29 Parks and Rec Gifts Pawnee Fans Will Love In 2022

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

NBC gave us some of the most beloved and memorable characters ever to grace our televisions in Parks and Recreation, and it’s little wonder why years after it ended the show still has so many die-hard fans. Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, we can relive the magic any time we want. If you have a super-fan on your list, a Parks and Rec Gift can be a great idea!

From homegoods to figurines, we’ve rounded up some of the absolute best Parks and Recreation Gifts you can use to help jump-start your shopping. As Tom and Donna would say “Treat Yo Self!” (or someone you love) to some awesome Parks and Recs merch!

Parks and Rec Gifts

P&R is jam-packed with lovable characters and memorable quotes. From April and Andy to Lil Sebastian, the list goes on and on! Our roundup includes so many great ideas from the show, but here are some of our picks for Best Parks and Rec Gifts:

  1. National Parks Explorer Map
  2. This is the perfect way to chart your adventures as you seek out some of our country's greatest treasures—its National Parks. Whenever you hit the road to explore iconic vistas or hidden gems, mark your discoveries on the map with the included, numbered tree stickers. Just don't forget to hit Pawnee!

  3. I Love You and I Like You Picture Frame
  4. This "I love you and I like you" picture frame inspired by our favorite couple, Ben and Leslie. It captures one of their most iconic moments from the show. This cute frame is a fun and lighthearted gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend or anyone that you love.

  5. Mouse Rat T-Shirt
  6. Show your support for the worlds greatest band... Mouse Rat! Headlined by the iconic Andy Dwyer, this shirt tells fellow P&R fans that you know all the deep-cuts. From "The Pit" to "5000 Candles In The Wind", you can sing them word for word!

  7. Treat Yo Self Wine Glass
  8. Featuring Tom and Donna's classic phrase "Treat Yo Self", this stemless wineglass will help your favorite fan do just that! They'll be able to fill their glass and kick back with an episode (or 5) of Leslie and the Gang doing what they do best!

  9. Ice Town Winter Sports Complex T-Shirt
  10. Ice Town may have been a disaster for Ben Wyatt, but it makes a perfect gift for true fans of the show. Don't let not having this Ice Town shirt turn you into an Ice Clown (or worse yet, cost you your town crown)!

  11. Lil' Sebastian T-Shirt
  12. Sebastian may have been li'l, but his impact on this town, and the Parks Department, was anything but li'l. When his owners, Michael and Elizabeth Stone, first discovered him, Elizabeth says it was "like seeing an angel and being punched in the gut at the same time - because as perfect as he was, we knew we'd never see anything that perfect again."

  13. Burt Macklin FBI T-Shirt
  14. You thought he was dead, but so did the the president's enemies. Burt Macklin is back in the form of this sexy T-Shirt. A perfect gift for P&R fans, or bring one home for yourself!

  15. FunKo Pop: April Ludgate
  16. Whether you're shopping for a gift or for yourself, these April Ludgate figures are worth a look! The high quality vinyl figure captures all of April's... quirks. Apathetic, but fiercely loyal - it's easy to see why she's loved!

  17. Cones of Dunshire T-Shirt
  18. Show your love for the game whose rules Gameplay Magazine described as "punishingly intricate"! That's right, assume the role of the Wizard, Arbiter, Corporal, or perhaps the Ledgerman and forge your path to victory!

  19. FunKo Pop: Andy Dwyer
  20. From parks & Rec, Andy Dwyer, as a stylized pop vinyl from Funko! The figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other characters and collect them all!

  21. FunKo Pop: Lil Sebastian
  22. Li'l Sebastian spent his years out in the field, changing the world. He was a goodwill ambassador for Indiana Veterans and went to Kuwait to entertain the troops. A champion climber, he was a member of the Great Lakes Ski Patrol and Emergency Rescue Team, serving as its captain from 1996-98. He participated in the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, even marching in front of Buckingham Palace.

Ron Swanson Gifts

Ron is a man of few words, but when he speaks it’s with wisdom and compassion. As a mentor, friend, and leader of the Parks department, his role in the show is monumental. Nick Offerman truly gave us one of television’s greatest all time characters, and luckily that means tons of great presents!

Here are our picks for the best Ron Swanson Gifts:

  1. Whiskey Glass
  2. Clear Alcohol is for Rich Women on Diets - Ron Swanson Rock Whiskey Glass. These personalized whisky glasses are beautiful and functional gift items, that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

  3. FunKo Pop: Ron Swanson
  4. Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat, and cats are useless. Ron is full of wonderful words of wisdom like this, and this stylized figurine will have you re-living each and every one. Bring one home for yourself, or give it as a gift!

  5. Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
  6. Ron has been developing the “Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” for years now… It is a perfectly calibrated recipe for maximum personal achievement. My personal favorite entry, as told by Ron himself “Fish - For sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable.”

  7. All the Bacon You Have Mug
  8. Ceramic gift mug from the hit NBC television series "Parks and Recreation". This mug features an silhouette image of Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, and reads "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.".

  9. Paddle Your Own Canoe
  10. Growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, wooing a woman—who better to deliver this tutelage than the always charming, always manly Nick Offerman? Combining his trademark comic voice and very real expertise in woodworking—he runs his own woodshop—Paddle Your Own Canoe features tales from Offerman’s childhood in small-town Minooka, Illinois

  11. Dishwasher Magnet
  12. Have a little giggle with friends and family with this Ron Swanson clean dirty dishwasher magnet that's large enough to spot from across the room whether its time for dish duty!

  13. Woman of the Year T-Shirt
  14. The IOW is a bunch of sexist jerks who need to get back in the kitchen where they belong and leave the real feminist work to actual feminists like Ron Swanson. Oh my god what is happening? — Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope Gifts

Amy Pohler gave us one of T.V.’s greatest characters in Ms. Knope. She’s tenacious, hard working, good spirited and fiercely loyal. As the series lead, she brings so many memorable quotes and moments to life!

Our roundup has many excellent choices, and here are our favorite Leslie Knope Gifts:

  1. Leslie Knope for President T-Shirt
  2. Let's just take a moment to dream a little. Let's dream about what it might be like to have fictional characters from our favorite shows run for President in 2020. What an amazing force she would be! She might even give out free waffles! Share your support for Leslie Knope this election year with this fantastic t-shirt and hoodie!

  3. Funko POP: Leslie Knope
  4. Sometimes when you make an omelet you've gotta break a few eggs. What's the alternative? No omelets at all? Who wants to live in that kind of world? Maybe birds. Then all their babies would live. -Leslie Knope

  5. Pawnee ID Badge
  6. Perfect for cosplay or just to show what a huge fan you are of America and Pawnee's most earnest public servant! It's a great gift for fans of the show, public servants, or your favorite parks department employee!

  7. Vote Knope Mug
  8. What I hear when I'm being yelled at, is people caring really loudly at me. This quote sums up Leslie's eternal optimisim and outlook on life. Who wouldn't want to vote for someone like that in real life!

  9. Knope Campaign Button
  10. Don't know who to vote for in the election? KNOPE problem! Support Leslie Knope on her journey to become the next President! Put it on your back, clothes, or on anything else you desire! Each button is designed and hand-crafted by the InstaButtons team in sunny Southern California and is 100% Made in the USA.

  11. Friends Waffles Work Mug
  12. We need to remember what's important in life... friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third. Words of wisdom from Leslie Knope, that are as applicable in real life as they are in the show.

  13. Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America
  14. Welcome to Pawnee: More Exciting than New York, More Glamorous than Hollywood, Roughly the Same Size as Bismarck, North Dakota. In Pawnee, Leslie Knope takes readers on a hilarious tour through her hometown. The book chronicles the city's colorful citizens and hopping nightlife, and also explores some of the most hilarious events from its crazy history--like the time the whole town was on fire, its ongoing raccoon infestation, and the cult that took over in the 1970s.

  15. Yes Please
  16. Do you find yourself daydreaming about hanging out with the actor behind the brilliant Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation? In her first book, one of our most beloved funny folk delivers a smart, pointed, and ultimately inspirational read. Full of the comedic skill that makes us all love Amy, Yes Please is a rich and varied collection of stories, lists, poetry, photographs, mantras and advice.

How To Find The Right Gift For A Parks and Recreation Fan

We can’t tell you the single best choice for every Parks and Recreation Fan, but our list above has a ton of great ideas you can use as a starting point. Take your unique knowledge of what your recipient enjoys, and combine with the list above for a truly meaningful gift!

Between Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other occasions, there are a ton of opportunities to show the people in our lives how much we care. If you’re thinking about a Parks and Recreation themed item for the fan or super-fan in your life, read on!

1) Identify their favorite character…

Whether it’s Tom with his wacky hijinks, Ann with her good looks and sassy attitude, the good natured Andy, or one of the other cast - everyone has a favorite Parks and Recreation character. When you’re shopping for a fan, knowing who their favorite is can go a long way to helping you find that perfect gift.

2) What do they like about the show…

Understanding what draws them to the show is a great way to open up avenues for gift giving brainstorming. Do they identify with Ron? Do they secretly wish they went into public service? Whatever the case, understanding why they love the show is sure to be a huge help.

4) Consider giving an experience…

There are a ton of great ideas for experiences related to the show that you can share with your favorite fan. Maybe a waffle breakfast at your local diner? A trip to a National park? Or maybe go all out and head out to Indiana for a nice getaway!

Our Key Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating them to something they may not buy for themselves is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for the recipient is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be spontaneous - you don’t have to wait for a Birthday or Christmas to treat them.
  5. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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