39 Amazing Jewelry Stands For Organization And Display

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

The right jewelry stand can help you get organized, show off your most prized possessions, and add something to the decor of your room.

Jewelry stands make great gifts for any occasion, and whether you’re buying one for yourself or someone you love, our massive round up of the best jewelry stands is sure to have just the right thing for whoever is on your list!

From elegant showroom display stands, to necklace and earring holders, to jewelry trees, we’ve gathered the best jewelry stands out there and present them below!

Jewelry Display Stands

  1. Bracelet 3 Tier Display Stand
  2. This elegant and simple 3 Tier Bracelet Display stand is a great way to show off your favorite bracelets! Get them out of your drawers or jewelry boxes and display them proudly like they deserve.

  3. Brown Woven 2 Tier T-Bar Display
  4. This 2 Tier Brown Woven T-Bar Bracelet Watch Jewelry Stand Display is a modern style display that goes great with any decor. It allows you to hang bracelets, bangles, or necklaces beautifully and effortlessly.

  5. Black Velvet T-Bar Display Stand
  6. Store all of your jewelry accessories effortlessly! Never misplace another valuable bracelet or necklace again with this T-Bar jewelry display. It provides a tangle free, well organized, and ease of accessibility and a modest touch of elegance.

  7. Large Black Velvet 3 Tier Necklace and Bracelet Organizer
  8. Hold and display bracelets, necklaces, anklets and watches at home or in a store, and keep all jewelry in elegant view. The durable Black Velvet surface prevents scratches and damage, and is removable for easy assembly.

  9. Black Velvet 3 Tier Bracelet Display
  10. This is a fantastic black velvet 3 tier T-bar bracelet & chain display. The three tiers allows you to hang bracelets, bangles or chains from them and put them on display prominently.

  11. Large Rustic Necklace Bust Display Stand
  12. Perfect for your most treasured pieces, this necklace bust display stand is the perfect way to bring attention and organization to your precious treasures. Perfect for both the showroom and the bedroom, this piece is a great way to show off your best necklaces!

  13. Black Velvet Necklace Display Bust
  14. This simple and elegant jewelry display bust stand is the ideal companion for your most prized pieces. Elegantly designed, it features an exquisite contoured appearance and fine craftsmanship that'll add style and flair to any room or retail space. The black velvet material helps prevent abrasion keeping your jewelry scratch and damage free.

  15. Velvet Vertical Tower Bracelet Display Stand
  16. This unique bracelet stand is made of high quality wood, and covered with soft velvet. It makes a beautiful way to display or collect your bracelets and anklets, whether it's in the home or a display room!

  17. Black Velvet Ring Display Stands (2)
  18. These 2 Black Velvet Ring Displays are a great way to display rings in your home, or in a showcase! Each finger shaped display holds rings size 1 through 12, and goes with any decor!

  19. Velvet Jewelry Towers 3 Tier Display Stand
  20. Bring the quality and elegance of a display stand like you'd find in a high-end showroom home to help you organize your jewelry! This awesome 3 tier stand features a unique design that's great for bracelets, rings, earrings, and more!

Necklace Display Stands

  1. White Metal & Wood Necklace Stand
  2. Still bury your jewelries in a drawer or case? Need to dig out and search for the right pieces to go with your dressing everyday? Wear no jewelry due to inconvenience when you're in a hurry? Grab this stand, you will find yourself more attractive by wearing your favorite pieces everyday!

  3. Modern Black Metal 3 Tier Necklace Display
  4. Highlight and organize your most treasured jewelry accessories with this stylish and elegant necklace display stand! Made of sturdy metal with a classic black finish, this jewelry hanger boasts 3 upright poles that each support 1 horizontal, ball-capped bar that is perfect for hanging and displaying necklaces and bracelets.

  5. Necklace Holder Tower 3 Tier Display Stand
  6. This stylish metal jewelry necklace holder organizer features 3 tiers at different heights, and is well-designed to hold many necklaces & bracelets in an organized and visually pleasing way! It includes a chic base tray for display of rings, earrings, and other accessories.

  7. Umbra Copper Necklace Display Stand
  8. Finding the perfect necklace organizer and jewelry display solution that not only organizes, but protects your jewelry from being lost or scratched while keeping it easily accessible, can be a challenge but not anymore! This stand is an unexpected hit due to its unique materials which create a truly beautiful storage and display solution for your most delicate and cherished items.

  9. Black Metal 30-Hook Organizer Display Rack
  10. Tired of tracking down your favorite necklace each time you want to wear it? Frustrated with fighting with your bracelets just to untangle the one you want? This easy-to-use black metal jewelry organizer is the perfect remedy for tangled or misplaced jewelry.

  11. Rotating Necklace Display Rack
  12. Add a Victorian style elegance to your bedroom or bathroom with this beautifully designed jewelry tower. Show off your jewelry collection with this easy-to-use metal jewelry organizer. It's perfect remedy for tangled or misplaced jewelry.

  13. Walnut and Black Metal Jewelry Stand With Drawer
  14. Sick of your jewelry scattered deep in a drawer, becoming tangled, and sitting unused, tarnishing away? Organize your prized possessions and treat them the way they deserve! The warm combination of walnut wood and black metal make this jewelry stand a beautiful addition to any space.

  15. Black Modern 18 Hook Metal Necklace Display Stand With Tray
  16. Show off your collection of necklaces and bracelets in style with this chic and modern jewelry hanger! Made of metal, this sleek jewelry display stand features a curved top bar that boasts a total of 18 metal peg hooks (9 on each side) that can be used to store and display necklaces and bracelets in your home or store.

Jewelry Tree Stands

  1. Bronze Bird Nest Jewelry Tree Organizer Stand
  2. Hanging your earrings, bracelets, and necklace on the branches of this antique tree tower for easy access and a beautiful presentation. A sorrow bird guards your precious jewelries in the nest as intently as she'd protect her eggs. The crafted leaves hold up to 48 pairs earrings while the 16 branches organize your necklace and bracelets.

  3. Silver Jewelry Tree Hanger With Ring Dish
  4. Bring an exquisite charm and organization to your dresser top or vanity with this earring display stand. The lovely tree design and elegant finish add a touch of classic beauty to your space, while the 8 small holes on each leaf provide you with a place to display, store, and organize your earrings (total capacity is 68 pairs of earrings). You can also use the rectangular tray at the bottom of this jewelry holder to store rings, bracelets, necklaces, baubles, and other items.

  5. Bird In Tree Earring and Necklace Stand
  6. Let your jewelry out to shine in this great Bird In a tree earring and necklace stand! It features tons of branches for hanging your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as a dish at the bottom for rings and other treasures.

  7. Orchid Jewelry Tree Stand
  8. Longer accessories like necklaces can be very difficult to find proper storage for. They can easily become tangled on a standard jewelry tray or inside a jewelry box. Keep these pieces, and other beloved accessories organized, on-hand, and safe with this clever jewelry stand with a built-in dish from Umbra.

  9. Stylish Iron and Wood Jewelry Tree Organizer
  10. Organize your Jewelry and Display your Style with this cute Iron and Wood Jewelry Tree Branch Holder Stand. A unique, stylish wood and cast metal iron jewelry tree organizer mawkes the perfect display piece in either a home or small business for all your jewelry.

  11. Resin Jewelry Tree Display
  12. This vintage style beautiful jewelry tree features birds singing on tree branches, and is ideal for retail display and personal use. Bring a touch of whimsical organization to your dresser and bring your jewelry out to breathe!

  13. Black Metal Jewelry Tree
  14. This Jewelry Tree is the ultimate organization solution for all of your jewelry! Inspired by nature, this cute jewelry tree features tons of branches that are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets! You can hang your longer necklaces from the higher branches and your shorter necklaces from the lower branches to keep them untangled and organized!

  15. Tree-Shaped Aluminum and Marble Jewelry Stand
  16. This is a modern reflection aluminum and marble jewelry stand, featuring a silver distressed finish. The jewelry holder is made of aluminum, and features a tree shaped stand with light gray rectangular base made of marble! Looks great in a showroom or the bedroom!

  17. Acrylic Crystal Gem Necklace Tree Stand
  18. This beautiful tree has 15 hooks for hanging all of your jewelry (necklace, Bracelets, earrings, etc). Bring some organization to your collection and put it on display with this great tree stand. Whether it's for the bedroom or the showroom, this tree is just the right fit!

Earring Holder Stands

  1. Black Metal Earring Holder Stand
  2. Organize your earring collection and put them on full display with this beautiful earring holder stand. It has tons of room for even the largest collections! Don't waste time rooting around your drawers or jewelry boxes looking for the right piece to go with your outfit ever again!

  3. Black Metal Earring Organizer Display Stand
  4. Store, display, and organize your jewelry in style with this beautiful earring storage rack. The elegant lines, graceful curls, and classic black finish on this jewelry hanger help bring a touch of timeless style to both your home and your jewelry collection, while the 3 earring hanger tiers and the convenient storage basket provide the perfect place to stow your favorite pieces of jewelry.

  5. Copper Heart-Shaped Earring Holder Rack
  6. This beautiful heart shapped copper color earring holder rack stores 58 pairs of earrings across 3 levels. It looks great and helps your bring some much needed organization to your collection!

  7. Metal Cat Earring Holder Stand
  8. When it comes to storing and displaying your earring collection, you want the best in quality, organization, and aesthetics. This Cat Shape Metal Wire Earring Holder/ Organizer / Hanger Display Stand by ARAD is a standout in jewelry storage and organization. This jewelry hanger displays all of your gold, rose gold, silver, and patterned earrings without tangling them or damaging them. The manufacturer frequently has a $5 off coupon, so check for that before buying!

  9. Decorative Rose Design 3 Tier Earring Holder
  10. Organize, store, and display all your beautiful earrings in style with this gorgeous earring stand. This 3-tier jewelry hanger boasts an elegant design of graceful scrollwork curls, a classic black finish, and 3 rose-shaped ornaments that help bring a touch of timeless style to both your home and your jewelry collection.

  11. Copper Color Rotating Earring Holder
  12. Rotate and display your beloved earrings in this four tier black metal earrings stand. This hanger holds bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Keep your jewelry free of messy tangles and save space.

  13. 2-Tier Fountain Style Black Metal Earring Hanger Stand
  14. Bring the unique combination of sleek modern design and garden charm into your living space! Designed to look like a garden fountain, this petite jewelry organizer is equipped with 2 separate trays acting both as ring and earring holders as well as the bowls for the fountain. This jewelry tower features hooks for over 40 pairs of hanging earrings and room for storing jewelry.

  15. Bronze-Tone Metal Carriage Earring Display Stand
  16. Your royal carriage awaits! When you're getting dressed up to be the belle of the ball, make sure that all your favorite earrings and other jewelry items are within easy reach with this beautiful jewelry hanger. The design, which comes complete with 4 stationary wheels decorated with sunflowers and swirls, brings to mind the magical carriages from your favorite fairy tales, while above, the rotating earring hanger makes this gorgeous jewelry organizer useful as well as beautiful.

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