years to fill it out.

  8. Creating your own flower arrangement can be a nice way to jazz up a romantic dinner or evening at home, or even act as your gift if you choose. There are many ways to present flowers, and everything from the setting to the type of flowers used can be customized to suit their taste. This article has some tips anyone can learn from!

Personalized 7th Anniversary Gifts

A personalized wedding anniversary gift idea can add a whole new layer of special feelings for an otherwise normal item. For an anniversary, adding the couples names or initials and wedding date is an ideal way to personalize for their special day.

Here’s our favorite Personalized 7th Anniversary Gifts:

  • An etched set of copper champagne flutes
  • An Engraved Copper Valet Tray
  • An illustrated print of a wedding photo
  • A personalized wall hanging
  • A Copper money clip
  • A scrapbook of your years together
  • An Etched Coaster Set
  • An art print of lyrics to your first song

Creative 7th Anniversary Gifts

3 years together adds up to a whole lot of gifts for everything from Christmas to Valentines Day. Bust out of that gift-giving rut, with something truly unique and creative this time around!

Our picks for top Unique Seventh Anniversary Gifts are:

  • A camping trip or other romantic getaway
  • An etched set of copper champagne flutes
  • Tickets to a comedy show
  • A homemade gift basket
  • Romantic toys for the bedroom
  • Personalized moscow mule glasses
  • A trip to a local brewery
  • A commemorative wall hanging

How To Find The Perfect 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

What a huge milestone you’ve reached! By now, you know your spouse like the back of your hand, and vice versa. It’s only fitting that you celebrate this accomplishment with the perfect wedding anniversary gift idea, to help commemorate the day.

Even though you know them better than anyone, it can be hard to come up with just the right item or experience when it comes time to choose. There are so many wonderful (and not so wonderful) options, it can be overwhelming!

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the exact right thing to give your husband or wife this year. No 2 people or relationships are the same. What we can do, and what we’ve done above, is recommend some items that will help you get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm the perfect thing for them.

Here are some questions that can help you shortcut your decision making and narrow down your choices:

1) Should you go with a traditional seventh anniversary gift?

The first choice you should make is whether to go with a traditional gift idea (Copper, Brass, Onyx for year 7) or not. Copper is a pretty versatile choice, with everything from accessories like jewelry, to cookware and more. Brass is ideal for certain desk items, and similar things that they might like. That said, there are plenty of non-themed gifts they might love as well. Only you can know for sure, but answering this early on can be a big help.

2) Should you go with a couples gift?

Some of the best wedding anniversary presents are ones you can enjoy together as a couple. Everything from His and Hers bathrobes, to something like a wine of the month club are fun options. Coming together to share in a gift is a unique way to strengthen your relationship, and can be a whole lot of fun!

3) Should you give an experience?

Physical objects aren’t always the only choice when gift giving. Often times, the memories you create during a fun experience will long outlast that trinket. Consider things like romantic getaways, a concert or comedy show, or other activities that will pull you out of your daily routine and give you a chance to focus on (and celebrate) each other.

4) Should you make something by hand?

Let’s face it, it’s never been easier to put less thought into gift giving than it is today. You can find just about anything online, and have it on your way to the doorstep in a matter of minutes. Consider putting more time and effort into your gifting by making something by hand. It doesn’t have to be artisan level craftsmanship, just knowing you spent time and energy on something is all that’s needed to make anything special. This can also be a way to control costs!

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gift ideas are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative presents mean thinking outside the box.

Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every 5 years is what we consider to be a major milestone anniversary. If you or a couple you love has made it to one of these, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

We have a ton of other anniversary gift ideas on our milestone anniversary gift guides, so if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, please consider one of these!

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