25 Push Gifts For Moms: Drive Her Stork Raving Wild!

Article by Jim Owens. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Push gifts for new Moms aren’t a new phenomenon, but they’ve definitely been growing in popularity in recent years. The basic idea is that after 9 months of sacrificing her body and all kinds of fun stuff like alcohol, lunch meat, and sushi, she deserves a little (or not so little) something as a thank you or token of appreciation.

Some people love the idea, while others feel like it’s too materialistic (especially taken to the extremes you might see celebrities going to). If you ask us, you should definitely do something to show you care. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or cost anything at all… some of the best gift ideas are shared experiences!).

Whether you’re looking for an idea that will blow her away, a small trinket she can use to reflect on the occasion forever, or just something fun you can do together before the baby arrives - we’ve got you covered! Our experts have rounded up over 25 awesome Push Gift Ideas for new Moms across a wide variety of categories and price-points. If you’re wondering what makes a good push present for your wife, read on!

Pampering and Relaxation Gifts

There’s very little about the final months of pregnancy or the first months of Motherhood that qualify as relaxing. If she’s already got little ones, consider a relaxation gift, coupled with a night of babysitting so she can relax on her own. If this will be her first, consider sharing a relaxing evening together enjoying some of these great pampering and relaxation push gifts!

  1. A CozyChic Heathered Robe
  2. Sumptuous, and the ultimate in cozy best describe this heathered cozychic robe. We can't say enough about this classic style that just got an upgrade with heathered CozyChic yarn. Comfort is a top priority in the late stages of pregnancy, and this is a great way to stay warm and cozy while up late nursing too!

  3. Relaxation Gift Set
  4. Short of having your own secluded mountain pool filled with rejuvenating, naturally scented waters, there's nothing like a botanical spa-day experience at home. This calming bath tea soothes sore muscles and encourages relaxation in the warm waters of your bath.

  5. A High Quality Weighted Blanket
  6. A cozy weighted blanket is a great way to make the most of those limited hours of sleep between feedings. The filling stays distributed throughout the entire blanket, while making you feel like you’re on a white sand beach. Comes with 2 duvet covers, 1 for cold winter nights and 1 that's breathable for warmer times. Free shipping is usually available too!

  7. Lavender and Jasmine Home Spa Kit
  8. Help her pamper herself with any of the nine beauty products included in this awesome set. Choose from the bubble bath soap, bath salts or fizzers, add to bath water and let the troubles of your day melt away during a relaxing soak. Perfect for both third trimester aches and pains, and for unwinding after a long day taking care of a newborn!

  9. Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket
  10. Sophisticated and elegant, this exquisite arrangement is guaranteed to please new moms! Inside a faux leather handled basket, she will discover one of three coveted red wines amongst a collection of decadent chocolate treats. Complete with Belgian chocolate truffles, chocolate filled wafers, and chocolate covered caramels, this stunning arrangement will be perfect after 9+ months of going without wine!

Experience and Adventure Gifts

Some of the gifts that leave the most lasting impression don’t come in a box. Memories of shared experiences with the ones we love can outlast physical trinkets. These gifts can be especially great for new Moms, since moments alone without the baby is sure to be in short supply soon. Read on for our favorite Experience and Adventure Push presents for Moms:

  1. Tickets To A Comedy Show
  2. Some of the best gifts are the ones that leave a lifelong impression, and tickets to a comedian she enjoys can be a great way to pack in a little bit of special time for the happy couple before baby arrives.

  3. A Beach Getaway
  4. Whether you live on the coast already or somewhere further away, a romantic beach getaway is an awesome choice for a push present / baby-moon. Help her spend some quality time relaxing in the sun, and get ready mentally and physically for the changes headed her way. AirBnB typically has plenty of great beach properties to choose from, or go with a more traditional hotel.

  5. A Cooking Class
  6. Cooking can be a great way to spend time together, and a fun group cooking class can be an absolute blast. Learn to make an awesome dish or full course meal together, and you’ll have something special you can go to at home even when you can’t find a babysitter!

  7. Bright Cellars Wine Subscription
  8. If the new Mom to-be is a wine lover who’s been missing out the past 9 or so months, consider the gift of wine to her door each month! Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you’ll love. Take your taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches, and then they’ll ship 4 unique bottles each month, direct to the door!

  9. A Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription
  10. Daily Harvest is a subscription smoothie service that’s great for a health-conscious new Mom! It can be hard to focus on our own nutrition when we’re so focused on the little ones, but this makes it easy! Their in-house chefs and nutritionists craft recipes that are both delicious and bring a little something extra to the table. All delivered to her door and ready to enjoy in minutes!

Photo and Keepsake Gifts

It sounds cliche but it’s all too true… those first years with a new baby pass in the blink of an eye. One day you’ll be bringing them home from the hospital, and before you know it they’ll be walking, talking, and developing their own little personalities. Help Mom capture every moment to remember these special times forever with a photography or keepsake push gift like the ones below:

  1. Canon EOS Rebel & Accessory Bundle
  2. Capturing life's important moments becomes so important after welcoming a new baby to the world. This Canon EOS Rebel is a perfect camera for new moms who want to capture every shot perfectly! It has everything she needs whether she's new to photograph or a seasoned pro!

  3. A Newborn Photo Shoot
  4. Every new family should take the time to do a newborn photo shoot in the first weeks. You can find plenty of professional photographers who specialize in newborn shoots on yelp or Craigslist if you want to give the session as a push gift. Or, you can pick up some props and do the shoot yourself (pairs great with the camera set above!).

  5. Monthly Milestone Blocks
  6. Monthly photo shoots during the first year are a staple of new Mom social-media. This awesome set of blocks comes with everything she needs to make her friends jealous and show off your little bundle of joy! This complete set of baby milestone blocks includes major holidays, calendar blocks, fun sayings and numbers up to 65, which means they can be used through baby's first year and beyond.

  7. A Personalized Baby Photo Album
  8. For every captured moment of new baby bliss there is this handmade photo album by Kerri Lee. A laser-engraved, wooden cover comes personalized with the child's name (up to 10 characters) and (optional) date of birth--or just baby if details are still a mystery.

  9. A Personalized Baby Keepsake Library
  10. There's a lock of baby hair somewhere in your sock drawer, and a tooth in your jewelry box. This personalized cloth-covered organizer stores all your little one's cherished keepsakes in style. Use the labels, acid-free drawers, files, and envelopes to tuck away treasures, from hospital name bracelets to the world's smallest, cutest pair of Chucks.

Home and Nursery Gifts

Preparing the home and nursery for baby (or nesting) is a big part of the motherhood experience. Help her round out the nursery with something special, or get her something for the home that will make life easier after baby arrives. There are tons of great options, but these are our favorite Home and Nursery push gift ideas:

  1. A Nursery Rocking Chair
  2. This "Windsor Glider with Ottoman" is the perfect product to complete her nursery. It has enclosed metal bearings for smooth gliding motion, generous seating room with padded arms and pockets for extra storage. It's perfect for feedings or rocking baby back to sleep late at night.

  3. Smart Baby Monitoring System
  4. Part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru. Introducing Nanit, the best thing to happen to the baby monitor since it was invented! It's everything new parents need to keep an eye on their newborn. Peace of mind is a great gift to give!

  5. Roomba Robot Vacuum
  6. The last thing she's going to want to do with a new baby in the house is worry about cleaning the floor. The Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot provides a thorough clean, all at the push of a button. Making sure baby has a clean place to play and crawl has never been easier!

  7. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
  8. The early days of a newborn's arrival can be stressful enough without having to worry about feeding the rest of the family. With an Instant Pot slow cooker / pressure cooker, it's a piece of cake to throw together a delicious meal. This is one push gift every new mom will love!

  9. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker
  10. If she's switched to decaf during the pregnancy or given up coffee all together, an awesome new coffee maker can be a great push present to help her celebrate. The first months of a new baby can be a tiring time, so it's sure to see a lot of use! It's fast to brew and easy to clean, the perfect combination.

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry is one of the most classic push gift ideas out there, and always a great choice. Whether you want to splurge on something expensive, or go with something more conservative, the memories that will go along with it are what will make the gift truly special when she looks back in the years to come. Here are some of our favorite jewelry push gifts for mom:

  1. The Mommy Pendant
  2. The pendant pictures a mother embracing her child and a precious birthstone that celebrates their special bond. The beautiful pendant necklace is presented in a unique designer gift box, which opens up to reveal a memorable inscription inside... “Remember Your First Embrace”, offering even more sentiment to the wonderful mother who will receive it.

  3. A New Watch
  4. This watch features stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet case of 39mm with Fixed gold tone bezel. Analog dial with gold tone indices two sub dials and logo. It can be easy to lose track of time in the first weeks and months of motherhood, so this is always a great option for a push gift!

  5. Take My Hand Necklace
  6. Mothers are miraculous, showing up to take our hand just when we need them. Britta Ambauen's sterling silver and bronze pendant is an artistic interpretation of the remarkable bond between mom and child. She handcrafts the piece, etching miniature hearts into each palm and adding birthstone gems to represent your children.

  7. Rose Gold Pearl Chain Pendant Necklace
  8. An elegant sterling silver chain pendant necklace 21" with rose gold over sterling silver open heart shape and freshwater cultured high luster pearl makes a perfect push gift. It's secured with lobster claw clasp for easy on and off. She'll love the way she looks with this beautiful piece around her neck!

  9. Personalized Spinner Ring
  10. You've Got 'Em Wrapped Around Your Finger... Or is it the other way around? Whether they're across the country or just down the hall, keep your lovable brood close at hand with this customizable spinner ring. Perfect for a new Mom or Mom to-be!

How To Pick The Perfect Push Gift For Mom

As you can see above, there are all kinds of great ideas when it comes to push presents. Whether it’s something just for her, or something you can enjoy together, the secret to picking the perfect push gift is to think about what she likes and how she’s feeling about the pregnancy.

No 2 women or pregnancies are alike, so we can’t just give you a silver bullet answer that will work for every woman. We’ve already listed out some great choices that will hopefully help you pick, but if you’re still struggling, here are some other things to keep in mind:

1) Think about her hobbies and passions…

It may sound obvious, but start by thinking about the things she loves. There might be hobbies she enjoys, certain foods, etc. Now, consider if she’s had to give any of those up during the pregnancy and you’re probably on a great track to a push gift she’ll love! Things like a nice bottle of wine, equipment for some outdoor activity she loves are great options. Also, consider if she’s taken up any new activities since the pregnancy that she might continue to enjoy after the baby arrives!

2) What would she love, but never buy for herself?…

The arrival of a new baby is a perfect opportunity to splurge a bit on the Mom to be. If she’s the type who doesn’t like to spend on herself often, consider something completely frivolous that she’d love but probably never go for on her own. Jewelry, a nice blanket or robe, or a fancy new coffee maker are all great examples in this category.

3) What’s been hard on her?… Pregnancy isn’t easy, and it’s not just the actual delivery that can be hard on Mom. If she’s having aches and pains, consider something relaxing like a spa day (or home spa kit), or massage to help her relax and unwind. If she’s had to give up things she enjoys, get her something she can have or do as soon as baby arrives. If she’s been feeling cooped up, take her out for a nice dinner or even a romantic getaway.

4) Consider giving an experience… Some of the best presents aren’t material things, but experiences you can enjoy together. The concept of a baby-moon is also gaining in popularity, and it’s a great thing to combine with a push present. Maybe there’s a comedian coming to town, or a show she’d love? Maybe a nice dinner, cooking class, or spa-day is more suited to her? There are all kinds of options, so think outside the box!

Our Proven Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating her to something she may not buy for herself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for her is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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