49 Best Friend Gift Ideas (For Your Partner In Crime In 2022)

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Saturday, Apr 2, 2022.

Best friends share everything with us. They brighten up our days, cry with us when times are tough, and laugh with us when times are joyous.

For these special relationships in our life, it’s important to show your appreciation for them and everything their friendship means to you.

Whatever the occasion, our roundup of best friend gifts below has something for everyone and every friendship. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Galentine’s Day, a Birthday, Going away, or any other occasion, we’ve got the best friend jewelry, picture frames, drinking glasses, and others that will put a smile on her face!

Best Friend Necklaces

  1. Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace
  2. Celebrate the true beauty of friendship with the Sterling Silver Necklace that reads: "A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand But Touches Your Heart". This shiny sterling silver looped ribbon heart pendant is inscribed with a heartwarming message that wraps up the right-side of the shape. The fluid open heart is threaded on an 18-inch sterling silver box chain. It makes a beautiful gift for someone you cherish.

  3. Split Heart Necklace For 2
  4. This awesome Necklace for 2 features 2 half-hearts each inscribed with the words "Best Friends", and features a gemstone. Show her how much she means to you with this fantastic gift for your BFF!

  5. White and Blue Gemstone BFF Necklace For 2
  6. Warm her heart and put a smile on her face with this fantastic 2 piece necklace set. Each of you wear this declaration of your undying friendship proudly, and keep the other close to your heart. These necklaces go well with any outfit, and make a fantastic BFF gift for kids and adults alike!

  7. Compass Necklace For 2
  8. This set of 2 BFF necklaces will help you both find your way back together no matter how much distance is between you! The awesome compass design looks excellent with any outfit, and the matched set is perfect to show them what they mean to your life!

  9. Crystal Dot Necklace Set
  10. This light blue and pink crystal dot necklace comes with a delicate 14K gold plated chain. The dainty minimalist pendant is perfect for everyday wear and ideal for layering. Show them how much they mean to you, and keep a reminder of them near your heart always!

  11. Stainless Steel Heart Necklace For 3
  12. This incredible 3 piece Puzzle and Heart Necklace is a way to show your 2 top friends how much they mean to you. This heart set is a good gift for a bridal party, Christmas, or just to show them how much they mean to you.

  13. Puzzle Piece Friend Necklace For 4
  14. Four peas in a pod, or 4 pieces in a puzzle, your group of friends form a complete set. Whether you're joined at the hip or separated by distance, keep this reminder of your 3 friends close to your heart all the time with this lovely necklace set. A perfect gift for bridesmaids, going away presents, or just to show them you care!

  15. Heart Necklace For 4
  16. The 4 pieces of a single heart read "Together Forever Never Apart", and each features a pearlescent bead. Show your 3 top friends how important they are to you, and keep a reminder of them close at hand. A beautiful compliment to any outfit!

  17. Eternity: Friendship Necklace
  18. This stylish eternity necklace is a time tested way to show them what they mean to you for any occasion, or just because! Give them a reminder of your friendship to keep with them all the time. A gift for those that are moving away, bridesmaids, Christmas, or just because!

Best Friend Rings

  1. Two Twist Ring Set
  2. These hand stamped set of aluminum twist rings are hand stamped with those 2 wonderful words. This set of BFF rings will let them know how much you care, and make a beautiful gift for any occasion!

  3. Stainless Steel Friendship Wave Rings
  4. These two matching wave rings are an ideal way to show her what her friendship means to you. Like waves crashing on the shore, your friendship lasts from here to infinity.

  5. Three Ring Set
  6. Show your 2 top friends how much you care with this ring set! Each band reads "You're My Person", and the set is a perfect idea for Christmas, Bridal shower, or bridesmaids gifts. Or, give them any time to show them what they mean to you.

  7. Infinity Knot Friendship Ring
  8. Your friendship with her will last forever, and this incredible Infinity Knot Ring is the perfect way to show it. You can personalize it with an inside joke, special phrase, or just the words "Best Friends."

  9. Personalized Wrap Ring
  10. This customizable Wrap Ring is the perfect way to display your friendship! Add your name and hers to the ring and your friendship will last a lifetime! Grab 2 of them and each of you can have a matching ring! Pairs with any outfit, and an awesome gift for any occasion!

Other Best Friend Jewelry

  1. Friendship Bangle Bracelet
  2. This bangle bracelet is the perfect way to show them what their friendship means to you! It reads "A True Friendship Is A Journey Without An End". This wrap bracelet is a lovely gift for your favorite person in the world, whether it's for a Birthday, Christmas, going away, or just because!

  3. Friendship Keychain
  4. A fantastic gift for a Friend who's moving away, this keychain features the inspirational phrase "True Friendship Knows No Distance". A gift they can keep with them always, just like your friendship!

Best Friend Picture Frames

  1. Good Friends are Like Stars Picture Frame
  2. This beautiful wood picture frame reads: "Good Friends are Like Stars, You Don't Always See Them, But You Know They're Always There". Keep a picture of them close at hand or give one as a gift so she'll always keep you in her mind! For housewarming, going away, Christmas, or any time of year!

  3. Forever Friends Picture Holder Clip Frame
  4. Transform the look of your home or office with this classic picture frame. Sentiments can express your feelings and memories with this photo frame, and you can share it with everyone! With its simple yet distressed design, it can be combined with other frames for a unique look!

  5. Collage Picture Frame: Freinds Bring out the Best in Us
  6. This beautiful wood wall hanging picture frame features 8 slots and the phrase: "Friends Bring out the Best in Us". Goes in any home or office, and is a perfect way to remain forever in her heart.

  7. Besties Mirrored Photo Frame
  8. Some moments shine above the rest, while others are better left unsaid. There is never a dull moment amongst girlfriends and this fine frame is a way to capture that perfect moment and show her how you feel!

  9. Today my Bridesmaid, Forever my Best Friend Picture Frame
  10. This 4x6 photo frame is the perfect Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor gift for your BFF. Capture a beautiful moment from your wedding and give her this frame to help her remember it always! Let her know what a special place your friendship holds in your heart with this fantastic frame.

  11. Brushed Aluminum Picture Frame
  12. These photo frames are all made of high-quality brushed metal, and feature the phrase "Best Friends" and engraved stars. This is a gift to show what your friendship means for any special occasion, or just because!

  13. Diecast Friends Expressions Picture Frame
  14. Friends have shared experiences that are easy to capture in a picture and display in your bedroom, desk, or any room of the house. This frame is a fantastic way to show it off, with fun friendship related phrases.

Best Friend Wine Glasses

  1. My Favorite B**** Stemless Wine Glass
  2. This hilarious wine glass is a unique gift for your BFF! Show her what she means to you, and how much you love your b*****-fests! Whether you need a 21st birthday gift, Christmas present, stocking stuffer, this glass is an excellent choice!

  3. I Will Always Love You - Stemless Wine Glass
  4. This awesome gift is made of high quality glass and is a wonderful gift for friends who share your sense of humor. Bring one home for their next Birthday, Christmas, going away, or any gift-giving occasion.

  5. Long Distance Friendship Wine Glass
  6. Show your friend how much you miss them with this Top Quality Painted friendship gift. This long distance state glass it is adorable way of connecting two friends! This awesome glass is hand painted with the quote "Best Friends Forever never apart maybe by distance but never by heart" and on the reverse side, your choice of two locations, one where you live and one where your friend lives!

  7. "Bra Off, Hair Up, Sweats, On Wine Gone" Stemless Glass
  8. This glass is the perfect choice after a long, rough day, or a humorous start to an afternoon and evening! This glass quote will ring true with most women, and is a perfect gift to show your BFF how much you value their friendship!

  9. Funny Explicit Wine Glass
  10. If this glass is right for your friend, you'll know it without question. It reads "A wise woman once said f*** this s*** and she lived happily ever after". She'll think of you every time she drinks from it, and how much your friendship means to her!

Best Friend Mugs

  1. Long Distance Mug
  2. This witty and irreverent mug is perfect for your sassy best friend to show her what she means to you! It reads "I F**** Miss You B*****", and is sure to brighten the most dreary mornings, even before it's filled with coffee!

  3. Tall And Short Best Friend Mug Set
  4. Peas in a pod, these mugs are perfect for you and your taller or shorter friend! Each of you keeps one mug as a reminder of your other half! Brighten up any day by starting it out right with a cup of tea or coffee from one of these great mugs.

  5. You're My Best Friend That's All Ceramic Mug
  6. A portion of proceeds from the sale of That's All products are donated to the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Karen Kogan Rosenzweig created the That's All products to help us, "say it like it is!" This is her testament to the power of laughter and simple truths. Share your simple truth with this awesome mug on any gift-giving occasion!

  7. Soul Sisters Coffee Mug
  8. You may not be sisters by blood, but we all have that best friend in our life we think of as a sister! Show her how you feel with this stylish Soul Sisters mug, and put a smile on her face each morning! Free shipping is usually available too!

  9. My Favorite B***** Mug
  10. This funny best friends gift makes a great birthday gift or bachelorette party gift for your bestie. This traditional 11 ounce white ceramic coffee mug is perfect for any hot beverage. Wide mouth and large C-handle allow for easy, everyday use. Whether drinking your morning coffee at work, or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this mug is up to the task. Microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience..

  11. Pavilion Friends Ceramic Mug
  12. This beautiful mug integrates a layered look of textured colorful effects in palettes that are fresh and modern! It features the wonderful slogan "Friends are family we choose." This is a perfect Christmas, Birthday, Bridal Shower, or any-time gift for you to give that special friend in your life!

  13. Best Freaking Friend Ever Ceramic Mug
  14. This whimsical mug features the phrase "Best Freaking Friend Ever." It's a beautiful way to express your appreciation for the friendship and the gal on the other end of it! Help her get a great start to her mornings, with this awesome mug!

Best Friend Wall Signs

  1. True Friends At A Distance Are Never Apart Sign
  2. A trendy innovative gift for you to mark your next Galentine's Day, Birthday, Friendaversary, Xmas, or any other occasion with your bestie. This beautiful standing sign reads "True Friends At A Distance Are Never Apart Because They Always Have A Place In Our Heart." Show her how important she is to you with this awesome sign!

  3. Best Friend Stories Wall Sign
  4. This small, easy-to-display, 3" x 5" wood sign reads: A Good Friend Knows All Your Stories, A Best Friend Helped You Write Them. These great box signs are made of wood with smooth sanded edges and deep sides, which allow them to sit freely on a flat surface or hang on the wall. The slightly distressed design gives them a rustic, distressed look.

  5. Good Friends Are Like Stars Wood Sign
  6. This sign reads "Good Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there." This is a piece for any room of the house and a gift to show her just how you feel about your special friendship.

  7. Picture Box Frame
  8. This beautiful rustic looking wood sign and frame reads "We'll always be friends because you know too much". A funny way to show her how much you care, and looks great on any wall. The perfect BFF gift!

  9. Best Friends Bring Wine Sign
  10. This black and white wooden box sign features a distressed look and reads "Friends bring happiness into your life, Best Friends Bring Wine"! The sign measures 6 x 4-inches, and is easy to hang as a gallery wall accent or can free-stand alone on a shelf or mantel!

  11. Wood Table Top Art Plaque
  12. We all have that girl friend that knows why too much about us and we enjoy having them around. Remind her how much you appreciate her with this 5x5 decorative plaque that says "You'll always be my best friend you know too much" written in black and gold lettering on a white background and a black and gold dotted border.

  13. Barnyard Designs Best Friends Wall Art Sign
  14. This colorful wall art sign has a vintage country look that goes in any home or apartment! Show her how much she means to you with the phrase "Best friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better".

Other Best Friend Gifts

  1. Hand Painted Sculpted Keepsake Box
  2. Keepsake Boxes are small, sweet places to keep treasures. This hand-painted bas-relief box features 2 friends deep in conversation on the lid and plenty of room inside for treasured items. Give one as a gift to help her know just what she means to you this Christmas, Galentine's Day, Birthday, or any time of year!

  3. Jewelry Music Box
  4. Distressed Locket Boxes are perfect to keep your treasured possessions and keepsakes. Made of handcrafted wood with distressed finish, this music box features a locket attached to trendy jute rope and a functional vintage lock with a turnstile key. Insert a personal photo in both the beautiful metal locket and replace artwork with a picture.

  5. Forever Friends Figurine
  6. Enjoy this item from The Light Your Way Every Day Collection from Pavilion Gift Company. The soft neutral colors, lace patterns, silver detailing and beautiful white flowers makes this piece the perfect addition to any home decor. Show her what your friendship means and let her know you'll always be there for her no matter what!

  7. Hand Painted Sculpted Figure, My sister, My Friend
  8. A gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women friends, sisters, and neighbors. Willow Tree is a reminder of someone we want to keep close, or a memory we want to touch. Hand-carved figures reveal their expression through body gestures only... a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body.

  9. Handmade Scrapbook Photo Album
  10. This scrapbook album is unique and lightweight, comes with 40 sheets (80 pages), and can hold more than 160 photos of 4x6 inches. It's a perfect and creative way to capture key moments from your friendship and show her just how much you treasure your special relationship.

  11. A Burlap Pillow
  12. A heartfelt and hilarious gift for your best friend, this pillow reads "We'll be friends until we're old and senile... then we'll be new friends". A beautiful addition to any home decor, and a great way to celebrate your most special friendship.

  13. A Friend Like You Scented Candle
  14. Some see a weed, others see a wish. Designed with a soft color palette and whimsical line artwork, dandelion wishes reminds us how easy it is to see the joys in our lives and to wish the same for our loved ones.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend (Female)

While we can’t tell you what the perfect gift is for your BFF, our research has identified a ton of best friend gift ideas that are a hit in many cases.

Here are our 10 favorite Gifts for your (Female) best friend:

  • Experiences: e.g. a concert or wine tasting.
  • A copy of a book that’s special to you both.
  • Tech gadgets.
  • Picture frames with photos of your adventures.
  • Self-care items she can use to pamper herself.
  • BFF Themed mugs, glasses, etc.
  • Jewelry or fashion accessories.
  • Themed home decor and pillows.
  • A hand-written card.
  • A pair of awesome socks.

Best Friend Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a perfect time of year to show some love for your partner in crime. We’ve compiled an amazing list of cool gift ideas you can consider for your BFF this Holiday season!

Here’s our list of the top Best Friend Christmas Gifts:

  • Tech Gadgets For Entertainment
  • Tickets to a show or concert you can attend together
  • Clothes and accessories she’s had her eyes on
  • A comfy robe and slippers for those cold winter mornings
  • A frame with a favorite picture of your exploits
  • Chocolates or gift baskets of yummy treats
  • A self-care basket so she can pamper herself
  • Candles or fragrances
  • A pair of socks matching yours!

Best Friend Birthday Gifts

What better opportunity to find that perfect present for your BFF than her Birthday! You can find a ton of unique and amazing gift ideas for her above, but these are our most time tested items that are sure to be a hit.

Our picks for the top Best Friend Birthday Gifts are:

  • A frame with a picture of your adventures
  • Workout and exercise accessories
  • Fashion accessories
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • An event or outing you can go on together
  • Tech gadgets
  • Self care items for in-home pampering
  • BFF pillows and home decor

Best Friend Housewarming Gift Ideas

Our best friends are the yin to our yang, the peanutbutter to our jelly, and the cheese to our wine. If your best friend has moved into a new home, it’s a perfect time to get her an awesome housewarming gift to show her what she means to you.

We’ve outlined some BFF options above, but here are our favorite Housewarming Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend:

  • Kitchen tools and accessories
  • Wine or wine glasses
  • A framed picture of your adventures together
  • Throw pillows and other BFF themed home decor
  • BFF Themed coffee mugs
  • A new welcome mat
  • Accent lighting or scented candles
  • A bottle of fine olive oil

Cool Gifts For Your Best Friend Under $50

On a tight budget? Some of the best BFF presents out there are friendly on the wallet also. Check out these awesome gifts for items that are less expensive than she’ll think they are.

Our favorite Cheap Gifts For Your Best Friend are:

  • An outdoor adventure: e.g. hiking or bicycling
  • Anything you craft yourself
  • Self care items for at-home pampering
  • A framed picture of the 2 of you
  • Gift Cards to everyday things she enjoys (coffee, restaurants, etc)
  • A funny game: e.g. Cards Against Humanity
  • A copy of her favorite book
  • Workout accessories or clothes
  • Awesome socks she will love

How To Pick The Perfect Best Friend Gift

Our BFFs know us as well as (or sometimes better than) we know ourselves. Our partners in crime are there through thick and thin, and we don’t always take the time to acknowledge what their friendship means. There are a few obvious occasions through the year where we can take the time to show them we care, for example, a Birthday or Christmas. It’s also a good idea to be spontaneous every now and then, and surprise them just because.

But how do you know what the best gift for your best friend is? Well, the bad news is there’s no one right answer. Our BFFs are unique individuals who have their own interests and passions. The good news is, we’ve gone through a ton of painstaking research to come up with some of the all around top gift categories, and there’s a good chance one of those will be just what she’s looking for this Holiday Season.

Our Gift Idea Brainstorming Basics

There are some time tested strategies your search for best friend gift ideas we present to you below (no pun intended). The categories and items above should help you get the creative juices flowing, but these tips can help take your gifting game to the next level:

1) Think about her hobbies and passions…

It may sound obvious, but she almost certainly has some activities she enjoys doing in her spare time. Sewing, gardening, cooking, Yoga or whatever floats her boat all go hand-in-hand with tons of materials, equipment, tools, etc that can make an excellent choice for any gift giving occasion.

2) What would she love, but never buy for herself…

She deserves to be spoiled, and many girls won’t take it upon themselves to do the spoiling. If your BFF falls into this category, think of something extravagant or frivolous that she wouldn’t necessarily buy on her own. Presents don’t have to be practical to be appreciated!

3) Check with her other friends or romantic partner… Asking her other friends or partner for ideas isn’t cheating! Sometimes she’ll mention something she’d love to have in passing when you aren’t around, and asking around is one way to get that info.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the most cherished gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always right - treating her to something she may not buy for herself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for her is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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