19 Epic Eagle Scout Gifts For 2022

Article by Anna Smith. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

The rank of Eagle is the highest honor in Scouting, and marks the culmination of years of hard work. For many young men, reaching this goal is one of the formative experiences that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. It’s only fitting that we help them take the time to celebrate this occasion with our presence at their court of honor, and by gifting something they can treasure forever. If you’re looking for some great Eagle Scout Gift Ideas, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of unique and heartfelt items below!

  1. Commemorative Eagle Scout Pocket Knife
  2. This beautiful commemorative Eagle Scout knife features embellished smooth natural bone, and high quality craftsmanship. It's the perfect way to help them mark this incredible milestone in their scouting journey!

  3. Legacy of Honor: The Values and Influence of America's Eagle Scouts
  4. Over the past century, America’s Eagle Scouts have earned a reputation for service, virtue, and leadership that is recognized throughout the world. But few people realize the full extent to which Eagle Scouts have made a mark on American history. They have served as astronauts, soldiers, politicians, and businessmen, but they have also been the fathers, brothers, Scoutmasters, coaches, and other role models who have played an integral part in American life.'

  5. An Eagle Scout Hoodie
  6. Help them show off their high achievement even when they aren't in uniform with this officially licensed Eagle Scout Hoodie! It features the classic Eagle Scout logo on a black cotton sweatshirt made with fine materials and craftsmanship.

  7. A Brass Compass
  8. This incredible Solid Brass Compass Features Thoreau's Quote "Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams, Live The Life You Have Imagined." It's a beautiful piece with a perfect message for the ascendant Eagle Scout as they prepare to chase their dreams. The compass comes with an impressive hand stitched leather case stamped with J. R. R. Tolkien's quote "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost."

  9. A Personalized Art Print
  10. This is a beautiful, unique Art Piece that honors the remarkable accomplishments of the Eagle Scout, and is the perfect gift for any worthy of this special award. The distinctive and personalized artwork includes the Eagle Scout's name, as well as the names and phrases of over 180 accomplishments, ranks, awards, traditions, merit badges and other identifiers to create an incredible lasting tribute to anyone who has successfully earned the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout.

  11. A Scout Patch Collector Album
  12. Here's a great way to help them show off the badges they worked hard to collect on the road to Eagle. This album comes with a nice binder cover, 20 assorted plastic pages to hold up to 240 patches, and black backing cards. Four different page styles are included to display many different patch sizes.

  13. A Wooden Sword Display
  14. This handcrafted wall decoration is built to hang in your home, reminding your scout of their dedication, and your dedication to them. Your scout has worked so hard for so long to soar to the rank of Eagle Scout. Before they leave the nest, celebrate them with a gift they'll keep for a lifetime.

  15. Scouting Pocket Knife Gift Set
  16. This incredible Scouting Gift Set is the perfect way to commemorate this incredible achievement. The handle of the knife is dark Blue Delran etched with boy Scouts logo, and "prepared. For life." the bolsters are highly polished nickel silver.

  17. A Custom Eagle Scout Cross Necklace
  18. Duty to god and country are at the core of scouting, and this incredible piece will help the new Eagle Scout keep these tennants near their heart at all times. It features the classic Eagle Scout logo on a black cross lined in silver. Check your favorite coupon sites, because this item often goes on sale for 5% off.

  19. An Eagle Scout Popsocket
  20. Dropping your phone or tablet is one of the worst things in this modern world of ours. Popsockets are all the rage, and help you keep a steady grip on a phone or tablet. This officially licensed Eagle Scout popsocket features the iconic logo of the rank they've worked so hard to achieve!

  21. A Fine Crafted Compass Box
  22. These incredible works of art a perfect for storing keepsakes of the Eagle Scout Journey. They combine over 7 different species of wood, with 29 individual pieces to create a fine display piece they're sure to appreciate. Perfect for storing watches, pocket knives, compasses or other treasures.

  23. An American Eagle Water Globe
  24. American Eagle Musical Water Globe plays the tune "America the Beautiful" with 18-Note movement. This eagle and flag symbolize the glory of being an American! It's hand sculpted and painted for excellent quality and detail, measuring in at 5.5" tall.

  25. An Eagle Stein
  26. This Eagle Stein Mug is a great way to enjoy any beverage. This 22 oz ceramic stein features a large sturdy handle, gold banding at rim and base, along with a decorative casting throughout. Why drink out of an ordinary mug when a custom printed mug is so much cooler? Image is printed on both sides.

  27. An Eagle Scout Display Frame
  28. This Eagle Scout Flag Certificate and Picture Frame is designed to hold a single 8-Inch by 10-Inch certificate and a flag. The frame is made from Mahogany colored wood, and the outside dimensions measure 16-Inches by 17-Inches. Perfect for the Eagle Scout himself, or as a gift to his parents to help them proudly display his achievements!

  29. An Eagle Wallet
  30. This Genuine Leather Men's Billfold Wallet isonstructed from high-quality Genuine hand made leather, with a smooth texture. It's engraved with a diving eagle on front, to help him celebrate his huge accomplishment in attaining the highest rank in Scouts.

  31. A Premium Eagle Walking Stick
  32. Reaching the rank of Eagle Scout marks the end of the beginning of a young man's journey. Prepare them for the trek ahead with this fine hand-carved eagle design walking stick. Perfect for outdoor adventures in all weather and terrain conditions.

  33. Some Epic Binoculars
  34. A pair of high quality Binoculars are a must have for every outdoorsman, and a great way to celebrate the highest rank in scouting. With their ultra-wide, best-in-class, field of view, you can efficiently cover ground and acquire subjects with ease. The D205 model features 10x Magnification, 42mm Objective Lens Diameter and a 15mm Eye Relief.

  35. An Ultralight Camping Hammock
  36. Ultralight campers will rejoice at finally having a premium hammock option that weighs a meager 0.56 kg (20oz) and packs down to about the size of a small volleyball in the included stuff sack. It's large enough for full grown men, and strong enough to hold over 800 pounds! Perfect for years of outdoor camping enjoyment!

  37. A Coleman Classic Propane Stove
  38. What Eagle Scout hasn't enjoyed countless camp meals prepared on the Coleman Classic Propane Stove? As they begin their transition into adulthood, consider gifting them their own Stove and preparing them for many years of outdoor enjoyment after they've left the nest. It's an iconic piece of camping equipment they can use and enjoy each and every year.

The Best Eagle Scout Gifts

While we can’t tell you what the perfect gift is for the Eagle Scout in your life, our research has identified a ton of great ideas that are a hit in many cases.

Here are our 10 favorite Eagle Scout Gifts:

  • A commemorative pocket knife.
  • New camping gear.
  • A personalized eagle scout print.
  • A display frame for pictures, certificates and patches.
  • A fancy compass.
  • Eagle themed wallets or fashion accessories.
  • Eagle Scout Hoodies and T-Shirts.
  • A nice pair of binoculars.

So You’ve Been Invited To An Eagle Scout Court of Honor…

That’s awesome! If you’re not deeply involved in the world of Boy Scouts, you may have some questions about what exactly this means. For starters, it means the Scout has reached the highest rank possible, one which is achieved by only a small fraction of the boys and young men who start out on the scouting journey - it’s a huge accomplishment!

What To Expect At A Court of Honor Ceremony

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony is a celebration of the achievement of scouting’s highest honor. The ceremony is typically held in a dignified location, like a church or auditorium. The program for a Court of Honor will vary, but typically includes thing like words from various troop leaders about the honoree, presentation of the award, recognition of all Eagle Scouts in attendance, words of thanks from the honoree, and similar.

How Long Is A Typical Court of Honor

Generally, a court of honor will clock in around 1 hour. It depends on the program, number of speakers, etc, but expect it to last no more than 1.5 hours.

Should You Give A Gift To A New Eagle Scout?

It’s up to you, certainly. Think of the Eagle Scout Court of Honor as a Graduation ceremony, similar to a High School Graduation. Many attendees will bring a signed card of congratulations (possibly with a small amount of cash or a gift card). Close friends and family members should definitely consider something more substantial to help the Scout mark this huge occasion in their lives!

How To Pick The Perfect Gift For An Eagle Scout

On such an epic day, a heartfelt gift is a great way to mark the occasion. The Eagle Scout Court of Honor might be the first time in a young man’s life where their friends and family come together specifically to honor their hard work and achievement, and it can leave an impression that lasts forever.

So how do you find just the right present for the ascendant Eagle Scout? If you’re drawing a blank or not sure where to start, here are some great ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Decide on a Themed vs General Gift…

There are a ton of awesome Eagle Scout related gifts (featuring the logo, or other themes), many of which we’ve rounded up above. There’s also the option of going with a general gift you know they have their heart set on. Choosing which route to go beforehand is a good way to help narrow down the options.

2) Is there something practical they need?

Scouting presents an opportunity for all sorts of camping and outdoors related gifts. Items they can use for years to come like a new tent, backpack, hiking boots, and similar make a great gift to mark the day.

3) Is there something that will help them remember the day?

The Court of Honor can leave a lifelong impression on a young man. Helping them proudly display the fruits of their efforts, with an item like a display piece is a great choice.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating them to something they may not buy for themselves is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for them is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative gifts mean thinking outside the box.
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