49 Christmas Gifts For Grandma In 2022

Article by Jim Owens. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Grandmothers are among the most important and influential women in our lives, and their unending love and kindness is a critical part of who we grow up to be.

This Christmas, make sure to show Grandma exactly how much her presence in your life means to you and your family with just the right Christmas gift.

Wondering what to get Grandma this Christmas? Our list below has over 37 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma that she will love this winter and all year long.

  1. A Bamboo Cutting Board
  2. This beautiful laser engraved cutting board is the perfect compliment to any Grandma's Kitchen. It's made of high quality bamboo which will last a long time and remain functional and beautiful for years to come! Grandma will love finding this under the tree this year!

  3. Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace
  4. Grandma's House and Christmas go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows! Help her keep the holiday spirit bright this Christmas with this stunning Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace! A perfect gift for any Grandma!

  5. Baby Handprint Frame with Poetry
  6. A wonderful keepsake handprint frame for the new Grandmother in your life. An adorable sentiment from a baby or child coupled with their sweet handprint is a gift that will always be treasured. The frame features a round 3" photo space. A child handprint can fill the inner heart or spill over the heart outline.

  7. An Apron Set
  8. A cute and practical Christmas gift for Grandma. An apron makes a great gift because you don't have to worry about finding the right size for the recipient, and it can be used and appreciated for years to come. This great apron features a Christmas Pattern and reads "Everything is better in Grandma's Kitchen"!

  9. Central Diamond Grandma's Birthday Ring
  10. This beautiful S bar with side stone Ring is Personalized and Customized just for your special Grandma. This Classic S bar with side stone ring comes with your choice of up to 6 Birthstones in Sterling Silver or Solid 10 Karat White, Yellow or Rose Gold.

  11. My Favorite People Call Me Grandma Hoodie
  12. This Hoodie is a great way to stay warm this Christmas and all winter long! It reads "My Favorite People Call Me Grandma", and is a great way to help your favorite Grandma show off her love for her Grandkids, and their love for her!

  13. Grandma and Me Picture Frame
  14. This simple and understated frame reads "Grandma and Me", and gets out of the way to let your picture take center stage. Stick one of your favorite captured moments between Grandma and Grandchild inside, and this instantly becomes one of her most cherished gifts this Christmas!

  15. Victorian Key Personalized Birthstone Necklace
  16. This Victorian Key oval pendant sterling silver necklace is a great gift idea for grandmothers. Personalize it by adding up to 6 names and six (6) Swarovski birthstones or pearls, so they can cherish family members wherever they go. The charm is hand brushed and hammered around the edges for a nice matte finish, and is then hung on a beautiful sterling silver chain.

  17. Family Tree Frame Display
  18. Help her show how her family tree has blossomed with this unique metal tree with 10 hanging picture frames. Finished in dark metal, this striking design features hanging 2x3 frames and stands on its own as a bold statement piece. Intricately carved branches and leaves artfully display your precious family pictures, making it a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

  19. A Birchbox Subscription
  20. Before Birchbox, shopping for products was frustrating, inefficient, and confusing. How were customers supposed to navigate the vast range of options? And in the growing online market, how could they try products without buying them all (and going bankrupt in the process)? This awesome subscription service sends samples of awesome beauty products each month to try for a low fee, direct to her door!

  21. Knitted Beanie Scarf & Gloves Winter Set
  22. This winter set is made of incredibly soft, comfortable fabrics to give the best feel with the most warmth. It is long enough to have it go around your neck once or even twice for a snugger, warmer fit. A great gift idea that is both practical & stylish for this upcoming cold season, Grandma will love it!

  23. Her Life Story Frame
  24. A Grandmother's Life Story Frame makes a beautiful family keepsake that will be cherished throughout generations. Classic, black 8x12 wall or table frame features 3 spaces for photos, each with lovely captions telling a wonderful life story about the most important family milestones during a grandmother's life.

  25. Generations Necklace Interlocking Infinity Circles
  26. This beautiful interlocking necklace represents 3 generations of loving family. A beautiful way to show her how much she means to you and your family this Christmas!

  27. A New Tote Bag
  28. This wonderful canvas tote bag features 4 words that perfectly describe your favorite Grandma: Amazing, Awesome, Wonderful, Beautiful. A great gift for carrying books, groceries, or anything else!

  29. Grandchildren Welcome Garden Stone
  30. These beautiful garden stones are cast in resin to emulate the look of slate or Sandstone. Each piece is hand painted and reads "Grandchildren Welcome (Parents By Appointment)". An ideal Christmas gift for the Grandma who loves to garden!

  31. Personalized Family Tree Birthstone Necklace
  32. This great birthstone necklace is created with Hypoallergenic Aluminum discs that are hand stamped with Grandma, or if you prefer, her grandkids names. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is resistant to tarnishing and rust. It has a light brushed finish.

  33. Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet
  34. For the elegant and sophisticated Grandmother in your life, this beautiful Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet is the perfect fashion accessory. She'll keep her love for her family and precious grandchildren close at hand when she wears this beautiful item!

  35. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden
  36. Start an indoor kitchen herb garden from seed with vintage-inspired planters that use a simple, easy hydroponic system to grow basil, parsley, oregano, etc. Perfect whether Grandma has a bit of a green thumb, or just loves to cook with fresh ingredients!

  37. There's No Place Like Home Towel Set
  38. This wonderful gift towel set makes the best addition to Grandma's kitchen! The slogan on this kitchen is great because it's so true: "There's no place like home except Grandma's Kitchen".

  39. I'm A Grandma, What's Your Super Power, Coffee Mug
  40. This whimsical high quality coffee mug reads "I'm a Grandma, what's your superpower?". Great for coffee or tea, it features fun colors and designs that the Grandkids will get a kick out of. Perfect for a stocking stuffer this Christmas!

  41. Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set
  42. Take a moment and keep in touch through generations with this keepsake letter book. Brimming with personal prompts, this nostalgic set of 40 cards is meant to be sent and shared between grandparents and their grandchildren to create meaningful and lasting memories. You can often find this item discounted at 10% off or more with coupon.

  43. Sun Washed Words Picture Frame
  44. Show Grandma what a special place she holds in your family's heart with this beautiful sun-washed picture frame. When filled with the perfect picture of her and her precious Grandkids, the frame takes on a uniqely special place in her heart and home.

  45. It's a Grammy Thing T-Shirt
  46. This unique Grammy T-Shirt is designed and printed in the United States with eco-friendly ink, so it is safe for her and the environment. Help your favorite Grammy know she's loved with this cute T-Shirt that's a great wear all year long!

  47. Intertwined Heart Necklaces
  48. This beautiful necklace features 2 intertwined hearts, representing Grandmother and Grandchild. It's an elegant item that goes great with any outfit, and is sure to suit her unique tastes! Make this Christmas special with this amazing item!

  49. My Family Cookbook
  50. This heirloom journal has space for over 80 family recipes, with pages for photos and comments. Grandmas tend to have lots of great recipes up their sleeves, often times ones that were passed down to them. Take the time to capture them and carry the tradition forward!

  51. Grandma's Garden Stepping Stone
  52. This high quality resin Garden Stone can function as either a wall hanging or outdoor garden stone. It's made of high quality materials that will last in the sun and have the look and feel of real slate rock.

  53. Luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe
  54. This plush terry cloth robe for will surround her in its soft luxury. The highly absorbent bamboo viscose fiber wicks away moisture from the body, leaving her comfortable and relaxed. Pamper Grandma this Christmas with this great item!

  55. Sewing Station
  56. This handmade clay design with a pin cushion topper lets you store your sewing accessories all in one pretty place. Perfect for the Grandma who loves to sew!

  57. Three Picture Frame
  58. This modern design frame is a perfect way to display the love you share for the Grandma in your life. Fill it with pictures of her and her Grandchildren, and inspirational statements. A great gift for Christmas!

  59. Grandma's Sippy Cup Stainless Steel Tumbler
  60. This hilarious tumbler reads "Grandma's Sippy Cup", and is great for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! Perfect for coffee or other grown up beverages, this tunbler is great for that Grandma with a sense of humor!

  61. Gardener's Tool Seat
  62. A combination garden work stool, toolbag, and folding chair, this portable seat helps relieve gardeners' knees. If she's an avid gardener or just likes to putter around, this makes a great present for when they're not able to get around like they used to!

  63. Grandma Shark T-Shirt
  64. Sing it with us 'Grandma Shark Doo Doo Do Doo Doo Do'! Toddlers and kids are nuts for this catchy song, and getting Grandma in on the fun with this great T-Shirt is a great idea for a gift this Christmas! Bring one home for her as a stocking stuffer or wrapped up under the tree.

  65. Grandmothers Ring With Up To 10 Birthstones
  66. This amazing birthstone ring is personalized and customized just for Grandma. This Classic design ring comes with your choice of 1 to 10 Birthstones, and features Platinum plated over Sterling Silver. A most welcome gift at Christmas time!

  67. Blooming Tea
  68. If Grandma is a tea drinker, she will be delighted with these bud-like packets that bloom slowly when steeped. It makes for an awesome visual display, and tastes delicious as well! Great for those cold winter months!

  69. Nana Heart Pendant Necklace
  70. Unless and until the love is expressed, the beloved will not know how special she is. Love is just a gift to humanity; to be loved makes everyone feels special. Make sure the special Grandma in your life knows exactly what she means to you and your family this Christmas!

  71. I Love You Grandma Picture Frame
  72. Whether you call your grandma, grammi, abuela, grandmother, grams, this is a terrific keepsake piece for letting your grandma and best friend know that she means the world to you. A beautiful photo frame that is perfect for Christmas this year!

  73. New York Times Custom Birthday Book
  74. Commemorate a newsworthy birthday with a collection of the New York Times front pages from each year since their birth, personalized with name and birth date, and preserved in a handsome library binding.

  75. Cashmere Large Shawl Blanket Scarf
  76. This beautiful Cashmere Large Shawl Blanket Scarf is a great way to keep Grandma warm this winter, and a perfect choice for Christmas! This classic style scarf goes great with any outfit, and will keep her warm and cozy on the coldest winter nights!

  77. A Locket Jewelry Music Box
  78. Distressed Locket Boxes are perfect to keep your treasured possessions and keepsakes. Made of handcrafted wood with a distressed finish, this music box features a locket attached to trendy jute rope and a functional vintage lock with a turn-style key. Insert a personal photo in both the beautiful metal locket and replace artwork with a picture of her darling Grandchildren.

  79. Mandala Wind Spinner
  80. Inspired by traditional Asian mandalas, this vibrant piece spins in place, looking beautiful all year round. It also provides a sense of calmness and ease that can be great in the stressful modern world!

  81. An Expandable Bangle Bracelet
  82. Wise, generous, and proud - A grandmother's eternal love carries on from generation to generation. Associated with Mother Mary, the lily is a virtuous flower that stands for dignity and peace. Majestically beautiful, give or wear the Grandmother Charm to pay tribute to the honored matriarch whose pride and calming kindness is infinite.

  83. Heart-Shaped Serving Spoon
  84. Share some sweet love and gratitude with this hand-carved spoon. Perfect for the Grandma that loves to bake! Just don't go getting in trouble with this hefty thing around!

10 Crafty Homemade Christmas Gifts For Grandma

  1. As easy to make as they are beautiful, an I Heart You Footprint sign is a fantastic Christmas present Grandma will love. All you need is a bit of paint, a canvas or bit of paper, and access to the feet of 1 adorable Grandbaby!

  2. There are tons of awesome gifts you can make on the cheap with nothing but some paint and your own 2 hands. No skill required! Just find a nice piece of wood or other item to use as your blank slate, and memorialize you and your kids hands for Grandma this Christmas!

  3. Another perfect gift if Grandma has a bit of a green thumb! These are cheap and easy to make, and will take her back to this time years from now when the Grandkids are grown.

  4. These are great for kids who are a bit older, as they require a bit of glue and scissor use. It’s definitely possible to make it work with younger ones, but you’ll need to help them out a bit more. The materials for these are super inexpensive, and they look great when completed!

  5. A Grandma Craft Card
  6. These construction paper Grandma (and Grandpa) cards are fun and easy project that’s perfect for Christmas. Give her a fun xmas outfit, candy canes, and other fun winter accessories for a little twist! Great for kids aged 5-10.

  7. If you’re looking for a fun project to tackle yourself or with some older kids this Xmas, a nice winter Wreath is a great choice! There are tons of awesome tutorials online for these, and this is just one. Grandma’s door will look great with one of these hanging from it!

  8. Yet another awesome gift that’s super economical, but doesn’t look like it. You can pick up everything you need to create one of these awesome trees for under $10, and the assembly is a fun activity you can do yourself or with the family! It’s what Christmas is all about!

  9. A Coupon Book
  10. Coupon Books are a classic DIY Christmas Gift that Grandma will definitely love this year. Fill it with things like helpful chores, hugs and kisses, and other fun activities you can do whenever she feels like it! Great for young and old alike!

  11. These awesome pendants are a great gift any time of year but especially at Christmas. Make a memorable keepsake featuring her kids, Grandkids, husband, or any combination of the special people in her life.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Grandma

While we can’t tell you what the perfect gift is for your Grandma, our research has identified a ton of great ideas that are a hit in many cases. Here are our 10 favorite Christmas Gifts For Grandma:

  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Picture frames with photos of your family.
  • Experiences you can share together.
  • A Beautiful Birthstone Necklace
  • Self-care items she can use to pamper herself.
  • A copy of a book that’s special to you.
  • Anything you make by hand
  • Tech gadgets.
  • Games the whole family can play together

Sentimental Christmas Gifts For Grandma

The Holidays are a perfect time to get a little sappy and express your love. In the fast paced world we live in, it’s good to slow down a little and make sure they know exactly what they mean to us.

Here’s our list of the Best Sentimental Christmas Gifts For Grandma:

  • A hand written card.
  • A picture frame with a special photo.
  • Anything you can craft or create yourself.
  • Tickets for an experience you can share together.
  • A warm blanket for those cold winter nights.
  • A birthstone ring or necklace representing her family.
  • A cherished book.

Best Christmas Gifts For Grandma Under $50

Finding the perfect present for Grandma this Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank! Some of the most heartfelt gifts are ones we make ourselves, and those can be free or very inexpensive. Whether you’re crafty or not, we’ve compiled some great ideas for presents that are budget friendly.

Our picks for the Best Christmas Gifts For Grandma Under $50:

  • A nice framed photo of you and your family.
  • A nice cozy throw blanket, slippers, or robe for cold winter nights.
  • Scented candles and other aromatic items.
  • Self care gift baskets with skin care products.
  • A beautiful Christmas Lilly.
  • A new scarf or other fashion accessories.
  • A nice mug for tea, coffee, or cocoa.

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Grandma

Personalized gifts give that added touch of thoughtfulness to any present. It helps you communicate that the gift you’ve picked out is specially made for them. Whether it’s a meaningful phrase, or the unique nickname you’ve called her since you were young, personalizing a Christmas gift is always a great idea!

Our picks for the Best Personalized Christmas Gifts For Grandma:

  • A personalized bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry.
  • A personalized throw pillow or blanket.
  • A mug or glass with pictures or phrases you choose.
  • A tote bag with a personalized picture.
  • A photo array with pictures of you and your family.
  • A flower pot you paint with names or artwork.
  • A photo book of adventures from the past year.

Christmas Gifts For Grandma From The Grandkids

Grandmas hold a special place in our lives, even before we’re old enough to help pick out her Christmas present. Help your little one express the love in their heart for Grandma with one of these great gifts “from them.”

Our favorite Christmas Gifts For Grandma From The Grandkids are:

  • A framed picture of their loving grandkid(s).
  • A picture or card they make themselves (scribbles count!).
  • A plaster or ink impression of their little hands or feet.
  • Have them tell you a story about Grandma and write it down.
  • Teach them a song and put on a Christmas concert.
  • A birthstone necklace featuring all the grandkids stones.
  • Tshirts, Mugs, or tote bags with a “Best Grandma” theme.

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift For Grandma

If you’re wondering what to get Grandma this Christmas, the good news is you’re not alone! It can be hard to find just the right item to show the matriarch of the family how important she is to you, especially if you don’t see or call her as often as you should.

But how do you know what the best gift is? Well, the bad news is there’s no one right answer. Our Grandmothers are unique individuals who have their own interests and hobbies. The good news is, we’ve gone through a ton of painstaking research to come up with some of the all around best gift categories for Grandma, and there’s a good chance one of those will be just what she’s looking for this Holiday Season.

Our Gift Idea Brainstorming Basics

There are some time tested strategies for coming up with great gift ideas we present to you below (no pun intended). The categories and items above should help you get the creative juices flowing, but these tips can help take your gifting game to the next level:

1) Think about her hobbies and passions…

It may sound obvious, but Grandma almost certainly has some activities she enjoys doing in her spare time. Sewing, gardening, cooking, Yoga or whatever floats her boat all go hand-in-hand with tons of materials, equipment, tools, etc that can make a great choice for a Christmas morning treat.

2) What would she love, but never buy for herself…

Grandma deserves to be spoiled, and odds are good she won’t take it upon herself to do the spoiling. If your Grandma falls into this category, think of something extravagant or frivolous that she wouldn’t necessarily buy on her own. Presents don’t have to be practical to be appreciated!

3) Is there anything you can make her by hand…

From our earliest days in school, Grandmas love to get hand made cards, drawings, and other items crafted by their loving children. This continues to hold true once you outgrow the finger paints, but we seldom take the time to do so, and opt instead for store bought items. If you have a creative hobby, consider making her something from the heart this year.

4) Check with her friends… Asking her friends and other members of the family for ideas isn’t cheating! Sometimes she’ll mention something she’d love to have in passing when you aren’t around, and asking around is a great way to get that info.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating her to something she may not buy for herself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for her is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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