41 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband In 2022

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

What’s the Best Christmas Gift For Your Husband this year? Well, every man is a unique, so there’s no one right answer to that question.

The good news is, our team of experts has done a round-up of the most Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband, whether you’re shopping for the man who loves tech, fitness, clothing, or tools.

No matter what he’s into, we’re sure to have something perfect for your Husband this Christmas!

Electronics Gifts For Your Husband

  1. A Video Game Console
  2. Video game consoles can be fun for the whole family, or the perfect escape for your husband to slip into from time to time. From XBOX, to PS4, to Nintendo Switch, there are a ton of great consoles to choose from. If you're not sure which one he'd enjoy the most, consider asking one of his friends, as they'll probably have a good idea of what his other friends play on (important for multiplayer games).

  3. A 3D Printer
  4. 3D printer technology has advanced a ton over the past few years, and affordable models that work well are pretty common. If your husband is into technology in general, a 3D printer can be a great hobby. He can print everything from models, to little toys for the kids, all the way to helpful items for use around the house!

  5. A New TV
  6. A new TV can be a great idea for the Christmas Holiday, and the fact that you'll get to enjoy it too is just an added bonus. Flat Screen technology has come a long ways, and there are a huge range of models and features that are great for any budget and use case.

  7. Bluetooth Headphones
  8. A nice pair of wireless bluetooth headphones is another great option for your Husband this Christmas. They have incredible sound quality, and a range of great features like noise cancellation, all with the freedom of wireless. Perfect for commuters, long plane flights, or relaxing around the house!

  9. A Home Theatre Projector
  10. Bring the magic of the movie theatre home with a home theatre projector! Great for gaming, netflix, and sports! Any husband would love to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning, and it's sure to put a smile on his face!

  11. Smart Home Devices
  12. The rise of the smart home is a recent advancement your husband might be interested in. With everything from smart home hubs, to smart lights, smart doorbells, and more, there are plenty of great options out there to help automate your home!

  13. An Electric Razor
  14. Whether your Hubby shaves every day or less often, an Electric Razor is a useful gift he's sure to appreciate. No more messing with shaving cream and straight razors with their expensive refills! There are a huge range of options out there, so you're sure to find something to fit your price range.

  15. A Remote Control Drone
  16. Forget remote control cars! Drones are here to stay and the technology is amazing! There are choices ranging from toys starting under $25, all the way up to professional devices that cost $600 or more. Drones are fun, useful, and sure to be a big hit this Christmas!

  17. Home Security Cameras
  18. Protecting the home is typically something most Husbands spend time thinking about. This Christmas is a great opportunity to help him do that with a Home Security Camera or System. There are options ranging from single cameras that upload everything to the "cloud", to multi-camera complete setups to keep an eye on every angle of the house!

  19. A New Camera
  20. Today's smartphones are pretty amazing, but for a professional feel in your shots, there's just no comparison to a DSLR or other camera. With external lenses, flashes, and all sorts of bells and whistles, they blow even the best phones out of the water. Whether he's capturing the kids at a sporting event, or photographing beautiful landscapes, an awesome new camera makes sure the moment is captured perfectly!

Alcohol Gifts For Your Husband

  1. Flaviar Whiskey Subscription
  2. For the whiskey enthusiast, consider this epic subscription box by Flaviar. They’ve compiled a database of over 15,000 different spirits and each year hundreds of craft distilleries open their doors for club members - all delivered direct to their door!

  3. A Kegerator
  4. The perfect gift for a beer lover with a man cave, den, or just to keep in the garage, a beer keg cooler (kegerator) makes sure he's always got cold beer on tap. Perfect for hosting get togethers, watching sports, or any time he's ready to crack open a cold one!

  5. Wine Refrigerator
  6. For the wine connoisseur, a dedicated Wine Refrigerator will keep his bottles at the perfect temperature and make sure they stay ready to drink whenever the time is right. You can find models for under $100 that hold 6 bottles or so, all the way up to professional grade ones with multiple cooling zones and capacity for over 100 (so surely there's one to fit your budget and needs).

  7. Whiskey Gift Sets
  8. From decanters to whiskey stones, a nice Whiskey Set makes a great gift for any Husband who enjoys a glass now and then. There are tons of great designs and options out there so there's definitely something to fit his sense of style and your wallet.

  9. A Humidor
  10. For the husband who enjoys Cigars, a humidor makes a great Christmas gift option. A humidor will help keep his Cigars stored at exactly the right humidity to keep them fresh and ready to smoke! There are tons of styles and price points, so no matter what you're looking for there's something that'll hit the mark.

  11. A Wine Drinker's Gift Set
  12. There are a ton of awesome gift sets out there for the Husband who enjoys wine. Common options include electric openers, decanters, aerators, fancy glasses, and more! Finding one of these sets under the tree will delight him this Christmas!

  13. A Wet Bar Set
  14. If your Husband enjoys making mixed drinks or acting as the resident bar tender, a nice set of bar accessories is a great option. Help him pour the perfect whiskey sour, or whip up a dry martini with the useful accessories you'll find in these awesome sets.

Clothing Gifts For Your Husband

  1. A New Watch
  2. A nice dress watch (or smartwatch, sportwatch, pocket watch, etc) is a good choice for any man on Christmas. Help your husband look stylish and keep him running on time with a timepiece that will suit his unique style.

  3. Bombfell Subscription Clothing Box
  4. Some guys hate to shop, but that’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to look their best! This awesome subscription box sends items direct to his door that are hand picked by a stylist based on some basic information about their (or your) personal tastes! Help him put an end to faded T-shirts and socks with holes forever!

    Whether your Husband enjoys dressing up or not, a cufflink and tie clip can be a great way to help him add some personal style and flair to any formal outfit. With everything from elegant precious metals, to whimsical video gamed themed options, you'll definitely find something that suits his unique tastes and style!

  5. A New Wallet
  6. Most men use their wallet daily, but if your Husband is anything like mine, he'll literally use it until it falls apart rather than taking the initiative to replace it for his own sake. Whether you're helping him upgrade from a velcro one, or just replacing an old one, a nice leather wallet is a great choice this Christmas!

  7. Some Comfy New Slippers
  8. Help keep your Husband's feet warm and toasty all year long with a nice set of slippers this Christmas! The cold winter months are a perfect time for slippers, and there are a ton of awesome options available at all sorts of price points.

  9. New Dress Shoes
  10. Christmas is a great time to up your Husband's style game, and some nice new dress shoes go a long way towards that end. Whether it's a new shoe for daily work wear, or something more formal, unwrapping a nice new pair is sure to put a smile on his face! Free shipping is usually available too!

  11. New Gloves
  12. From leather driving gloves, to mittens, to snow gloves, Christmas morning is a great time to gift a nice new pair! No matter what your husband is in to, or what the climate is like where you live, there's a perfect pair out there for him!

  13. Darn Tough Socks
  14. If you haven't heard of "Darn Tough Socks", just know they're basically the highest rated Men's socks out there, with a lifetime warranty and incredible quality. The price tag is a bit hefty for a pair of socks, but these are absolutely worth the money (and their sales numbers prove it).

Outdoor Gifts For Your Husband

  1. A Fitness Tracker
  2. For the Husband who's into gadgets and fitness, there are tons of awesome fitness trackers on the market! There are models that track everything from steps taken, to heart rate, to hours of sleep he's getting. Having the data can be critical to seeing how you're performing, sticking to goals, etc, and a fitness tracker is a great way to get it!

  3. Weight Sets
  4. Whether its dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, a husband who loves lifting weights is sure to enjoy having a set to do it from the comfort of his own home! Wrapping these might be a little hard, but he's sure to have a big smile on his face when he finds them this year!

  5. Camping Gear
  6. If your husband loves to camp, there's a ton of great gift options in the Camping Gear space. Everything from tents and sleeping bags, to stoves, tools, and more! Even if he's the type of guy who has everything, there's definitely something camping related he might not even realize he needs yet!

  7. Tailgating Accessories
  8. Whether your Husband loves tailgating the big game, or just hanging out with the neighbors and BBQing, there are a ton of awesome games and other accessories to make those activities awesome! From corn-hole, to horseshoes, to portable grills and crock-pots, there's something for everyone!

  9. A GoPro
  10. For the husband on the go, a GoPro camera is an awesome gift. He can mount it to a snowboarding or cycling helmet, place it strategically to capture some wicked moves, or any number of other great ideas for catching those great moments. They're waterproof, shock resistant, and perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities!

  11. A New Multi Tool
  12. If your husband is the kind who likes to always be prepared, a new multi-tool is a great gift idea. These things come with any number of general and specific use tools, so no matter what he's tackling, he'll have the right tool for the job! There are an insane number of models out there, with everything from pliars to a hatchet head, so finding the right one for your guy should be a piece of cake!

  13. A New Gym Bag
  14. Is your husband lugging around and old smelly well worn gym bag? If so, a new one is a great Christmas Gift Idea this year. Consider filling it with some new sports wear, water bottles, and other fitness stuff for a complete gift in a bag!

  15. An Insulated Water Bottle
  16. Help him stay hydrated all day long and keep his beverages the perfect temperature with a new insulated water bottle. These are great for the husband on the go, and also a good fit for the office. Make sure he's keeping his H20 intake high, and you can even find one to compliment his style!

Tool Gifts For Your Husband

  1. A Rotary Tool Set
  2. A Rotary tool set is a perfect choice for any Husband's Christmas gift. There's few tools more versatile than one of these, and they do everything including cut, sand, polish, drill, and more! There are tons of models and sets of different sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect one to fit your budget.

  3. A Power Washer
  4. Oh boy, if you're not familiar with how awesome power washers are, spend a couple minutes on youtube watching videos of them being used to clean dirt and grime off just about anything and you'll realize how badly your husband needs one of these for Christmas. Restore your patio furniture to their past glory, melt moss off your walkways, or blast oil and grime off an engine block... the number of uses for these things are crazy, and watching them work can be so satisfying!

  5. A New Power Drill
  6. The power drill can be one of the most heavily used items in his toolbox, so it's a great choice for a Christmas present if your Husband is in need of a new one or doesn't have one yet. It's typically a good idea to get one that's compatible with his other battery powered tools (if he has any), so make sure you check on that before you buy.

  7. A Socket Wrench Set
  8. These tool sets typically have way more than just a socket wrench and sockets, and these are a critical component of your Husband's tool collection. There are sets ranging from the very basic, all the way up to professional grade with all the bells and whistles. No matter what your Husband's needs (or your budget), the perfect set is out there for you to find!

  9. A New Power Sander
  10. Elbow grease is totally overrated, and a new power sander can be a great addition to your Husband's set. Whether it's orbital or belt, a new sander will help him rip through those big jobs in no time and put the perfect finish on every project.

  11. A New Power Saw
  12. There are tons of great saws out there if your husband is into woodworking. From table saws to circular saws, help him take care of those big jobs and slice through wood like a hot knife through butter.

  13. A New Lawn Mower
  14. A new lawn mower might be just the ticket for your husband's Christmas morning. If your current model is a bit on the old side, it's definitely worth checking out some of the new bells and whistles you'll find on recent mowers. Make the chore of lawn care more fun with a nice new mower this Christmas!

  15. A Leaf Blower
  16. Rakes are a fools game... Help your husband harness the power of the wind to "breeze" through the yard work this year. Nobody wants to spend all day working in the yard, so a leaf blower that can speed that whole process up is a fantastic gift for your Hubby.

  17. A Lawn Edger
  18. For the husband who demands a perfectly manicured lawn, a new power edger would be a great gift to find under the tree this year. With lots of models and price points to choose from, you'll find the perfect one for him with no trouble!

The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Husband

While we can’t tell you what the perfect gift is for your husband, our research has identified a ton of great ideas that are a hit in many cases. Here are our 10 favorites:

  • Fitness Tech.
  • Fashion accessories.
  • Video game systems or games.
  • A booklet of sexy-time coupons.
  • Barware for his favorite drink.
  • Tickets to a show or concert.
  • Tech gadgets.
  • Anything DIY.
  • Fun couples games and activities

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband

In the hectic world of day to day life, we can sometimes neglect to make romantic gestures to the ones we love most. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to right that wrong with an amazing romantic gift.

Here’s our list of the Best Romantic Christmas Gifts For Your Husband:

  • A luxurious sweater.
  • Sexy underthings (for you or him to wear).
  • A robe and slippers for cold nights and mornings.
  • Cozy new sheets for the bed.
  • A booklet of sexy-time coupons.
  • A scrapbook of your highlights from the past year.
  • A romantic getaway for 2.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Husband

Christmas is a fantastic time to impress him with a truly unique present. These unique gifts are fantastic any time, but especially in those cold winter months.

Our picks for the most Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Husband are:

  • A romantic getaway for 2
  • Underwear of the month club
  • A robe and slippers for cold nights and mornings
  • Apparel from his favorite sports team
  • A home assistant
  • Workout and exercise accessories
  • A beer, wine, or spirit of the month club

Christmas Gifts For Your Husband From The Kids

Your husband means the world to his kids, and vice versa. When your kids aren’t quite old enough to help pick that perfect gift to express their love, it falls on you to help them out.

We’ve outlined some great options above, but here are our favorite Christmas Gifts For Your Husband From the Kids:

  • Tools and accessories
  • Have them hand-make a card or other craft
  • A picture frame with a picture of them for his desk
  • A basket of yummy treats and snacks
  • Help them write a song, poem, or other creative work
  • Gift Cards for the little daily things (coffee, restaurants, etc) he enjoys
  • Games they can play together

Christmas Gifts For Your Husband Under $50

Being romantic this Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, DIY gifts can provide a more meaningful connection to our husbands and leave a longer lasting impression.

Our favorite Husband Christmas Gifts Under $50 are:

  • An outdoor adventure like hiking or bicycling
  • A love letter from the heart
  • A book that means something special to you both
  • A framed picture of the 2 of you
  • Gift Cards to everyday things he enjoys (coffee, restaurants, etc)
  • Adult coupons for the bedroom
  • Anything you craft yourself

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Husband

Men can be extremely hard to shop for, and there’s a good chance your Husband is no exception. Whether he’s the type of guy who has everything, or just an enigma you can’t quite figure out on gift giving occasions, we’ve got you covered.

So how do you pick that unique, creative item each year? There are a ton of unique gift ideas out there, but if you’re drawing a blank, here are some great ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Check out their social media…

He may not be on pinterest, but there’s a good chance he’s mentioned something, followed a particular brand or team, or something that will spark an idea. A little bit of digging can yield a wealth of great options.

2) Ask his friends…

If your guy shares interests and hobbies with his buddies, there’s a good change they will have some ideas for you to choose from.

3) Consider giving an experience…

Things like hiking, concerts, weekend getaways, wine tasting, and other fun activities can lead to memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes the perfect item is not an item at all.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating him to something he may not buy for himself is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for him is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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