25 Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Help You Stay Connected

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Long distance relationships are tough on any couple, but you can overcome the space between you with hard work, honest communication, and frequent displays of love and affection. That’s where the perfect Long Distance Relationship gifts come in. We’ve compiled an awesome list of great items that will bring a smile to your partner’s face!

  1. A Pro Webcam
  2. Modern technology is the lifeblood of any long distance relationship, and a good quality webcam is critical! Perfect for long chats and intimate times. The C920 Pro HD Webcam delivers remarkably crisp, clear and detailed images in vibrant colors, with natural-sounding audio.

  3. A Whimsical Couples Pillowcase
  4. Show your loved one your sweet and endearing side! "From my heart to yours , I want you to know that my love follows you wherever you go." Keep these couple pillow cases side by side when you can, keeping your love together.

  5. Elegant His and Hers Distance Bracelets
  6. Distance Bracelets are meant for couples to feel connected even when they are apart. Whether you''re thousands of miles away from each other or just separated by a long day at work, they are a constant and subtle reminder of that special love in your life. Time apart is hard enough as it is, find comfort in always having a piece of each other with you at all times.

  7. The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide
  8. Skyrocketing phone bills. Layovers and missed flights. Countless hours spent pining, worrying, and wondering, Why do we do this to ourselves? Long-distance love can be one challenge after another, but as most committed couples will tell you, the rewards well outweigh the stresses. In this sensitive yet sensible guide, long-distance veterans Chris and Kate provide strategies for making the distance seem shorter and outline eight essential skills for relationship success!

  9. Me without You
  10. From famed illustrators Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, the New York Times bestselling book "Me Without You" features countless cute color illustrations of scenarios that are simply incomplete without two. A perfect gift for couples who can't spend every moment together!

  11. Sexy-Time Coupons
  12. When you can't spend every day together, it's important to make the most of the time you have. A sexy gift for him or her, these 24 sex coupons help you celebrate each other in your own way. Bring a set home, or send them to your loved one today!

  13. I Miss Your Face Candle
  14. These beautiful Hand Poured Soy Candlea are available in 2 size options. Completely Handmade in Astoria, Oregon. Comes ready to gift! A perfect way to let them know you miss them when you're not there!

  15. A Cozy Bathrobe
  16. A luxurious bathrobe is a great way to stay warm when there's distance between you. Most people won't go out of their way to pamper themselves, so this is a great way to show them you care whether you're shopping for him or her!

  17. Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships
  18. It doesnt matter if youve been together for a while or youve just met, after all, the discussion is yours and you will take away from it whatever you want. Just relax and enjoy the journey. Perfect for those video chat or phone sessions, you can play this together any time to discover more about each other and stay connected.

  19. Love Has No Distance Mugs
  20. Long distance doesn't mean you have to feel far apart, as the sweet design on this couples coffee mug set illustrates! With these his and hers matching couple coffee mugs, you can remember each other with every sip!

  21. Fill In The Love Journal
  22. This beautiful journal is the story of you! Perfect for documenting the good and bad times that come with every relationship, especially long distance ones. Look back on this treasured item one day to remember the obstacles you ovecame together!

  23. Push Pin World Travels Map
  24. Travel opens our eyes to the wonders of the world, and creates memories that will last a lifetime. One of our Design Gurus would love to work one-on-one with you to customize this personalized interactive map which helps you keep those memories alive by displaying all of the places youve visited. After each trip, place a pin on the location youve just returned from you wont be able to keep from smiling as you remember your favorite part of that trip, every time you see the map!

  25. Romantic Dinner For 2 Box Set
  26. Romantic Dinner for Two Box is a perfect way to surprise your significant other with a thoughtful romantic gesture or give a unique romantic couple gift. The Box contains everything you see in the image (except for champagne)! great for a cozy night in the next time you're together!

  27. Always Remember That You Are My Rock
  28. This hand engraved rock is a unique and special way to remind them what they mean to you when you can't be together physically. It reads - No matter how far you are, Everyday around the clock, always remember, that you are my rock.

  29. Going Away Couples Picture Frame
  30. A cute keepsake that will touch your spouses heart, and bring them comfort. This picture frame is made and designed in the USA. The frame reads "I love you more than the miles between us."

  31. Letters to My Love
  32. Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. An Oprah''s Favorite Things Pick for 2015, "Letters to My Love" will inspire you to declare your affection in this keepsake collection. Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten love letter! Included are 12 letters that will inspire love notes to remind your sweetheart how much your relationship means to you.

  33. Personalized Heart Map
  34. Personalize this map heart artwork with ANY 1-4 places in the world for a truly unique & meaningful gift! Perfect for any long distance relationship, whether it's romantic, friendship, or family!

  35. Kama Sutra Intimate Gift Set
  36. Intimate gift sets are a great way to get her mind racing over the possibilities, and ignite the passion in your relationship. Shoot them a mischievous grin as they unwrap a Kama Sutra themed gift set, and the romance is sure to spark! Perfect for couples who only get to be together occasionally.

  37. Long Distance Relationship Lamps
  38. Touch your lamp and their lamp lights, the same color as yours! Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi, then touches the lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones. Perfect for long distance couples who want a quick and heartfelt way to show they're thinking of you.

  39. Believe London Distance Bracelets
  40. These beautiful Agate Onxy and White bracelets are the perfect gift to share with the one you love to keep them in your mind and heart when seperated by distance. This set comes with a jewelry bag & Meaning Card that will help you express your love!

  41. Dual Time Zone Watch
  42. This elegant and stylish dual time zone watch from Gotham is great for people who have loved ones in a different time zone. Keep them in your thoughts and always have a handy way to tell if it's too late or early to call, all with incredible style.

  43. Personalized Coordinate Bracelets
  44. These incredible customized bracelets are a perfect way to keep your remote loved one near your heart. A set of 2 with each person's location engraved on the other's bracelet in addition to initials, romantic quotes, etc are the perfect couples gift! You can often find this item discounted at 10% off or more with coupon.

  45. You and Me Statue
  46. This incredible statue is a heartfelt way to express your love for them. It's beautifully crafted, and features a happy couple. They'll think of you and your love for one another each time they look at it. Send them one for this Valentine, Anniversary, Christmas, or any other day.

  47. Tablet Stand For Uneven Surface
  48. If you use a tablet for video chats with your far away loved one, this stand is a lifesaver! The tablift is a unique universal tablet stand made for all the places normal tablet stands will not work... The bed, couch, or any uneven surface. It will hold your tablet in the ideal viewing position, even when lying completely flat, without having to rest it or balance it on your body.

The Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long distance relationships are tough, and physical gifts can be a huge way to express your love when you can’t be there in personal

Our top picks for Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts are:

  • Custom Long Distance Themed Jewelry.
  • Technology to help you stay connected.
  • Care packages and “X of the month” clubs.
  • Picture frames with long distance themes.
  • Books about long distance relationships
  • Journaling and write it yourself books.
  • Watches with 2 time zones.
  • Long distance relationship lamps.
  • Mugs, cups, and other themed daily use items.
  • Maps and other decor.

Sentimental Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Showing your love in a long distance relationship can be trickier than most, since your physical time together is limited. That’s why a sentimental gift can go a long way towards helping them understand how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a picture frame with the perfect moment captured of the 2 of you, engraved jewelry, or a personal creation you put together yourself - they’re sure to know they’re loved.

We’ve outlined some great options above, but here are 8 of our favorite Sentimental Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

  • Handwritten letters
  • A print of a favorite photo of the 2 of you
  • A personalized long distance bracelet or necklace
  • A song, poem, or other creative work you wrote yourself
  • A mix tape (real or virtual) of special songs you share
  • A long distance journal to capture your thoughts while apart
  • Gift Cards for the little daily things (coffee, restaurants, etc) you enjoy while together
  • A handmade card to show you care

Sexy Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Keeping up the spark of sexual desire in a long distance relationship can be one of the keys to success. Finding inventive and playful ways to keep the physical aspects of a relationship alive while separated through distance can be tough.

Our picks for some of the best Sexy Long Distance Relationship gifts are:

  • A webcam for intimate chats
  • Sexy underthings
  • Risque dating games to play on video chats
  • Massage oils
  • Wine and classy barware sets
  • Interactive bedroom toys
  • A boudoir photo set
  • Sexy coupon book

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him

Long distance relationships are hard for men and women alike. When it comes time to show him your love knows no bounds, the right gift can make an incredible impression and keep your goals on track. Check out our extensive list of Romantic Gifts For Him for more inspiration.

Here’s our list of the Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him:

  • Handwritten notes of affection
  • Anything from our list of sexy long distance gifts
  • Technology to help span the miles between you
  • Care packages with food and fun items
  • A craft beer of the month club
  • Couples themed beer or whiskey glasses
  • A comfy robe and slippers to wear when its cold
  • A long distance themed bracelet
  • A sexy photo set or strip tease

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Her

Long distance relationships can be especially hard on your girlfriend. Put her mind at ease and show her you care with the perfect item to express your feelings, even if you don’t have the words. We also have an extensive list of Romantic Gifts For Her if you need more gift ideas.

Our favorite long distance relationships for girlfriends are:

  • Long distance themed jewelry
  • Wine of the month club
  • Lingerie of the month club
  • Anything hand written or made by hand
  • Books on how to survive long distance
  • Interactive bedroom toys
  • Handmade coupon book
  • A picture frame with photo of you together

How To Pick The Best Long Distance Relationship Gift

As with all things in life, the best long distance gift for you and your partner isn’t something we can tell you! Your relationship and love is unique, and the perfect gift for you and your partner may not be what’s best for someone else.

Between Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions, there are a ton of opportunities to show them you care. There are a ton of cute long distance gifts out there for every couple, and our amazing gift guide has rounded up some of the best.

But how do you get inspiration for a unique present for your partner? Here are a few ideas…

1) Check out their social media…

Pinterest, facebook, the people and companies they follow on instagram, these are all great ways to help you figure out their heart’s secret desires.

2) Talk to their friends…

Sometimes our partners open up to their friends about things they want or like in ways they don’t to us. Reaching out to a friend to find out if there’s a secret gift they’re craving can be a good way to get a unique perspective.

3) Ask them directly…

Sometimes the best way to figure out that tricky gift is just to ask. Try to be sneaky about it, or come right out and see what they’ve got their eye on. Not the best idea for every couple, but if your relationship is right for it, it can often yield amazing results!

4) Consider experiences…

Things like concerts, weekend getaways, wine tasting, and other events you can enjoy during your time together can help maximize your enjoyment and sustain you between visits.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating them to something they may not buy for herself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for them is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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