8th Anniversary Gifts For 2022: The Bronze Anniversary

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

An eighth wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion! After many years together, you’re partners with an incredible bond. 8 years is impossible to do without highs and lows, but you’ve weathered the storms and that’s cause for celebration!

We’re here to help you do just that, and find the perfect 8th anniversary gift idea for your spouse or a happy couple. No matter who you’re shopping for, or what your budget, we’ve rounded up a ton of ideas that should either work well as is, or get your creative juices flowing to brainstorm something special for your unique gift recipient.

From traditional and customary 8th anniversary gifts, to modern gifts for him or her or the couple, experiences, homemade gifts, and more, we’ve got you covered! Read on, and good luck!

Customary 8th Anniversary Gifts

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The History Of Customary Anniversary Gifts

Customary gift giving is a big tradition in many marriages. According to Wikipedia you can look all the way back to the middle ages for the origins of this practice. The modern incarnation of customary gift giving for each year dates back to 1937 when the Jewelers Association laid out customary gifts for each of the first 25 years, and then 5 year increments after that.

Bronze - The Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift

Bronze is the traditional 8th anniversary gift, and it’s a pretty versatile material that lends itself to some excellent gift ideas. Perhaps they’d love a bronze sculpture or bookends? Jewelry featuring the metal? A nice wall hanging? Check out some ideas below!

Linens and Lace - The Modern 8th Anniversary Gift

Linens and lace are the modern 8th anniversary gift. We focus mostly on lace options below, because it’s elegant and perfect for intimate gifts. If you’re looking for linen ideas, new bedsheets are a classic option you might want to consider!

Tourmaline - The Jewelry and Precious Metal Gift

Tourmaline is a beautiful stone, and if your partner’s favorite color is pink, we strongly recommend considering some themed jewelry this anniversary. There are great options to choose from for both men and women alike, so take the opportunity to spoil them a bit with a nice luxurious item featuring Tourmaline!

Color Theme - Bronze

Bronze is the official 8th anniversary color. It’s often a great idea to consider decorations like balloons, paper plates, or gift wrap and gift bags as a way to incorporate the bronze theme in your special day. It’s by no means required, but it can be a fun tradition to jazz up your home with the customary color for the occasion.

8 Year Traditional Gifts - Bronze

Bronze is an excellent theme with some truly diverse gift options. We love the elegant home decor options like picture frames and bookends. There are also some unique sculptures and art works from the material. We have a few other unique bronze items in our “For Him” and “For Her” sections below if you don’t find what you’re looking for here.

  1. Bike Lovers Wall Sculpture
  2. A bicycle artwork built for two. Celebrate a couple of bike lovers with George Roumanas's Ayous wood shadowbox display. He breathes life into molten bronze by sculpting the warm-hued metal into a pair of sweethearts taking a romantic spin in the glow of the afternoon sun.

  3. Bronze Photo Frame
  4. This beautiful bronze picture frame is a great option for an 8th wedding anniversary gift idea. It fits with the theme perfectly, and if you add in a meaningful photo of the 2 of you, it will make it a memorable treasure for years to come. A traditional item that looks great with any decor, in any room of the house!

  5. Hand forged Bronzed Rose
  6. Each forever rose is unique, because it is handmade, but it looks similar to the rose in the pictures. The eternal rose is covered with black metal paint and bronze-gold patina, making it a perfect fit for year 8! A metal flower never withers or dies, so it will always keep the memories of that special moment.

  7. Bronze Swing Statue
  8. A beautifully handcrafted cast bronze sculpture of a couple on a swing. Portrays the power of intimacy and innocent romance. A wedding anniversary gift idea that will last forever. Capture the magic of the love you share when you place this in any room of the house. They'll think of you and the special bond you have each time they look at it.

  9. Bronze Bookends
  10. Bronze bookends are a fantastic gift any time, but match this years traditional wedding anniversary theme perfectly! We like these antique camera cast ones, but there are all sorts of excellent choices available if you think another would match your decor better.

8 Year Modern Gifts - Linens and Lace

Elegant and intimate, the linens and lace theme lends itself to some awesome gift options. Whether it’s a fancy dining room table cloth or curtains, or something a little naughty, there’s something for everyone in this category!

  1. Handmade Crochet Lace Tablecloth
  2. This elegant handmade crochet lace tablecloth is a perfect gift that fits with the modern 8th wedding anniversary theme of linens and lace. It will instantly transform your dining room table to an elegant centerpiece of the entire home.

  3. A Floral Lace Blouse
  4. Lace blouses are another great option if you're looking to go with the modern theme. They're versatile, and can be worn casually around the house, while doing errands, or in the workplace. Even a night on the town (like an anniversary dinner!) You can often find this item discounted at 10% off or more with coupon.

  5. Lace Bodysuit Romper
  6. Spice up the evening, while staying with tradition! Sexy lingerie is always an excellent and romantic gift for your wife, but it's rare that it actually matches up with traditional themes! Don't miss the chance to take advantage of this fact for your eighth anniversary!

  7. Lace Curtains
  8. Make Your Place New Again! Let these chic, stylish Fiona curtain change the atmosphere in any room you choose, with its elegant embroidered design and fabric which allows the sunlight to naturally flow through the room! With an ideal sizes simply hang it over your windows and immediately change the entire room image!

  9. Elbow Length Lace Gloves
  10. What's not to love about lace? A nice pair of lace gloves may not be the most versatile clothing accessory, but it definitely has its place (even if it's just the bedroom). Consider pairing it with some sexy lingerie for an extra special treat.

8 Year Jewelry & Gemstone Gifts - Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a beautiful pink gemstone, which many women will appreciate. It’s not as common as some of the other gemstones, so it’ll add a touch of unique style to whichever outfit she wears it with.

  1. Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
  2. A Timeless Treasure and Style Classic, these rings are always fit for any occasion. Beautifully crafted and designed, this Tourmaline and Diamonds ring is sure to win your way into her heart. This ring crafted in 14K White Gold that adds a polished look to any ensemble and outfit.

  3. Pink Tourmaline Stud Earrings
  4. Contemporary and distinctive, these Tourmaline gem stone earrings are sure to be great addition to any jewelry collection. Tourmaline is a beautiful stone making it perfect for any occasion, but especially as the eighth anniversary gemstone. Show her you care with a gift that will compliment her style flawlessly.

  5. Oval Pink Tourmaline Bracelet
  6. A beautiful and brilliant pair! This Tourmaline bracelet works with both career and weekend outfits. The secure fit promises carefree wear and stability, while the appearance ensures that this bracelet will be the center of attention in any ensemble. This beautiful item is brand new, and comes with complimentary gift packaging appropriately selected to match the item you purchased.

  7. Tourmaline and Diamond Butterfly Necklace
  8. Check out this sparkly and Delicate Pear Cut Natural Gemstone Butterfly shaped Pendant with 14K White Gold. A butterfly is the symbol of rebirth and freedom, and this beautiful necklace will help you celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary in style!

  9. Cherry Blossom Tree Tourmaline Necklace
  10. This stunning tree of life pendant is made with hand hammered sterling silver wire and high quality faceted pink tourmaline gemstone beads. The natural colors of the gems come in a variety of cherry blossom pink tones. The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol of family, strength, growth, and rebirth.

8th Anniversary Gifts For Her

She’s your rock and your soulmate. Take a bit of time to pamper her this anniversary, and find something she will truly love. Our options below are classics, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can check out our list of Romantic Gifts For Her for more general inspiration!

  1. We Are One Necklace
  2. Tulianna and Alejandra Garces' hand-cast links are organically textured to hint at the beautiful imperfections inherent to any relationship, yet their essence embodies inseparable strength. A perfect bronze 8th wedding anniversary gift idea for any wife!

  3. Bronze Bird Nest Jewelry Holder
  4. Hanging your earrings, bracelets and necklace on the branches of this antique tree tower for easy access and a beautiful presentation. A sorrow bird guards your precious jewelries in the nest as intently as she'd protect her eggs. The crafted leaves hold up to 48 pairs earrings while the 16 branches organize your necklace and bracelets.

  5. Vintage Bronze Jewelry Box
  6. Crafted lovingly by hand, each box is made of hammered cladding of bronze toned metal plates. Each box is lined with black, soft felt to protect anything you put inside. See the fine detail in each box and know they will make a great gift for your loving wife on your wedding anniversary!

  7. Spa In a Box For Couples Set
  8. Bring the relaxing magic of a spa day home this Anniversary for a fun way to spend the day together! This awesome set will help you unwind together and pamper each other. Contents include 2 oversize his & hers towels, 2 champagne flutes, tea candles, USB aromatherapy diffuser, 5 piece bath set, bath caddy, and rose petals.

  9. A Wine Subscription
  10. Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches them with wine that they’ll love. Take the taste palate quiz to see personalized matches, and then they’ll ship 4 unique bottles each month, direct to their door! What’s more romantic than a night in with a nice bottle!

8th Anniversary Gifts For Him

Your man deserves a little something special for your 9th wedding anniversary, and our gifts for him are here to help! The list here isn’t exhaustive, we’ve also got a ton of excellent options in our list of Romantic Gifts For Him.

  1. Flaviar Whiskey Subscription
  2. For the whiskey enthusiast, consider this epic subscription box by Flaviar. They’ve compiled a database of over 15,000 different spirits and each year hundreds of craft distilleries open their doors for club members - all delivered direct to their door!

    A great gift for your 8 year anniversary that follows the traditional gift materials but also provides a great memento and keepsake. Hand cast from solid bronze, these rustic cuff-links features a hammered finish providing a very rustic feel. They also feature a small darkened 8 in the bottom right hand corner of each cuff-link.

  3. Wooden Valet & Amplifying Speaker
  4. Drop off everything in your pockets, then turn on the tunes. Handcrafted and oh-so handy, Matt Thomas' clever cherry and walnut piece is designed to be a natural amplifying speaker for your phone, creating a chamber that boosts sound and makes it more focused.

  5. Bronze Anniversary Belt Buckle
  6. Memorialize a date or place on a gorgeous, handmade, bronze belt buckle. You provide the location or coordinates or date, they make the buckle out of bronze, and voila! Bronze is a material known for its color and beauty and also traditionally given for 8th wedding anniversary presents. You can also choose to have your date in Roman numerals.

  7. Something Naughty
  8. LoveHoney are the sexual happiness people, and they make a fun, fulfilling sex life available to everyone. They’re the global leader in sexual happiness and ship orders in discreet, boring brown boxes direct from our warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, straight to your door. Spice up your love life with a great product for him, her, or couples use.

8th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

You don’t have to be celebrating your own anniversary to get in on the festivities! If you’re excited to help a great couple celebrate, or you’re looking for a great gift you and your spouse can enjoy together, we’ve got you covered! You can also check out our epic list of Gifts For Couples for more inspiration!

  1. Personalized Wedding Tree Art
  2. This custom art piece is especially designed to commemorate the 8th wedding anniversary, known for its traditional gifts of Bronze, Pottery and Linen. Created on a faux bronze background, it also includes an original Lucky Tusk countdown tree trunk of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Second to none, this piece makes an outstanding and meaningful keepsake gift to mark your 8th wedding anniversary together.

  3. Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase
  4. Made from an upcycled champagne bottle, this keepsake vase is a reminder to always celebrate with bouquets and bubbly. The olive green glass is etched with a "label" that can be personalized with names, a special year, or number to commemorate a special event (like an 8th wedding anniversary!). It's a timeless toast to a special milestone worth raising a glass to.

  5. A Bamboo Cheese Board Set
  6. This modern bamboo cheese board is the key to enjoying slices of Italian Ricotta, English Cheddar, or French Vacherin with a glass of wine! Bordered by grooves that hold crackers, nuts, or olives and designed with a hidden drawer with four utensils and cheese knife, this bamboo tray will make a perfect serving board for entertaining guests!

  7. Our Moments Couples - Game
  8. The game that's fun to play and strengthens relationships! The questions here are intended to open up your hearts and minds and to really hear what your partner is telling you. There are no hard and fast rules except that you have to listen and try really hard not to judge. Discover new and interesting things about your partner you never thought to ask, even after 8 years!

  9. An Insulated Picnic Basket Set
  10. The Plush Picnic Blackberry two person backpack is a true all in one mobile picnic set that ensures picnicking will be fun and effortless! Featuring a luxurious black polycanvas that is stain resistance to outdoor elements and waterproof for any unexpected rain, this high quality backpack will endure many years of memorable picnic experiences.

Experience Gifts For A 8th Anniversary

Some of the best gifts aren’t things you can hold in your hand. Bringing a loved one to a place or event where you can forge memories together is a fun idea any time, but especially on an anniversary like your eighth. Here are a few ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing!

  1. A Beach Getaway
  2. Whether you live on the coast already or somewhere further away, a romantic beach getaway is an awesome choice for an eighth anniversary. Spend some quality time together relaxing in the sun and just pulling back from the day to day rut you might find yourself in after a happy eighth year of marriage. AirBnB typically has plenty of romantic beach properties to choose from, or go with a more traditional hotel.

  3. A Romantic Dinner At Home
  4. A nice home cooked meal can be a real treat, especially if you don’t cook often. Even if you do, kicking it up a notch and going all out with a fancy dish or cut of meat can be an extremely special treat. This can be a great option for a budget friendly anniversary as well if money is a bit tight this year.

  5. A Brewery Tour
  6. If your significant other (or you) have a favorite local brew they enjoy, why not go see where it’s made! Tours typically come with a glass or 2 (or more) of tasty adult beverages fresh off the line. This is a fun way to fill an afternoon, and is an activity you can look back on for years to come!

  7. A Couples Spa Day
  8. Take a little time to pamper yourselves together with a luxurious spa day! Unwind and relax at the local spa as a couple to help strengthen your relationship and enjoy each other’s company. There are usually some great deals on Groupon, or check out the local spa’s website directly!

  9. Tickets To A Sporting Event
  10. If your partner loves a sports team, consider tickets to a game! Or, if the team is far away this can be a great opportunity for a little get-away. They’ll love the experience and sharing it with you will make it all the more memorable!

DIY and Homemade 8th Anniversary Gifts

A homemade gift is almost always a welcome choice. Knowing you put a little blood sweat and tears into building or creating something for them can be far more meaningful than having just clicked a few buttons and pulled out a credit card. You don’t have to be an artisan crafter to make something excellent, here are a few ideas anyone can do!

  1. Creating your own flower arrangement can be a great way to jazz up a romantic dinner or evening at home, or even act as your gift if you choose. There are many great ways to present flowers, and everything from the setting to the type of flowers used can be customized to suit their taste. This article has some great tips anyone can learn from!

  2. A Decorative Box
  3. Whether for jewelry, random trinkets, or nothing at all, a decorative wooden box is another relatively simple woodworking project you can tackle for your 5th anniversary. They’re versatile enough that almost anyone can find a use for them, and special enough that the work you put in is sure to be appreciated by your significant other for years to come!

  4. A Boudoir Album
  5. One of the great things about print on demand photo services, is that anyone can produce a professional looking album - and no human has to see the photos. This makes for a great opportunity to produce a seductive Boudoir photo shoot album for your significant other (yes, guys can do it too). All you need is a friend or a good tripod, a few select undergarments, and you’ll have a steamy book that will ignite their passions in no time!

  6. An Online Cooking Class
  7. If you’re looking for an economical yet fun way to spend an evening together, consider doing an online cooking class together! As with the more expensive instructor-led classes, this can be a super romantic activity to do with a partner. For no more than the cost of ingredients, you can turn making dinner into an evening you’ll never forget!

  8. A DIY Wooden Picture Frame
  9. Pictures of your family are a great gift to consider any time, but on the 5th anniversary of your wedding, consider going the extra mile and building a unique and beautiful wood frame for it by hand! It’ll be more meaningful than any store bought frame ever could be, and can stay in your family for years to come!

Personalized Eighth Anniversary Gifts

The Bronze anniversary is an epic opportunity for a heavily customized gift. With a bit of thought, you can take an everyday item and make it truly special and personal.

We’ve outlined some great choices above, but here are our favorite Personalized Eighth Anniversary Gifts:

  • A personalized belt buckle
  • A wall hanging with the words to your first dance song
  • A custom flower arrangement
  • Coasters with your wedding date and names
  • A monogrammed robe
  • A wall hanging with names and wedding date
  • An etched bronze sculpture
  • A push pin travel map

Creative Eighth Anniversary Gifts

By the time the eighth anniversary rolls around, you’ve got many years of gifting occasions behind you. Coming up with a great idea each time can be tough, don’t get stuck in a gift-giving rut!

Our picks for the most Creative Eighth Anniversary Gifts are:

  • Infused chocolate strawberries
  • A DIY fruit gift basket
  • A heartfelt handwritten card
  • Romantic toys for the bedroom
  • A homemade Boudoir album
  • A commemorative wall hanging
  • A craft beer subscription box
  • A decorative planter box

How To Find The Perfect 8th Year Anniversary Gift

8 years is an amazing accomplishment you should both be proud of! Through highs and lows, you’ve faced everything life has to throw at you and more. There’s no better time than your wedding anniversary to take a few moments aside and be thankful you’ve found your true partner in life.

Showing them what they mean to you is important, and it can be tough to come up with the perfect present to do that year after year, and event after event. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with some helpful ideas that are sure to either be a hit or help you get the creative juices flowing.

Answering a few simple questions can help you narrow down your search quickly:

1) Should you go with a traditional 8th anniversary gift?

The first choice you should make is whether to go with a traditional gift (Bronze, Linens and Lace, Tourmaline items) for year 8 or not. By now, if you’ve been sticking to the traditional theme each year you’re best to continue it. If you don’t always go that route, then there might be some other item they have their eye set on that you’d rather go with. Deciding this early on can be helpful.

2) Should you go with a couples gift?

Couples gifts are fantastic, and tend to be more unique! Giving something you can both enjoy together will make the experience more memorable and meaningful. Be careful to choose something your partner will love as much as (or more than) you do, otherwise it can appear to be a bit selfish.

3) Should you give an experience?

Experiences are wonderful gifts, and we strongly recommend considering them whenever possible. It’s important to get out of the day to day routine and enjoy each other’s company from time to time, and a good experience gift can help you do just that. Whether it’s a romantic home cooked dinner or a trip around the globe, you can’t go wrong with a great shared experience!

4) Should you make something by hand?

If you have a bit of a creative side, making a homemade present is a good option. Knowing you spent time and effort to create something can be incredibly meaningful. An anniversary is a big deal, so make sure you’re ready to spend the time to really make something they’ll love.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative presents mean thinking outside the box.

Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every 5 years is what we consider to be a major milestone anniversary. If you or a couple you love has made it to one of these, it’s a huge cause for celebration.

We have a ton of other gift ideas on our milestone anniversary gift guides, so if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, please consider one of these!

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