29 Geeky Gifts For 3D Printer Owners In 2022

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Friday, Apr 8, 2022.

3D Printer hobbyists and professionals love to tinker and build! Young and old alike, 3D Printer owners use their imagination and creativity to bring their creations to life!

3D Printers and accessories can make amazing gifts, but knowing what to go with can be tough for people who aren’t involved in the hobby themselves. Our team has put together this great list of 21 Gifts For 3D Printer Owners, to help you take the guesswork out of your gift giving. Happy Shopping!

3D Printer Tools

This is a hobby that requires a lot more than just the printer, and there are all kinds of tools that can help them produce higher quality prints or just make life easier. Here are some of our favorite tools your enthusiast will love!

  1. Dremel High Performance Rotary Tool Kit
  2. Dremel and other hand-held rotary tools are super useful for 3d-printer owners who want to give their prints a professional finish. Great for cutting off excess filament, sanding down print lines, and more, your favorite 3d printer owner is sure to love this awesome gift!

  3. Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment
  4. Already have a dremel or similar rotary tool? No problem! Help them take better advantage with a flex shaft attachment. it will let them use it in a more ergonomically friendly way, and give them precise control over the tool that you can't get without it! Critical for tiny 3d printed parts!

  5. 40 Piece 3D Printer Tool Kit
  6. This kit has everything to make 3D printing easy and the printed results spectacular. For the hobbyist, maker and pro alike, you cant go wrong with this deluxe 40 piece tool kit with handy storage and carry tote.

  7. Needle File Set (6 Pieces)
  8. Perfect for finishing any 3d print like a pro, this mini needle file set includes Flat, Flat Warding, Square, Triangular, Round, and Half-Round Files. The right tools for the right job, these files will fly through the process of removing excess filament and smoothing print lines like nothing else!

  9. 25 Piece 3D Printer Tool Kit
  10. This 25 piece tool kit contains the most critical tools from the 40 piece set above, with a more modest price tag and some of the extra goodies left out. A great gift if you're trying to keep costs down!

  11. Premium 3D Print Removal Tool Kit
  12. Removing a 3d print from the build surface is one of the more tricky parts of 3d printing. There's nothing more frustrating than getting a great quality print and then having the piece break when removing it. That's where these awesome print removal tools come in! Make frustration a thing of the past and get a clean print every time!

  13. 3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit
  14. 3d printer nozzles need to be cleaned periodically to ensure a good flow of filament so that your parts are printed correctly. This kit is one of the best ones on the market, to make sure your nozzle is in great working order!

3D Printer Gadgets and Toys

People who love 3d printing are also bound to enjoy all manner of gadgets and toys that use similar technologies and concepts. Whether it’s a tiny computer processor kit, mechanical working models, or programmable toys, there’s something for everyone here!

  1. Arduino Super Starter Kit
  2. 3D Printer owners love to tinker, and an Arduino project starter kit is a great way to help them scratch that itch! This kit has everything they need to build dozens of awesome projects, or add lights and sounds to one of the prints!

  3. Wooden Model Solar Car Kit
  4. This solar powered car is perfect for the young and young at heart! Build a working model car, powered by the solar panel on top. Learning about concepts like photovalence, energy, and momentum has never been more fun!

  5. Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit
  6. The Raspberry Pi 3 is a super powerful computer that's the size of a credit card. The kit is perfect for anyone who loves to geek out on electronics (as most 3d printer owners do). Perfect for any gift giving occasion, bring one home this Christmas, Father's Day, Birthday, or any other!

  7. Sphero App-Controlled Robotic Ball
  8. Gadgets for people who love to tinker don't get any cooler than this App controlled robotic ball by sphero. Many of the concepts that make a 3d printer work can be applied to this technology as well, like programatic pathing and more!

  9. Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  10. Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen! The adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing. The large, OLED display lets you monitor temperature of material to help you achieve a wide variety of effects. Each kit includes 3 colors of ABS plastic filament A/C adapter and slim, ergonomic touch pen with 1 year limited warranty.

  11. V8 Combustion Engine Model
  12. This V8 Combustion Engine Model Kit will amaze both children and adults alike by the realistic engine simulation. Put over 500 pieces together using the easy to follow instruction guide as you learn about how a real life engine is built.

  13. 3Doodler 3D Pen Set For Kids
  14. 3D Pens are a great gift for young and old. If someone you know and love has a 3d printer and kids, this is a perfect way for them to help introduce them to their passion in a fun way!

3D Printer Books

The hobby of 3D printing can have a pretty steep learning curve. Getting the perfect print can be a real challenge with some machines, and even top of the line models require tweaking and tuning to maintain. We’ve rounded up some great Books on the subject that will help them take their skills to the next level or discover aspects of the hobby they might not have been familiar with before!

  1. 3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide
  2. 3D printing can seem like science fiction. Objects appear to be created out of nothingas if by magic! With your own 3D printer, you can produce exactly the parts and products that you, and maybe only you, need. Get started with a solid overview of concepts and techniques with this great book!

  3. 3D Printer Projects for Makerspaces
  4. 3D Printer Projects for Makerspaces by Lydia Sloan Cline is a great resource for coming up with cool and educational projects to use a 3D printer for. There's no end to the possibilities that come with owning a printer, but choosing what to work on next can be a real struggle! This book can help!

  5. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer
  6. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer by Charles Bell is your guide to keeping your 3D printer running through preventive maintenance, repair, and diagnosing and solving problems in 3D printing. It's a perfect gift for anyone new to the 3D printing world, or looking to up their game!

  7. Design for 3D Printing
  8. From an articulated Makey Robot to a posable elephant model, Samuel N. Bernier and the rest of Le FabShop's team have created some of the most-printed designs in the 3D printing world. This book uses their work to teach you how to get professional results out of a desktop 3D printer without needing to be trained in design.

  9. 3D Printing For Dummies
  10. This friendly-but-straightforward guide examines each type of 3D printing technology available today and gives artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and hobbyists insight into the amazing things 3D printing has to offer. Youll discover methods for the creation of 3D printable objects using software, 3D scanners, and even photographs with the help of this timely For Dummies guide.

  11. 3D Printing Failures
  12. Whether you are new to 3D printing, or you have dozens of successful prints under your belt, this book is going to help you! Sean Aranda and David Feeney have hundreds of thousands of successful 3d printing hours combined, so let them help you achieve consistent clean prints.

3D Printer Filament and Consumables

Filament and other consumables are another big aspect of the hobby that many people don’t take into account. Items like tape to help you get good adhesion on the first layer of the print, or supplies to finish it off and make it nice and smooth are just a few examples. If your favorite hobbyist blows through entire spools of filament like it’s nothing, they’re definitely going to appreciate it as a gift!

  1. Gizmo Dorks PLA Filament
  2. 3d Printer owners can never have enough filament to make their creations! Sometimes it doesn't make sense to get a full sized spool of each color just to have it sitting around unused. This set of four 200g spools has just the right amount of each color, so they'll have what they need, when they need it (and it won't break the bank!)

  3. 3D Pen 21 Color Filament Refills
  4. This set of 21 color filament samples is great for 3D Pen owners, but also works with full sized printers! A great gift to help them expand their color inventory!

  5. Universal Premium Filament Bundle (Pack of 12)
  6. Twelve 500G spools of premium PLA filament in a bundle package, comes with the most popular and useful colors at a price that can't be beat! This top quality filament will last them a long time and cover all their color needs!

  7. Blue Painters Tape for 3D Printers
  8. Gizmo Dorks blue painter's tape is the go-to and cost effective way of covering your 3D printer bed plate. Plastic filament such as ABS or PLA stick well to this tape while also being forgiving enough to let go when your print is finished. The tape is 6.25 inches wide, so it's way more convenient than running tons of small strips. For most printer beds, you'll only need one piece of tape! The roll is 100' long and 6.25" wide, so one roll will last through plenty of prints. This item also has free shipping with prime!

  9. Smooth-On High Performance 3D Print Coating
  10. XTC-3D is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts. Two liquids are mixed together and brushed onto any 3D print. This method is much faster and easier than sanding and using fillers, and any 3d printer owner is sure to appreciate this as a gift!

3D Printer Hardware and Upgrades

For many hobbyists, tinkering with the printer to add upgrades is all part of the fun! Many of the first prints I made with mine were just to add little enhancements. Here are some cool upgrades that aren’t as easy to print that they’d be sure to love!

  1. Matter & Form 3D Scanner
  2. Designed to transform beginners to professionals, the Matter & Form V2 3D scanner +quick scan is the next evolution of desktop 3D scanning. Unlock your potential with a 3D scanner powered by Studio, and experience the rewarding feeling of watching your real life objects become digitized before your eyes. Get up to 0. 1 mm accuracy with the precision of these eye-safe red lasers.

  3. 2 Spool 3D Printer Filament Rack
  4. Able to hold 2 full sized filament spools, and can be either wall mounted or tabletop, this filament spool rack is a great gift for any 3d Printer Owner! Help them keep their work space organized with this great rack!

  5. Premium 3D Print Base
  6. These 8 inch premium 3d print base is a great gift, especially for anyone who's having trouble getting a solid stick on their prints! This easy to use base is a great alternative to kapton tape, hair spray, and other methods out there.

  7. DC Power Supply Driver
  8. For the do-it-yourself printer owner, this DC power supply driver makes a great upgrade to ensure consistent and safe power is applied at all times. While probably not a great choice for people with off the shelf printers, the super geeks out there will love this option!

  9. Auto Bed Leveling Sensor
  10. Another great add-on or upgrade for the do-it-yourself printer owner, this Auto Bed Leveling sensor will help them get the perfect print every time! Works with many scratch built printers, notably Rep-Rap.

3D Printers

If you’re looking for an actual printer, there are some great options for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned professional. Here are 5 of the best across an array of price points so you can find one that’s right for them!

  1. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer v2
  2. The Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer with Heated Build Plate is a great budget or entry level printer for those just getting into the hobby. It's compact size helps it fit anywhere, on a desk or other out of the way area. Perfect for aspiring makers!

  3. FlashForge Finder
  4. Meet the new kid on the block. the user-friendly, home-friendly, and wallet-friendly 3D printer from FlashForge is ready to play. Loaded with easy-to-use features, and designed to be at home in kids rooms and classrooms, the new FlashForge Finder is the first choice for 3D printing novices and educators. Beginners benefit from the slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and intuitive color touchscreen. And parents and teachers appreciate its quiet and safe operation.

  5. QIDI X-one2
  6. The Qidi X-one2 is another well regarded entry level printer that won't break the bank. Ready to use within an hour of unboxing, the X-One2 is simple yet well featured for a printer at this price-point.

  7. FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro
  8. This professional grade 3d printer leaves the competition in the dust with its killer features, powerful and precise motors, and ease of use! A huge build area, and all the bells and whistles anyone could need!

  9. MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer
  10. The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer is the gold standard 3D printer for professionals, educators, and hobbyists with a fast and reliable 3D printing experience, right out of the box. Enhanced 3D printing workflow features including the Smart Extruder+, a full-color LCD display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and MakerBot Print 3D printing software are just a part of what makes the MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer the preferred 3D printer for both beginners and advanced users alike.

The Best Gifts For 3d Printer Enthusiasts

There are an endless number of great gifts that will be sure to satisfy anyone who loves 3D printing. From toys and gadgets to accessories for their hobby, there’s something for everyone.

Here are our favorite Gifts for 3D Printer Enthusiasts:

  • Filament (Lots of It!)
  • Tools for finishing prints
  • Model kits and robotic toys
  • Books about 3D printing
  • Upgrades for their printer
  • A cool 3D Printing Pen
  • An embedded computer kit
  • A dremel rotary tool

How To Pick The Best Gift For Your 3D Printer Owner

While there’s no one perfect gift for every person, our guide can help you come up with an idea they’re sure to love. Each person is unique and special, and the perfect gift for them may not be what’s best for someone else.

Between Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions, there are a ton of opportunities to show them you care and help take the hobby to the next level. There are a ton of unique gift ideas out there, and here are some ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Check out their prints and see how they look…

If you see imperfections or clearly visible lines, you might consider one of the books that can teach them to fix the issues or tools to help them smooth out the final product.

2) Ask their friends…

If they share their passion with anyone else you know, ask them what would be the best gift! They know the hobby inside and out, as well as what your recipient struggles with.

3) Ask them directly…

Sometimes the best way to figure out that tricky gift is just to ask. Try to be sneaky about it, or come right out and see what they’ve got their eye on. Risking the element of surprise in exchange for a surefire hit may not always be the best way to go, but it works in some situations.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating them to something they may not buy for themselves is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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