31 Funny and Creative Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

Article by Jim Owens. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Yankee Swap is a gift exchange themed Christmas party that can take away some of the stress of finding the perfect Secret Santa present, and let you focus on just picking something cool, unique, or funny. The mechanics are similar to a white elephant gift exchange or Dirty Santa party - each person brings an item, and each attendee alternates between opening an unwrapped gift or trading with someone who already has something cool! But what’s the best gift to take to a yankee swap? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up over 2 dozen awesome yankee swap gift ideas that are sure to please! From the funny to the practical, we’ve got a little bit of everything!

The Best Yankee Swap Gifts

  • Create Your Own Reel Viewer
  • Ah, nostalgia. Give yourself a double dose with this grown-up, just-for-you version of one of childhood's greatest gadgets: the reel viewer. Assemble snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to your very own reel using the redemption code included with your viewer. Once you receive your made-to-order reel, pop it in the viewer and marvel at baby's first steps, or your favorite beach at sunset, or... well, whatever else you want immortalized. Remember: You're the view master now. Made in Oregon.

  • Kabob Grilling Baskets
  • Enjoy perfectly cooked grilled goodies with these ingenious baskets. Made from steel wire and topped with a hardwood handle, each basket allows you to prepare separate dishes for vegetarians, or to suit the preference of each guest. There's no need to use a skewer, and the basket design makes for easy flipping.

  • Bourbon Infused Coffee
  • For the finale of a great meal, you may be torn between two fingers of bourbon, or a comforting cup of coffee. Why not have both? These 100% Arabica beans are infused in small batches with just a touch of Kentucky's signature spirit, giving them an irresistible aroma and unique flavor profile. Brew a pot to accompany post-dinner party conversation or for a Sunday brunch kick. Caffeinated, but contains no alcohol. Roasted in Tennessee.

  • A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
  • Did you know that 75% of the American population falls short of the 10 daily cups prescribed and are considered to be chronically dehydrated? Dehydration can affect your mood, your mental performance and focus. It also affects your general level of energy and your health on the long term. Therefore keeping hydrated is key, and this is the perfect gift to help them get there!

  • A Burt's Bees Gift Basket
  • Pamper from head to toe with this awesome gift set including Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Original Beeswax Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Coconut Foot Cream. It'll be the envy of the yankee swap, and people will love to fight over it! Made with Beeswax, Vitamin E and a hint of peppermint oil, hydrate and nourish dry lips with the original favorite lip balm and so much more!

  • An Insulated Picnic Basket
  • This high quality fully insulated basket has a heat sealed leak-proof lining for easy cleaning, and is incredibly versatile! Not just great for picnics at the park, you can use it for grocery shopping (keep food cold until you get home) or any other use! It's constructed with rugged polyester canvas with a sewn in aluminum frame with padded handles and carries up to 65 lbs! Plus it folds flat to save space for storage using an innovative design incorporating sewn in side support strips that remove the problem of basket sag! A truly useful gift!

  • A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
  • This LED lamp is a near perfect replica of the one featured in A Christmas Story, and is perfect to bust out at the holidays or all year round! It'll be the envy of everyone at the party, and your family and friends will love to compete for it! Grab one today and watch the holiday Christmas magic unfold!

  • YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler
  • What better gift for the cold winter months than this insulated stainless steel travel tumbler from Yeti. Each one is capable of keeping cold and hot drinks at the perfect temperature hours longer than a traditional mug or glass. Plus, the outside remains exactly at room temperature, so your hands won't feel a thing! Many of the items on this list aren't particularly practical, but this one certainly is!

Funny Yankee Swap Gifts

  • Chill Beer Adventure Vest
  • Survivalists and outdoorsmen come in all shapes and sizes. Some as short as 4.75 inches and as light as 12 oz. Give your aluminum camping companion the gear it needs with these chill beer adventure vests. After you zip up your favorite can, this mini multi-pocketed outerwear works to keep cold ones cold and your hands condensation-free. The wilderness awaits with this hilarious gift.

  • Mr. Food Face Plate
  • Inspired by the beloved Wooly Willy children's toy, this fun plate encourages kids and adults to get creative at mealtime and play with their food. It's made of food-safe ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Help them enjoy mealtime all year long!

  • Worst Yankee Swap Gift Ever - T-Shirt
  • This shirt says it all. It's the worst Yankee Swap gift ever, and your chances of getting rid of it are slim to none! Every party needs at least one horrible item for everyone to try to avoid getting stuck with, and this could be it! A funny and creative way to make sure there aren't too many awesome items to pick from this Christmas!

  • Beard Head Stubble Beanie
  • Every idea starts with a problem. Theirs was simple: their face was cold. Back in 2006, while on a skiing/snowboarding trip in Lake Tahoe, Beard Head’s creator struggled keeping an (admittedly stylish) bandana on his face while carving up the mountains on a blustery snowy day. It kept falling out of place, became too loose, grew moist with condensation, and was just uncomfortable. With a background in design, experience in the apparel industry, and plenty of time to brainstorm (i.e. stew in his frustration) while sitting on chair lifts in-between runs, frustration soon turned to elation as the idea for Beard Head, the first ever bearded headwear brand, was formed.

  • Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game
  • Help even the crappiest golfer improve their putting game while pulling double duty and answering nature's call. This set includes everything needed to start playing, meaning you can give your caddy the day off (lucky for them). If your short game needs work, then this is a must-have for your private time, or a funny gag gift to drop all over your yankee swap.

  • Heat Changing Mug
  • This funny heat changing mug sums up most mornings just perfectly! Before coffee, everything is very bleak and muted. After coffee... wired and exciting! Whether it holds coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverage, this mug will delight and amaze all who see it. It's not made of pyrex, but the sturdy ceramic will last a long time indeed!

  • A Chicken Cookbook
  • Let's face it. Anyone can copy and paste chicken recipes from the internet, but 50 Ways to Eat Cock is for the serious epicurean who is tempted by exquisite taste of well-prepared chicken. Cooking rooster is harder than most people think. Unlike everyday chicken, it can be tough, stringy and dry. Learn to slay this beast from someone who has trained at the breast of some of Europe's sauciest moms and grandmas. You'll be sure to put a smile on everyone's face with these lip-smacking recipes!

Yankee Swap Gifts Under $25

  • Egg on a Bagel Maker
  • Don't give up hope on grabbing a hearty breakfast in the daily scramble to get ready for work or school. This handmade ceramic gifts lets you cook up a fresh bagel sandwich in seconds. Simply whisk some eggs into the dish, toss in some veggies for an instant omelet, or stick with egg whites for a low-cholesterol diet, and pop it into the microwave for 60 seconds. In short order, your eggs are cooked into the perfect shape and size to layer onto a sliced bagel. Yum. Now grab it and get going before you're late!

  • Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer
  • Some of the most delicious sauces require more attention than a newborn baby. But they're totally worth it (delicious sauces and babies). For those recipes that call for continuous stirring, they introduce this clever time and arm saver. Place it in your pan with any simmering or low-heat liquid, set the timer, and go do the million other things you need to do. We'll be over at 8.

  • Indoor Electric S'mores Maker
  • Outdoor fun brought indoors: Bring s'more fun indoors and roast marshmallows to perfection over the tabletop electric flameless heater. Forget the hassle of cutting wood and open flames, this unit is built with safety in mind; the electric flameless heater requires nothing but an electrical outlet to start making perfect golden brown s'mores. Set includes 2 stainless steel roasting forks to make s'mores with friends and keep hands a safe distance from the heater. A fantastic and fun yankee swap gift!

  • A Cozy Throw Blanket
  • The winter months are ice cold, and Christmas is an excellent occasion to stock up on cozy blankets to see you through. Put some warmth in their heart and a spring in their step when they unwrap one of these luxurious and soft throws! That is, if they can manage to hold on to it until the party is over!

  • A Personal Food & Protein Blender
  • Some of the most fought over yankee swap items are the ones that are actually useful and practical. This blender is both! It can help people get in shape, or even just enjoy a delicious milkshake or other unhealthy treat if they prefer! It's excellent for mixing protein, fruits, and other items, and the detachable cup means they're ready to take it on the go to the gym or just over to the couch!

  • Your Mom Knows I'm Real - Sweatshirt
  • This hilarious Christmas sweatshirt design features a winking Santa Claus head and the phrase "Your Mom Knows I'm real." It's a suggestive message that tells the reader - yes, Santa and your Mom have indeed engaged in acts of intimacy. It's not a super appropriate gift for a work party, but for an old fashioned Yankee Swap, it'll do just the trick (just like your Mom... zing).

  • A Bluetooth Portable Speaker
  • This awesome bluetooth portable speaker provides big sound with a small price tag! Surprisingly loud, the Volume Booster 10+ watt power AMP pumps out more volume and plays your music with no distortion, even at maximum volume. That means you can blast the Christmas music with this excellent little device right from your favorite phone app.

  • Disturbed Friends - Party Game
  • This game is simple and disturbing at the same time, and great for a party! The Judge draws a horrible question card and reads it out loud. Each player votes face down (A, B or C) what they think the judge would do in this scenario. Once everyone has voted, each player reveals their vote one by one. Finally, whichever players guess the same as the judge get a #WINNING Card that mocks society. The first player to collect 10 #WINNING Cards wins the game!

Yankee Swap Gifts Under $20

  • Drink More Water Bottle
  • If you're not already keenly aware that you should stay well hydrated, you might be a camel. But as card-carrying procrastinators everywhere know, awareness and action are two different things. This water bottle is marked with motivational messages (Keep Going! Getting Close!) to remind you to sip your way through two full bottles of H2O per day. The clear markings and clever graphics on a sturdy glass and stainless steel bottle make this design a friendly hydration helper. A useful gift for kids and adults!

  • Urban Map Glass
  • Something about sipping a full-bodied bourbon after work brings you right back to that local watering hole where everyone actually did know your name. Whether you had your initials carved on the corner bar or you simply miss your favorite metropolis, this glass set lets you raise a toast to hidden gems and great memories with designer detail. These glasses feature an intricate city map that sprawls along the curves of the vessel. Interspersed street names and the locale's coordinates offer an unexpected way to show off your own stomping grounds. Yankee Swap gifts don't have to be useless trinkets, and these glasses are a perfect alternative!

  • Root Beer Science Kit
  • Craft beer. It's not just for mom and dad anymore. We're talking about root beer, of course. And now your little foodie can make their own at home. The best part: the kit includes ingredients needed: sassafras extract, yeast, a funnel, labels and instructions. Plus, it's all natural (unlike a lot of store bought options). A great gift for Yankee Swaps with lots of kids - these budding chefs and brewmasters will earn their treat and learn a little science along the way.

  • An Ice Ball Maker Mold
  • Some White Elephant Gifts are just a ton of fun to use and useful at the same time! Perfect for whiskey drinkers, or budding scientist kids, producing a perfect little ball of ice to cool your drink or throw around outside is so exciting! They'll get a kick out of opening this up, and if they can manage to hang on to it until the end of the party, they'll even get to take it home and enjoy!

  • Coca-Cola Pop-Up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster
  • Where were these when I was a kid?! Toast 2 regular-size or extra-plump hot dogs, and 2 buns at a time for a quick and delicious meal solution. Pair with your favorite Coke drink to complete your feast! It's 1 part funny, 1 part useful, and that makes it a wholly perfect present! Ideal for busy folks with kids, this little toaster will see regular use in helping everyone stay well fed!

  • A Jar Of Smiles
  • Quotes and Sayings are all around us and often make us pause for thought as we reflect on them as they bring a smile to our faces. And let’s face it, we could always welcome a reason to smile. These jars are filled to the brim with colorful quotes for you to take one daily. They provide simple reminders and words of wisdom to inspire you towards your own dreams & successes.

  • Natural Bamboo Cheese Board Set
  • Perfect for the cheese connoisseur, this beautiful set is great for parties and entertaining, creating a stunning centerpiece on any dinner table. Designed with a concealed slide out tray, which stores the specialist cheese tools neatly until you need to use them. It'll be the envy of your Dirty Santa Party and everyone will vie for it! A fantastic item that makes a fantastic gift!

  • If You Had To... A Party Game
  • "If You Had To..." includes 250 cards with horrible & hilarious situations. It's 'Would You Rather' with all horrible scenarios. Decide if you had to, would you... "#95 Have Martha Stewart Baste You Like A Turkey", "#229 All children under the age of 6 are trying to kill you" or "#237 Be able to talk to animals, but they all hate you". Over 250,000 copies sold and a funny way to pass the time!

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