35 Gifts For Space Geeks That Are Out Of This World!

Article by John Abrams. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Space is truly the final frontier, capturing the hearts and mind of young and old alike! Who among us didn’t, as a kid, dream of roaming among the stars? With the rise of commercial space flight, we’re entering a new era of space exploration that’s sure to inspire the generations to come!

Space themed gifts are a great choice for helping to encourage the dreams of aspiring astronauts and astronomers, and also a great choice for adults who hold a special place in their heart for the exploration of space.

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best space themed gifts for young and old, and present them to you below. We hope they will help inspire you!

Space Themed Tech and Book Gifts

  1. Celestron 70mm Travel Scope
  2. This 70mm travel scope is a great pick for young and old alike, and a great "Starter" telescope. It's got a wide field of view and is great for night viewing! With a modest price point, and ease of storing and moving, this scope is a great choice for any aspiring astronomer!

  3. Buzz Aldrin - No Dream Is Too High
  4. Beloved American hero and astronaut Buzz Aldrin reflects on the wisdom, guiding principles, and irreverent anecdotes he's gatheredboth in outer space and on earththrough his event-filled life, in this inspiring guide-to-life for the next generation.

  5. Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope
  6. Celestron PowerSeeker telescopes are a great way to open up the wonders of the Universe to the aspiring astronomer. The PowerSeeker series is designed to give the first-time telescope user the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power. Amateur astronomy is a great family hobby that can be enjoyed year round, and Celestrons PowerSeekers are the ideal choice for an affordable and high quality telescope that will provide many hours of enjoyment for the entire family.

  7. Earth and Space: Photographs from the Archives of NASA
  8. Take a tour of the universe with this breathtaking collection of photographs from the archives of NASA. Astonishing images of Earth from above, the phenomena of our solar system, and the celestial bodies of deep space will captivate readers and photography lovers with an interest in science, astronomy, and the great beyond.

Space Themed Games and Toys Gifts

  1. Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer
  2. Carry out daring space missions with the Space Shuttle Explorer, featuring an authentic white, black and gray color scheme, large engines, opening payload bay with robotic arm, satellite with foldout wings and a minifigure cockpit with tinted canopy. This 3-in-1 LEGO Creator model rebuilds into a Moon Station or a Space Rover for further outerspace adventures. Also includes a minifigure. Check your favorite coupon sites, because this item often goes on sale for 5% off.

  3. Hanging Solar System Mobile
  4. Turn your room into a planetarium with this educational mobile, hanging solar system for kids! Help your child come to understand the massive size of the universe and our place on earth within it! Perfect for both the young, and young at heart - this solar system mobile is a great choice for anyone who's enthusiastic about space!

  5. Lego Ideas Lego Nasa Apollo Saturn V
  6. Display and role-play with this majestic meter-high LEGO brick model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. Packed with authentic details, it features 3 removable rocket stages, including the s-ivb third stage with the lunar lander and lunar Orbiter. The set also includes 3 display stands, 3 Astronaut microfigures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, plus a booklet about the manned Apollo missions and the fan designers of this educational and inspirational LEGO Ideas set.

  7. The Learning Journey Doubles Puzzle
  8. Learning about space has never been so much fun. Expand your knowledge of the solar system with this 100-piece Puzzle Double! After you put the puzzle together, turn off the lights and the puzzle glows in the dark! Additionally turn the puzzle over and you have a coloring activity. The bright illustrations encourage parent-child conversation. Each 100-piece puzzle measures a giant 3ftx2ft ! Ages 3+ years

  9. Space Shuttle Endeavour Model - Scale: 1/200
  10. Avid collectors of handcrafted replica should not miss this desktop scale model. With the expert craftsmanship of this desktop replica, you'll surely be proud to bring it home and display on your desk.

  11. Aeromax Astronaut Boots
  12. Get ready to moonwalk, in these NASA-style Astronaut Boots! They look very official, thanks to authentic patches, logos, and reflective strips. Includes a small zippered compartment (to hold the keys to your spaceship). Made of polyester and trimmed with soft, faux-leather fabric, you wear these fantastic boots over your shoes. Includes adjustable straps and buckles for a good fit!

  13. Robot Space Vehicle - Wooden 3D Puzzle
  14. This 3D wooden puzzle is actually a music box too! Your loved one will have tons of fun assembling this distinctive futuristic looking space vehicle! The kit includes 221 die-cut plywood pieces in 4 sheets, a music box (and a winder), white glue, a tiny square of sandpaper, instructions with detailed diagrams, and a little bag of assorted dowels. The kit is recommended for ages 10+, and not suitable for children under 3 due to tiny pieces.

  15. Solar System Crystal Ball
  16. Now you can bring the solar system to your home, office or just about anywhere! This clear Solar System Crystal Ball stylishly displays all eight planets (sorry Pluto) with their moons in their orbits around the Sun. The Solar System Crystal Ball makes a great gift for anyone interested in space.

  17. Lego Ideas Women of Nasa
  18. Explore the professions of some of the groundbreaking women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) with the Lego Ideas Women of Nasa set. It features minifigures of 4 pioneering women of Nasa - astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton, astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur Sally Ride and astronaut, physician and engineer Mae Jemison-and 3 builds illustrating their areas of expertise.

  19. Apollo Lunar Module - 3D Metal Model Kit
  20. The Apollo was a two-part spacecraft used to carry a crew of two from lunar orbit to the surface of the moon and back. This intricate and detailed model is of the lunar module that was used to shuttle astronauts to the moon on six successful missions! Your space-loving loved one will find a ton of enjoyment in assembling this great model!

  21. Space Children Play Tent
  22. Every child loves their very own play tent. They can read books, act out the stories in their imagination and play alone, with a friend or siblings. This space themed tent is perfect for little ones who dream of what lies beyond the stars! It's easy to clean, spacious enough for several aspiring astronauts, and comes with a convenient carry bag for storage.

  23. Glow in The Dark Bedroom Stars
  24. Glow in the dark bedroom stars are a source of great nostalgia for adults, and provide an incredible sense of wonder for little kids. These bedroom stars are a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for any child, but especially those who dream of galaxies far far away!

  25. Great Explorations 3D Solar System
  26. For thousands of years, people have been gazing at the night sky, watching and learning about place in the universe. Now you can bring the wonder and magic of the cosmic ocean into your own room with this glowing 3D Solar System. Simply hang the glowing planets from your ceiling and attach the glowing adhesive stars, comets, and asteroids on your walls. Then turn out the lights and marvel at the celestial sky that youve created!

Space Themed Home and Kitchen Gifts

  1. Cosmos Series - 6 Piece Knife Set
  2. A unique gift for men and women who are enthusiastic about space (and cooking)! This 6 piece cosmos set includes blades that are high quality, durable stainless steel honed to razor sharpness for cutting ease. The solidly constructed handles are ergonomically designed for a balanced, secure grip, and theyre color-coded so busy chefs can easily find the right knife

  3. Moon In My Room - Wall Decor Night Light
  4. Enjoy the shining beauty of the moon right at home with Uncle Milton's "Moon in My Room". This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon. Recommended for children ages six and older, Moon in My Room lets you experience the awe-inspiring sight of our moon at any time.

  5. LED Night Lighting Lamp
  6. Help kids sleep in the light of the magical night! This awesome electronic toy uses creativity and color to enrich children's lives. With 3 operating modes (Nightlight, Colorful, and Rotating), it works great for both waking hours and while they sleep! A perfect gift for little ones who look towards the stars in wonder!

  7. Antique Map of the Moon
  8. Bring an artistic twist to any household. This is a real photographic print, and sure to class up your home decor. The original artwork has been reimagined by award winning artist Norm Lanier. Great for men, women, and kids alike!

  9. Space Pen
  10. After the original bullet space pen was conceived in July of 1948, Paul Fisher was soon machining a new pen design shaped from solid aluminum. It became the first Fisher ball point pen, the #400 bullet pen, and arguably the most popular pen of the twentieth century. Perfect for writing in zero-G or even back here on earth!

  11. Heat Changing Constellation Mug
  12. tarry night.... Pour a hot cup of coffee and 11 constellations emerge before your eyes. 10 ounce cup Microwave safe, not dishwasher safe. Includes: Cassiopeia, Perseus, Sagittarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion, Castor Pollux

  13. The Rising Sun Heat Sensitive Mug
  14. This mug is perfect for tea, espresso, cappuccino, and anything else the planet watcher in you desires to drink! Pour in hot liquid and watch the sun and planets magically appear in the night sky. This color-changing mugs are thermochromic, which is a scientific word for space magic. We're not sure how it works, but we're certain it makes an awesome gift!

  15. Give Me Some Space Mug
  16. Give me some space! Perfect witty humor for the astronomer or amatuer space enthusiast in your life! Great for any time of year!

  17. NASA Emblem Mug
  18. Show your love for the guys and gals who do all the real space stuff - NASA! This great NASA mug makes an awesome gift for anyone who loves space, space shuttles, the solar system, and on and on!

  19. Star Sky Night Lamp
  20. Project stars and moons on the walls and ceiling of any room with this great Night Lamp! Perfect for kids who dream of roaming among the stars, help them feel safe and secure all night long!

  21. Never Stop Dreaming - Throw Pillow
  22. Makeover and refresh your rooms with just a single touch! This decorative space themed throw pillow features the inspiring phrase "Never Stop Dreaming", and looks great in any room!

  23. Glitter Stars Window Shade
  24. Dress your windows in style with our Die-cut Stars Insulated Blackout Curtains. The stars of varying sizes add an unexpected twinkle and charming appeal to your space, while the blackout feature ensures that you get the best night sleep. If you are trying to find the best gift for your space loving little ones, look no further!

Space Themed Clothing Gifts

  1. Boys Long Sleeve Pajamas
  2. A comfy stretchy that's out of this world. They'll love this style - you'll love this place where fashion meets fun! Keep the children dreaming of what lies beyond the sky!

  3. Adjustable Planet Bracelet
  4. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Universe, and Black hole. This gorgeous handmade bracelet contains all planets of the solar system. This piece places you as the sun, so that all the planets are revolving around you! An awesome gift for any space enthusiast!

  5. Meteorite Pendant Necklace
  6. This meteorite pendant is from Campo Del Cielo, Argentina, and is made from meteorites that fell over 4000 years ago! It is estimated that the original meteorite weighed over 50 tons before it hit the earth, and was composed mostly of iron with some nickel. What space-geek wouldn't love to wear a tiny piece of our galaxy around their neck? An absolutely awesome gift!

  7. Women's Digital Print Yoga Pants
  8. These awesome space print yoga pants are the perfect gift for the space-geek gal on the go! Stretchy, comfy, and stylish - these pants are sure to please!

  9. Galaxy Space Nebula Racerback Tank Top
  10. Bright and bold, this awesome racerback tank top shows a beautiful image of a galaxy and nebula. Great for men or women, this unisex tank top is great for working out, or just lounging at home! If you have a space-geek in your life, this tank would be a welcome gift any time of year!

  11. Space Compression Socks
  12. These great compression socks are out of this world! Having to wear compression socks isn't always the most fun thing in the world... an awesome pattern like the ones found on these space socks can help bring joy to the wearer!

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