33 Cute Gifts For Couples They're Sure To Love (2022)

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Gift giving occasions are always fun, but can be stressful too. Finding just the right item can be hard, no matter who you’re shopping for. There are some holidays and events, like anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, and others, where it can be a fantastic idea to consider a couples gift.

Gifts 2 people can enjoy together can increase their enjoyment, helping to form bonds and memories that will last through the ages. We’ve rounded up some options for couples gifts you may want to give below. Happy gifting!

Fun and Entertaining Couples Gifts

Whether it’s entertaining company, or just relaxing together at home, gifts in this category have a little something for everyone. From barware, to games, to coasters, check out all of these gift ideas:

  • Insulated Picnic Basket
  • The Plush Picnic Blackberry two person backpack is a true all in one mobile picnic set that ensures picnicking will be fun and effortless! This picnic backpack is perfect as a gift for any occasion! Featuring a luxurious black polycanvas that is stain resistance to outdoor elements and waterproof for any unexpected rain. This high quality backpack will endure many years of memorable picnic experiences, and fits an entire bottle of wine!

  • Our Moments Couples - Game
  • This game was created by a couple who knew they had to make time for themselves, and rebuild what they knew was so important to keeping their relationship fresh, fun and yes, sometimes exciting! Date nights had become tiresome, and something had to change. They started asking each other questions about each other, things they'd never thought to ask before and before long they were actually involved in full scale discussions that had nothing to do with anyone but themselves.

  • Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board
  • Maximum spread with minimal footprint: That's what every good entertainer craves. This collapsible food and cheese board delivers. With special sockets for ceramic serving bowls, a groove that keeps your favorite crackers contained, and a secret drawer stocked with three cheese knives, it's got just about all you need to make sure your guests leave your next party feeling full. The best part? It folds down to half its size, so it's easy to stow in your cupboard, too.

  • Premium Bar Set
  • This bar set is filled with only the tools you use, and no fillers like cheap pour spouts, bottle openers or shot glasses. Every piece of this bar tools set is vital for creating premium craft drinks, whether it's a night behind a world-class craft bar or just in the man cave! The shaker has a superior seal, won't leak and won't freeze shut like three-piece shakers often do. A great gift for everyone from an absolute beginner to experienced mixologist.

  • Don't F**k Up The Table Coasters
  • Quality absorbent bamboo coasters with the text "Don't F**k Up The Table". These make an excellent gift for couples young and old, and a fun item to bring out while friends are over for a little entertainment.The coasters measure four inches by four inches, and are made of high quality bamboo.

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. The combinations are endless and hilarious, and it's sure to become a staple of their game night line up.

  • Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set
  • Designed for couples, this decanter set makes it easy to share equal measures of timeless style and spirited fairness. Evoking the geometric flair of Art Deco, the two rocks glasses are etched "Yours" and "Mine," while the decanter that unites them is inscribed "Ours." Another option to consider would be a nice set of wine glasses if they're more into wine than distilled spirits.

  • Personalized Cheese Board Set
  • This personalized bamboo cheese board set is an ideal gift for weddings, bridal showers, engagement and housewarming parties. The set consists of a wooden board, a cheese fork, and 2 cheese knives. Help them kick their entertaining game up a notch with a classy serving board and knife. Pairs nicely with wine!

Electronic Couples Gifts

Electronics are a gift choice everyone should consider, for just about every occasion. From TVs to coffee makers, there are all sorts of awesome gadgets and technology that can help enjoy our time together or make our lives easier. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
  • From cozy weekend mornings at home, to an energizing cup on those hectic weekday mornings, or a late night of studying, the coffee maker is a staple. This incredible gadget brews a single cup in a matter of seconds, and uses Keurig K-Cups for easy clean up and a wide variety of flavors. They'll be smiling and satisfied with each delicious cup!

  • Roomba Robot Vacuum
  • Experience cleaner floors, all at the push of a button with the Roomba 614 robot vacuum. The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System is specially engineered to loosen, lift, and suction everything from small particles to large debris from carpets and hard floors. Dirt Detect sensors alert the Roomba robot vacuum to clean more thoroughly on concentrated areas of dirt. Just press clean and Roomba gets to work!

  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi to change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop automatically! The learning sensor maximizes efficiency without all the headaches of figuring out how to program a traditional unit. Works with 95% of 24-Volt heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal

  • A Smart Light Starter Kit
  • For the tech-loving couple, consider a smart light kit like this one from Hue! With colored bulbs, they can set the mood with the click of an app. Set schedules, control them with your voice or phone, save energy, and bring ambiance to any room with these excellent kits. Help them light up the night with passion!

  • Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set
  • They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure isn't easy. Whether you're often miles apart or just spending the day in different locations, these waterproof silicone bracelets can keep you feeling close. Download the app that connects the set and tap your bracelet to send a Bond TouchTM to your loved one. Theirs will light up and vibrate, so they'll know you're thinking about them.

  • His and Hers Watch Set
  • Dressing like your significant other doesn't have to be cheesy. These matching watches look epic on their own, and are an understated way to match your partner in crime. If these don't suit your tastes, there are plenty of other great choices out there!

  • Matching Electric Toothbrushes
  • Ok, it's not super romantic or anything, but what better way to ensure years of healthy mouthes and all the kisses that come with it than a pair of matching electric toothbrushes? These top of the line models are dentist recommended, and sure to leave his and her teeth bright, shiny, and healthy! You can often find this item discounted at 10% off or more with coupon.

  • A Smart Assistant
  • The most popular Echo is now even better. With a sweet new speaker and design, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, perfect for any room. Just ask it for music, news, information, and more. Any couple will be happy to have one of these in their home or apartment!

Home Decor Couples Gifts

Decorating a home can be a huge job, and being able to give the right gift can help them out big time! Finding the right mix of style and class is tough, and it’s always easier if you have items of significance like pictures or other wall hangings. Here are some of our favorite couples themed home decor gifts:

  • I Love You, Throw Blanket
  • This warm and cuddly blanket is a perfect gift for a happy couple! It sports words and phrases of love and compassion, like "unconditional love and support", "cherish", "best friends forever" and more! It's a gift they will treasure forever and use to keep warm on cold winter nights.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs
  • You and your spouse will enjoy a relaxing morning with your new coffee mugs, which hold 14 ounces of your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Excellent for lazy weekend mornings relaxing. The matching mugs read "Mr." in blue, and "Mrs." in pink. It's packaged in a gift-box, with ribbon and bow, so it's ready to give right away!

  • Hands Casting Kit
  • This plaster casting kit for a pair of hands contains the materials to create a beautiful keepsake of your intertwined hands. The molding material is cool setting, nontoxic and non allergenic. Wiggling is not a problem as long the hands remain submerged in the molding gel until it sets. The set time is about 6 minutes, which includes the mixing time. The finished piece looks beautiful on a mantle or bookshelf.

  • Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map
  • The honeymoon is just the beginning! Map all of your adventures in wedded bliss with this beautiful keepsake. Personalized with your names and anniversary date, this print of artist Wendy Gold's vintage-inspired world map is framed and mounted on sturdy foam core. Use the included 100 pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations, and more as an artful and sentimental way to celebrate traveling as a twosome.

  • A Couples Pillowcase
  • Let your pillow talk with these "Say I Love You" pillowcases. Whether you are close by or a distance apart, they are perfect for reminding you both to say I love you each and every night. The pillows are illustrated in two boldly contrasting black and white "stick figure" love cartoon characters with a passionate pop of bright red, and all designs review a love message by combining the design patterns.

  • So Hoppy Together Figurine
  • This adorable frog couple is on a permanent magical date and they will be "So Hoppy Together" no matter where you decide to display them. This charming pair will steal the hearts of frog lovers, a best friend, or that special someone in your life! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, your love frogs can all a little love to any space in your house or garden.

  • Personalized Wood Cut City Map
  • Call us romantics, but we think it’s possible to be in love with a city. Celebrate the locale that means the most to you with this detailed, laser-cut wooden and cork map. In this extra special personalized version, you can not only mark your favorite spots using the included heart pins, but also display a meaningful address right in the middle of the map. Make it a memorable gift for newlyweds, travelers, or anyone in your life with a special connection to a certain city.

  • A Wood Memory Box
  • These storage boxes make wonderful gifts and can be used for numerous occasions. This unique rustic box can be used to store any items such as first keepsakes, religious items, photos, jewelry, makeup, trinkets, toys and more. The important things in life are meant to be treasured, and this box is a phenomenal way to store them.

Personalized Couples Gifts

Personalizing a gift with a word or phrase of importance is a terrific way to transform an otherwise ordinary item into somthing incredible. These gifts each have the option to include things like wedding dates, first and last names, or even song lyrics. Here are our favorite personalized gifts for couples:

  • A Personalized Key Holder
  • A wonderful addition to your entryway, this personalized key holder is an excellent reminder of the people that make your house a home! The text can be modified to read a short phrase, with your surnames or first names as well. There are 4 hooks to hold the happy couple's keys and keep them safe!

  • A Custom Picture Frame
  • Capturing that perfect photo of their relationship is step 1. Displaying it prominently, to spark fond memories any time they see it comes next. These customized picture frames are a thoughtful gift for any couple, and something you should definitely consider for any occasion!

  • A Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan
  • Clocking in at almost two feet wide and boasting a 1,000-pound capacity, this Susan is anything but lazy. Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds craft the elegantly rustic design from reclaimed white oak bourbon barrels (did you know bourbon requires new barrels for each batch?). After sanding and finishing the piece, they personalize it. Add a name or special date, they stamp them on the wood in traditional bourbon barrel style, and it becomes a keepsake to enjoy for many family dinners to come.

  • A Carved Wood Sign
  • This personalized 3D wood sign is made using a two tone stain finish on 3/4" (19mm) Solid Pine that's finished with a sealer. Each sign includes a sawtooth hanger on the back for quick and easy hanging. Notice the 3D lettering and images that pop right out of the sign. This unique and beautifully crafted sign is truly one of a kind since it is made by an experienced woodworker.

  • Anniversary Memory Album
  • This memory album will help the happy couple capture all of their favorite moments from their anniversaries though the years. Every year, they'll fill out pages with the words, pictures, and fond remembrances of the occasion and the year which proceeded it. An incredibly thoughtful gift that will become a treasured keepsake passed down through the generations.

  • A Personalized Cutting Board
  • Whether you're prepping food like cheese and veggies or displaying homemade hors d'oeuvres, this wood cutting board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas gives your prep work and presentation a personal touch. This tasteful and functional keepsake is handcrafted from richly grained maple, and features your family name or the names of a favorite couple hand-cut along the top.

  • Engraved Jigsaw Puzzle Keychain
  • These custom engraved stainless steel keychains are a fantastic way to keep your loved one close to your heart. The 2 rings each hold a jigsaw puzzle piece, which combine into a lovely heart. The products can be personalized with the name and a phrase that's important to the loving couple.

  • Personalized Crystal Bracelets
  • This matching set of custom engraved bracelets is another excellent romantic couples gift. Featuring the text of your choice on the premium stainless steel, as well as a lovely wrap cord. Matching your significant other doesn't have to be a conspicuous or tacky affair. These understated bracelets are an excellent way to keep them close to your heart.

  • Engraved Lyrics Wall Hanging
  • This custom engraving made with your own lyrics/text makes a great gift for an engagement, wedding anniversary, Valentines Day, or just about any occasion. Each one is made to order with your own text, such as wedding vows, first dance song lyrics or anything else you would like!

Experience Gifts For Couples

Shared experiences bring us closer, and can help form memories that last an entire lifetime. There are all sorts of excellent experience gift ideas you can consider, from travel to tickets to a show or sporting event. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Camping or Hiking In A National Park
  2. Whether you’re active and always on the go or not, an adventure hiking or camping in a National Park (or other scenic area) is a great way to spend time together and strengthen your relationship. Being alone with nature and your significant other is a magical experience, and you should make it a point to experience it!

  3. A Brewery Tour
  4. If they have a favorite local brew they enjoy, why not go see where it’s made! Tours typically come with a glass or 2 (or more) of tasty adult beverages fresh off the line. This is a fun way to fill an afternoon, and is an activity they can look back on for years to come!

  5. A Spa Day
  6. Take a little time to pamper yourselves together with a luxurious spa day! Unwind and relax at the local spa as a couple to help strengthen your relationship and enjoy each other’s company. There are usually some great deals on Groupon, or check out the local spa’s website directly!

  7. Tickets To A Sporting Event
  8. If they love a particular sports team, consider tickets to a game! Or, if the team is far away this can be a great opportunity for a little travel! They’ll love the experience and sharing it will make it all the more memorable!

  9. A Beach Getaway
  10. Whether you live on the coast already or somewhere further away, travel to a romantic beach getaway is an awesome way for 2 partners to re-connect. Spend some quality time relaxing in the sun and just pulling back from the day to day rut you might find yourself in. AirBnB typically has plenty of romantic beach properties to choose from, or go with a more traditional hotel.


Gifts are more fun when they can be shared with the one we love most. Whether you’re looking to give something for you and your better half, or another couple that are near and dear to your heart, the gift options above should help you get those brainstorming juices flowing. From electronics gifts, to home decor, to personalized expressions of their love, if you can’t find it on our list it might not exist! Thanks so much for reading, and if you need more inspiration, check out some of our other other gift guides below!

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