17 Apartment Warming Gifts For Their Cozy New Space

Article by Jim Owens. Last Updated: Saturday, Apr 23, 2022.

It may not be as much of a traditional gift-giving occasion as the purchase of a new home, but in this day and age an Apartment Warming gift is every bit as appreciated and thoughtful. Moving is always stressful, and getting your friends and family a little token to show your love is a great call.

We’ve compiled over a dozen apartment warming gifts that are perfect for people living in smaller spaces. Read on for our best gift ideas!

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Our Favorite Apartment Warming Gifts

  • 39 Piece General Household Tool Set
  • The Apollo Tools 39 Piece Set in Toolbox Storage Case is a great addition to any household. With this set, you'll have all the tools for quick fixes around the house. Each piece is constructed with durable steel, chrome plated finish and the tools are ideal for daily home repairs. This kit also includes an easy to carry storage case for convenience. This essential household tool set ensures everyday confidence so you can complete tasks easily.

  • Home Sweet Apartment Pillow Case Cover
  • Decorate your home with style and ease with Home Sweet Apartment Pillow Case Covers! These decorative pillow cases are a perfect way for you to add some character to your apartment and brighten any room without having to spend a ton of money. This set includes 2 pillow case covers that feature the phrase "Home Sweet Apartment".

  • Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillow - Team Colors
  • For the baseball fan who sees the world through team-colored glasses, this comfy pillow is a statement piece that celebrates their enduring allegiance. On one side is a beautifully detailed illustration that honors a stadium's unique history and architecture. On the other, its design specs and major events. Your ultimate fan will be reminded of cherished ballpark memories, and the ones yet to be created every time they settle in to watch the big game.

  • Desert Road Cotton Throw
  • On the road of life, there are many great opportunities for a little shut-eye. Make the most of them with Kristen Baldonado's cotton throw, featuring her desert road design. The beautiful Southwestern scene: a warm sun shining down on a winding path through rust-colored mountains and cacti will look as good hung on your wall or lounge chair as it does wrapped around you. And thanks to the blanket's large size (the same as a queen-size mattress), there's more than enough room for snuggling up for a visit to Nap City or Snoozeville.

  • 16 Color Toilet Bowl Night Light
  • Add a little color to your bathroom with the 16 Color Sensor-Activated LED Night Light. This toilet bowl night light features a built in motion sensor, 5 stage dimmer, and a large bright display for easy viewing. The motion sensor turns the unit on at dusk and off again at dawn, making it perfect for the potty training or toilet teaching process.

  • Coffee Enhancing Glassware - Set of 2
  • Swirl it to open it up, then get your nose in there. Smell that rich bouquet. Now take a sip. What notes do you taste in this fine coffee? That's right. The life-giving elixir has its own terroir, just like wine does, and now it has the right glass for you to savor those flavors. Created with input from more than 90 coffee experts around the globe, it features a convex profile, which is ideal for swirling coffee to open up its complex notes. Each is hand-blown from borosilicate glass in a two-part construction, and the bottom half is double-walled to keep your java hot without burning any fingers. And the top half is crowned with an ultrathin, flared lip to allow more coffee to hit your palate at once. Cheers to that!

  • Lavender Scented Candles
  • Help a new apartment dweller start off in style with GSPY luxury scented candles. These candles are a unique and thoughtful gift that will last for months and even years, offering a variety of benefits for the recipient. Candles include an amount of soy wax from an all natural source, as well as plant-based cotton wicks containing no lead. All GSPY candles use a double wick system to achieve better distribution and consumption of the wax which results in each candle being able to burn twice as long while maintaining the same strong scent retention candle to candle.

  • Handmade Crochet Cactus with Pot
  • Cacti manage to thrive in the desert—but can they survive in your house or apartment? We’re certain this one will. Made with needles of the crafting variety but containing none of the spiny protrusions you’d find in naturally occurring cacti—and appearing like your favorite succulents, but requiring no watering or care of any kind—this crochet cactus is a low-maintenance way to bring Southwestern charm and the appearance of plant life to any home. Comes in its own ceramic pot, and in three different styles: barrel cactus, saguaro, and domino.

  • A 25 Piece Cooking Utensils Set
  • The perfect gift for any budding home cook, our Home Hero cooking set includes everything you need to become a master chef. Hygiene is important whether you are preparing a feast at home or just want your tableware clean and fresh between uses. Our colorful kitchen gadgets include 25 wooden utensils made from 100% food grade polymer that can be used on non-stick cookware with no worries of scratching it.

  • Entertainer's Cheese Knife Set
  • Crumbly, creamy, ripe or dense, cheese is a miracle of human culture. No two are alike, yet these four utensils handle them all. Snugly anchored in their book-shaped, corrugated cardboard box, and complete with instructions for which implement will solve which cheese-conundrum, they make a straightforward and useful gift for anyone who likes good cheese and nice tools. Includes bell knife, blade knife, cheese fork, and chisel knife.

  • A Deluxe Set Whiskey Decanter Set
  • Why pay hundreds of dollars for a nice decanter set? This one is elegantly designed and perfect for any home. A wonderful gift set for the whiskey-lover or bartender in your life. You can add your personal touch by engraving it with a name or monogram! This set includes: 4 x 20oz Decanters, 2 x Cocktail Glasses, Slate Coasters, Stainless Steel Ice Cubes and Shot Glasses. The decanters are perfect for use in the office, at home, on the patio or entertaining guests.

  • Fire Escape Shelf
  • While big city landlords may frown upon placing potted plants or other objects on the real deal due to fire codes (it's actually illegal in New York City), there's certainly no restriction on what you populate this clever shelving unit with: houseplants, books, candles, framed photographs and art, or tchotchkes of all shapes and sizes. Just don't expect to fit a chair or BBQ grill on the three horizontal platforms of this miniature, wall-mountable emergency exit. Bound to thrill apartment-dwelling urbanites and lovers of all things big city.

  • Bamboo Cutting Board Set
  • An apartment warming gift is a great way to welcome friends and relatives, and what's better than a practical yet unique item that will help make daily life in the kitchen easier? These high quality bamboo cutting boards come with three assorted items - a salad tongs, a cooking spatula, and a wooden spoon. Each of these tools are made from tough, durable bamboo, and have their own specific uses. What could be better than having them all together in one pack?

  • Banana-Saving Hats
  • Sure, you could freeze those overripe bananas for bread or smoothies. But wouldn't it be nice if they just stayed yellow longer? Try a hat. That is, a hat designed to preserve your favorite tropical treat. This one's a two-parter: First, place the silicone cap over the crown (where the bananas connect) to slow the absorption of ethylene gas, which is what causes them to turn brown. Second, place the cute knit hat over the silicone one (they secure with magnets). Unicorn and viking or watermelon and pineapple? The choice is yours. Then, voila! Bananas stay fresh longer and look great while doing it. Which means you'll waste less food and money. Yep, all that from a little hat.

  • Window Plant Pod
  • Hankering to grow herbs or flowers, but don't have the space? Andy Bass's Window Plant Pod creates gardening room out of thin air. Thanks to a material he engineered that adheres tightly to smooth surfaces (and can be moved whenever you want), the transparent planter will stick to any window. Fill it with the growth medium of your choice and plant it with herbs, flowers, or succulents (it will hold up to 15 lbs total). Drain holes and a catch basin at the bottom make correct watering simple. Your plants will get first dibs on sunbeams, and you'll enjoy the fruits of your non-labor without cluttering counters or window sills. A boon for apartment dwellers, it's great way for kids to learn about plants, too.

  • Modern Wit - Funny Housewarming Card
  • If you're constantly on the move, or have a small space to live in, the Single Modern Wit Funny Housewarming Card is for you. This gorgeous, glossy single card features a humorous housewarming message with clean lines and minimal design elements, making it an essential piece of decor for apartment dwellers… or anyone who needs to keep it simple. Whether your style is modern or eclectic, this funny win card offers the perfect touch of class.

  • Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconces
  • The rustic smooth handmade mason jar wall sconces make a great new addition to kitchen or dining room. The hanging Mason Jar light is one-of-a-kind designed centerpiece that will surely stand out in almost any modern and vintage living room, bedroom, study, lobby, hallway, etc.

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