23 Funny White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

The Best White Elephant Gifts are often hilarious and not entirely practical or useful. A good gag gift can be the hit of the party, as people attempt to stick others with it, or if they have a twisted enough sense of humor, to wind up with it themselves. There are an almost unlimited supply of funny gift ideas out there, but which ones are best suited to a white elephant with its strict price guidelines? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of the best funny white elephant gifts anywhere! Always creative, and often borderline inappropriate, we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

Funny White Elephant Gifts

  • Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster
  • We once toasted a marshmallow THIS BIG. Hook and roast your favorite campfire food with this fishing pole-inspired skewer. Made of powder-coated steel and finished with a maple handle, this flipping-fun roaster will occupy a prime spot in your camp tackle box. Find a comfy spot in front of the fire, then jig the pole to flip your snack so it's evenly roasted on all sides. It's a funny gift that's ideally suited to be a white elephant gift.

  • There's Some Ho's in this House Wine Tumbler
  • Looking for gift ideas? Check out these funny insulated wine tumblers that feature an image of Santa Claus and read "There's some Ho's in this house" (get it, like ho-ho-ho)! A perfect gift for all the certified freaks on your list this season and an excellent homage to a song that's an instant classic. Available in both white or silver finish, so you can grab one of each or choose to suit your taste!

  • That's What She Said - The Twisted Party Game
  • An outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch! The game has players matching hilarious red setup cards to the funniest white phrase cards. It's designed for four or more, and the game includes 400 white phrase cards and 58 red setup cards.

  • Beard Head Stubble Beanie
  • Every idea starts with a problem. Theirs was simple: their face was cold. Back in 2006, while on a skiing/snowboarding trip in Lake Tahoe, Beard Head’s creator struggled keeping an (admittedly stylish) bandana on his face while carving up the mountains on a blustery snowy day. It kept falling out of place, became too loose, grew moist with condensation, and was just uncomfortable. With a background in design, experience in the apparel industry, and plenty of time to brainstorm (i.e. stew in his frustration) while sitting on chair lifts in-between runs, frustration soon turned to elation as the idea for Beard Head, the first ever bearded headwear brand, was formed.

  • Yoga Sloth Figurines in Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • Each 3” mini sloth figurine features a natural warm brown exterior with a fur-like texture for an authentic, life-like look. The sloth faces are also detailed with neutral expressions and colors. Lotus, upward dog, three legged downward dog, tree pose, and feathered peacock pose, all in cute ugly holiday sweaters!

  • Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game
  • Help even the crappiest golfer improve their putting game while pulling double duty and answering nature's call. This set includes everything needed to start playing, meaning you can give your caddy the day off (lucky for them). If your short game needs work, then this is a must-have for your private time, or a funny gag gift to drop all over your white elephant party. Everyone will love it!

  • Taco Toaster Set
  • Creating a well-executed taco is an artform: salty black beans with sweet onions, blistery red peppers and corn, spicy guacamole, cooling Cotija–and best of all–a crunchy shell you can pile all this goodness into. This petite gadget lets you make crispy taco shells at home in your toaster, without any of the added oil like the ones you'd find in the grocery store. Just take a small tortilla, tuck it into the mold, and pop it in your toaster 'til you reach your desired crispiness levels. Taco Tuesday, we're coming for you!

Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $20

  • Dinosaur Taco Holders
  • Known for their hard shells and spicy dispositions, dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago. These taco-toting beasts are back for a blast of mealtime fun. The durable, dishwasher-safe triceratops and t-rex hold two hard shell tacos until you make them extinct. A hilarious item they'll laugh at as they unwrap and love to use for years to come!

  • A Tortilla Blanket
  • This double sided Tortilla Blanket is 60 inches in diameter so they can create a warm and cozy burrito out of themselves, their kids, or pets! The blanket is made of flannel, and boasts a realistic pattern that is so lifelike! Your Yankee Swap party will have a surefire hit this year, look out!

  • The Original Wine Condom
  • This protective covering was Invented by a mother son duo, inspired by a Macgyvered seal that looked like a makeshift condom. Unaware of the success that would come from this hilarious, yet effective solution to resealing opened bottles of wine, they set out to create this fun novelty gift. With a bigger is better mentality (pun intended), the newly upgraded wine condom version 2.0 is the ultimate in protection and preservation.

  • Chill Beer Adventure Vest
  • Survivalists and outdoorsmen come in all shapes and sizes. Some as short as 4.75 inches and as light as 12 oz. Give your aluminum camping companion the gear it needs with these chill beer adventure vests. After you zip up your favorite can, this mini multi-pocketed outerwear works to keep cold ones cold and your hands condensation-free. The wilderness awaits with this hilarious gift.

  • Mr. Food Face Plate
  • Inspired by the beloved Wooly Willy children's toy, this fun plate encourages kids and adults to get creative at mealtime and play with their food. It's made of food-safe ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Help them enjoy mealtime all year long with this hilarious white elephant gift idea they'll love!

  • A Chicken Cookbook
  • Let's face it. Anyone can copy and paste chicken recipes from the internet, but 50 Ways to Eat Cock is for the serious epicurean who is tempted by exquisite taste of well-prepared chicken. Cooking rooster is harder than most people think. Unlike everyday chicken, it can be tough, stringy and dry. Learn to slay this beast from someone who has trained at the breast of some of Europe's sauciest moms and grandmas. You'll be sure to put a smile on everyone's face with these lip-smacking recipes!

  • Funny Yankee Swap - T-Shirt
  • This shirt says it all. It's the worst Yankee Swap gift ever, and your chances of getting rid of it are slim to none! Every party needs at least one horrible item for everyone to try to avoid getting stuck with, and this could be it! A funny and creative way to make sure there aren't too many awesome items to pick from this Christmas!

Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $10

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy (Miniature)
  • Finally, the joyous dancing tube man -- who's been featured everywhere from Ricky Martin's stage to Broad City -- is available in a tiny, desk-friendly size. This box includes an 18-inch waving tube man with fan in base to make him dance, wiggle, and shake just like the real thing and a 32-page mini book exploring the larger than life (and utterly surprising!) origins of everyone's favorite flailing arm man. Fun and funny, this little desk toy gift is great for a work party or any other!

  • Cold Beer Coats
  • Your beer's pouting. Made in an underground Boise brewery from the trendiest hops (Citra? So two years ago), it's all, “Collegiate neoprene cozy? As if!” Instead, let it wear this little puffer jacket—soft nylon on the outside, metallic fabric inside lining–and stay as cool as it knows it is. (Keeps your hands warm, too.) Clip it to your backpack or belt loop with a carabiner (not included), and use the notch to open your bottles. It also makes a fun gift for ardent fans of the latest brews.

  • Urinal Shot Glasses
  • This pair of shot glasses provide a steady stream of laughs! This shot glass set makes an excellent gift at any birthday, white elephant, office, or secret Santa party! Urine for a real treat when you sip a delicious swig of your favorite beverage from these hilarious cups. Perfect for a gift exchange and something they can use all year long!

  • Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow Cover
  • As far as gag gifts for your Dirty Santa party, we suggest you look no further than this hilarious Dwight Schrute from The Office sequin pillow cover. It's a rare combination of incredibly tacky, hilarious, and something a true Office fan will actually treasure. Funny gifts don't have to be useful, but this one actually kind of is!

  • Shower Margarita Machine
  • This is an empty prank gift box. Shower Margarita machines are not real. The ultimate joke gift box designed to look like a real, upscale product box for an absolutely ludicrous product that doesn’t really exist. This can be a fun little trick for your party - grab one of these boxes, and fill the insides with cash or something else incredibly cool and useful. Suitable for a true master of deception - your friends and family won't believe it!

  • A Megaphone Speaker
  • This tiny little megaphone speaker really packs a punch! Each one is capable of amplifying a voice, playing a siren sound, or a number of other versatile functions. It's a funny Dirty Santa gift that won't break the bank, and will be the hit of the party! Here's a little tip - don't use it indoors! It's just too powerful!

  • Heat Changing Mug
  • This funny heat changing mug sums up most mornings just perfectly! Before coffee, everything is very bleak and muted. After coffee... wired and exciting! Whether it holds coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverage, this mug will delight and amaze all who see it. It's not made of pyrex, but the sturdy ceramic will last a long time indeed!

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