17 Cheap Best Friend Gifts That Will Touch Their Heart

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Monday, Apr 25, 2022.

Look, your BFF means the world to you, but your bank account doesn’t necessarily let you show it with lavish gifts. Thats ok! Finding a meaningful, funny, or useful gift your Best Friend will love doesn’t have to break the bank!

We’ve got dozens of awesome cheap gift ideas that she’ll never know didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Light up her day, and keep your wallet happy too with these ideas!

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Cheap Best Friend Gifts

  • Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers
  • It's the end of a long, long day....or maybe it's the start of one. Get a lift or just relax with these essential oil-infused tablets. Place one on the floor of your shower and turn on the water. The tablet will gently fizz, releasing spa-inspired scents that mingle with the steam for that oh...em&gee effect. Smell that? You have now entered the portal of euphoria. Stress is melting away. Your mood is lifting. You're becoming energized and refreshed. That's why they call it aromaTHERAPY, baby.

  • Hidden Message Bracelet
  • This is a cool bracelet that you can easily wear and everyone will love it because it looks very stylish! This cheap inexpensive gift for your best friend also serves as a conversation starter. You can write a hidden message on the bracelet that only someone close to you will know. It's not easy to find a cool bracelet like this, so if you are looking for something special - this is exactly what you need!

  • Good Friends Are Like Stars Box
  • A friend who brings you flowers when you're sick, an old memory that brings a smile to your face, or the simple pleasure of sharing a cup of coffee together. Like memories, friends are made in the moment and last forever. Let your best friend know how much they mean to you with this thoughtful gift-the classic hinged wood box painted in rich colors. A special friend deserves special appreciation. Treat them to this charming keepsake box.

  • Sunflower Garden Grow Kit
  • The drama queens of the garden, sunflowers visually dominate it. So much impact, for so little work! This kit includes everything you need to start your own sunflower patch, including seeds for six heirloom varieties in an incredible range of colors, shapes, and heights and a recycled egg carton to sprout them in. Among the easiest flowers to cultivate from seed, sunflowers are especially exciting as a child's first gardening project, because they grow so fast and get so tall. They're the closest thing we know to planting pure happiness.

  • Double Interlocking Circles Pendant Necklace
  • This necklace is a beautiful piece to symbolize the love and friendship that you have for your best friend. This silver toned pendant sits beautifully on a delicate 18" stainless steel chain. The double interlocking circles are inspired by our friendship, while the smooth surface allows it to be worn everyday!

  • Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle
  • The mighty Malala Yousafazi said, "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." We think one puzzle can, too. Put together this beautifully illustrated 1,000-piece design to see a powerful collage: 24 of history's most empowering, game-changing women. Throughout the board there are compelling quotes from icons like Amelia Earhart and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It's an inspiring reminder of how far we've come and how far we have to go. Take it from Gloria Steinem: "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

  • Floral Trimmed Funny Keepsake Box
  • We all need a little pick-me-up sometimes. Let this cute, quirky pattern take the blues out of your day and give you something fun to look forward to. The secret is out - you and I are more than friends, we're like a really small gang! Now you can keep that friendship going forever with this cute 4x4" floral-themed box!

  • Custom Best Friend Mugs
  • You'll have everyone talking with this personalized Best Friend Mugs. Choose from our large selection of designs and personalize it any way you want. Make a great gift for your best friend, girls night out or special occasion coffee mug! Great quality ceramic mug can be personalized for a friend or loved one who is far away! If you want to give that special person a gift that they won't forget then look no further!

  • 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
  • From Casablanca to Jaws, you've already seen some of the classics and blockbusters. Grab the popcorn and take a deeper dive into movie magic with this poster that invites you to screen 100 iconic films. As you do, use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal surprise, movie-related artwork underneath. It's an interactive way to enjoy essential viewing for any film buff.

  • Friendship Necklace
  • Side by side and never apart, this necklace will show her exactly how much she means to you! The interlocking puzzle pieces feature words and phrases that will touch her heart. It's a great conversation starter, and one that's not expensive! Cheap gifts don't have to look it!

  • Good Friends are Like Stars Trinket Dish
  • A great gift for a close friend, cheap inexpensive gifts for your best friend don't have to look like they don't cost a lot! This dish will hold her favorite trinkets like jewelry or coins, and she'll think of you each time she reaches to pull out an item. The inscription reads "Good Friends Are Like Stars".

  • Birth Month Flower Tea Towels
  • Delightful to the eye and delicate to the touch, flowers have the ability to brighten a space and lift our spirits. Just like these soft tea towels. Artist Juliet Meeks' charming collection features handmade watercolor representations of each month's corresponding blossom. With a loop for easy drying or displaying, each towel's gorgeous print also includes the bouquet's scientific name and the unique attributes they represent. Pick a few as a birthday gift, or grab a bunch for yourself to add a floral accent to any room in the house.

  • Therapy Dough
  • Remember playing with dough as a kid? Squishing, squeezing, and shaping it into anything your heart and imagination desired. This grown-up version lets you relive that childhood fun, and provides adult benefits: stress relief and aromatherapy.The colorful putty was inspired by the kind art therapists use to help patients manage depression, anxiety, and difficult emotions. (Clay play is also used occupational and physical therapy.) By adding essential oils, Cammie and Kip developed a dough that helps fight the fidgets, ease tension, and brighten your day. Choose from lavender for calm, peppermint to increase energy and awareness, or orange to improve mood.

  • Hand Cream Gift Set
  • Give the gift of luxury with our luxurious hand lotion set. Each 3-piece set includes a large 12oz hand cream, and three travel-size lotions to keep hands hydrated on the go. Rose, Lavender, and Vanilla scented! Cheaper, better, stronger. That's how they make every product at Spa luxetique.

  • I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck
  • Quick question: would you say you're your own cheerleader? If you answered no, don't worry. We can work on it, one card at a time. This mindful deck helps you reinforce positive thoughts. Here's how it works: light a candle, shuffle the deck, and pull a card. Read the card, which starts with an "I am" statement aloud to yourself, and let the words wash over you. Repeat the ritual daily, and you'll start to notice little mental shifts. Before you know it, you'll be rooting for you.

  • SanSeng Cactus Tealight Candles
  • This SanSeng Cactus Tealight Candles is a perfect gift for your special BFF. It features 6 different styles of handmade succulent cactus made from real succulents. These are great to decorate homes, offices, or give as gifts to your friends and family. Bring home a little bit of the beautiful Mexican Desert with our SanSeng Cactus Tealight Candles! A cheap gift that doesn't look like it!

  • Twilight Garden Journal
  • Let the world know how you really feel with our selection of twilight garden journals. Be it a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, give someone a gift that will last a lifetime with this journal and keep it for yourself! Each journal contains 120 sheets of monk style paper which measures 6 x 4 inches. We also carry a bookend and pen set matching the theme of the journal.

  • Funny Food Plastic-Free Produce Bags
  • Whether you're shopping farmstands or produce aisles, you're probably avoiding plastic bags whenever you can. These 100% cotton sacks let you sort your fruits and vegetables on the spot & also make it easy to deduct the bag's weight from your purchase, thanks to the tare information. Their punny pictures might even start up a cute conversation in the checkout line.

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