75 Unique Gift Ideas For Sports Coaches in 2022

Article by Jennifer Lee. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Coaches play an incredibly important role in our lives. They push us to do our best and grow as athletes and human beings. It can be a tireless, thankless job… no matter what sport it’s for. It’s important from time to time to take a few minutes to show them exactly what they mean to you, and an awesome gift is a fantastic way to do that. We’ve rounded up a ton of coach gifts below, and see our dedicated guides for different sports for more specific ideas linked down below!

  1. Decorative Team-Signed Plaque
  2. A perfect gift from the whole team, this handcrafted carved wood decorative accessory makes a statement and is a great accent piece for home or office. Easily hang on a wall or set up on a desk or shelf. The Wood Words is painted black allowing for teammates, athletes and friends to autograph this decorative sign. A perfect end of year present!

  3. A New Digital Stopwatch
  4. Every coach needs a good stopwatch, and this is one of the best! Made from high quality material, and with all the key features they'll need, they're sure to love it! A perfect end-of-season gift!

  5. A High Quality Waterbottle
  6. Don't mess with inferior products... get them the Embrava's top quality Sport's Water Bottle with a flip top leak-proof lid! It's the way water bottles are SUPPOSED to be made, with top quality Tritan Co-Polyester Plastic that's guaranteed BPA free! That means NO LEECHING awful tastes. Best of all, the plastic for the bottle is manufactured right here in the USA!

  7. Championship Ring Display Case
  8. Beautifully display any championship ring, class ring, sports ring, and more in this stunning acrylic ring display case! This case is the perfect way to commemorate that ring they love so much! With its sleek pyramid style, crystal clear acrylic casing, and personalized engraved plate, this acrylic ring display case is sure to commemorate any great achievement!

  9. Some Amazing New Earphones
  10. Perfect for the person on the go, these great Earphones will pair with their phone or other bluetooth device seemlessly! If they live an active lifestyle, they're sure to find these indespensible!

  11. A Personalized Photo Frame
  12. These one of a kind wooden frames are sure to be a perfect gift for coach no matter what the sport. This 8" X 10" frame features a unique design and can hold one 4" X 6" photo. Make those unforgettable moments from the year last forever!

  13. A Dry Erase Board (All Sports)
  14. Successful coaching demands in-depth knowledge of strategies, knowing how to apply them creatively, and orchestrating the vision with the team. That's why this Board is such a valuable tool, it helps coaches of all experience levels, leagues, and divisions to remain organized and plan ahead; but, equally important, is its value as a tool for the team as well. Available for all major team sports!

  15. A New Duffel Bag
  16. For a workout or an away game, there is no better bag with a Lifetime warranty out there. The team Issue Duffel is built for superior team functionality. The large main compartment features an interior zippered pocket for your valuables. On one end cap of the Duffel is a fresh PAK ventilated compartment, great for keeping smelly shoes and gear separate from the rest of your stuff!

  17. A New Coaching Jacket
  18. Inspired by the spirit of sport, whether it is soccer, softball, basketball, golf or tennis, a nice athletic sweatshirt embraces the functionality that is needed to endure even the most active of lifestyles. Perfect for men or women, help them keep warm year round! This item also has free shipping with prime!

  19. A New Mesh Equipment Bag
  20. Equipment heavy sports can be a headache. Help yours stay organized this year with one of these epic mesh equipment bags! Made from high quality materials, it's as tough as they are and looks good too!

  21. A Beautiful Wallet
  22. A wallet, handbag, or similar item make great and very practical gifts for men and women coaches alike! Put a smile on their face this season when they open up one of these awesome presents!

  23. Awesome New Sunglasses
  24. Keep them looking good while protecting their eyes with a great new pair of sunglasses! Perfect for anyone, but especially if your sport is played outdoors. They're sure to love the look, and it never hurts to be on their good side!

  25. A New Watch
  26. A new watch from Coach (a little on the nose, we know...) or any other brand is a great, practical gift for anyone and sure to make for a highly appreciated coaches present this season. Available in styles for men and women both!

  27. Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life
  28. What actions prompt top performing athletes to elevate themselves to superstardom? What principles did they adhere to in order to become the best of the best? 'Shoot Your Shot' identifies the key principles that the world's most elite players have applied to their lives and explains in detail how you can use those exact same principles to help you navigate through life, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams.

  29. A Top Quality Whistle
  30. No coach is complete without a trusty whistle to help them get their player's attention. This pack of 2 high end metal whistles are sure to become their go-to in no time at all! No matter their sport, they are sure to love and appreciate this gift!

How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Sports Coach

The coaches gift is a time honored tradition that spans age ranges and sports alike. Whether you’re shopping for a child’s baseball coach, or your own semi-pro or professional one, the good news is there are tons of items to choose from.

The bad news is… there are a ton of items to choose from. So how do you find just the right present for the coach in your life? If you’re drawing a blank or not sure where to start, here are some ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Decide on team vs individual gifts…

Choosing whether you’re going with a gift from yourself alone, or something the whole team can contribute to is a good place to start. This can dictate things like budget (everyone pitching in a few dollars goes a long way!), type of item (something everyone can sign or make a non-monetary contribution to for example), and other specifics (i.e. something that’s an inside joke between you wouldn’t work so well from the whole team).

2) Is there something practical they need?

Coaching can be expensive, between equipment, transportation costs, and other considerations you might not think about often as a player. If there’s something practical that would make their coaching experience more enjoyable (for example, a nice jacket to keep them warm on the field, or a bag to tote around equipment), that can be a great choice of present.

3) Is there something impractical they would love?

A good gift definitely doesn’t have to be practical to be appreciated. Many people won’t go out of their way to pamper themselves, so this can be an excellent avenue for gifting.

4) Consider giving an experience…

If your team never takes the time to do things together off the field, an experience can be a way to go. Rounding up the team for a nice dinner, a concert, or other event and chipping in to pay the coaches way can lead to experiences that are remembered far more fondly than a physical trinket.

Our Time Tested Gifting Principles

Beyond the brainstorming basics, there are a few guiding principles you should keep in mind:

  1. Price isn’t everything - sometimes the best gifts are handmade, inexpensive, or free.
  2. Practical isn’t always best - treating them to something they may not buy for themselves is always a good idea.
  3. Give from the heart - something that holds deeper meaning for them is sure to make a lasting impression.
  4. Be inventive - truly unique and creative ideas require thinking outside the box.

The Best All Around Coaches Gifts

While we can’t tell you what the exact right gift is for the coach in your life, our research has identified a ton of ideas that are a hit in many cases, regardless of sport. Here are our 10 favorites:

  • Fitness Tech (fitbit, bluetooth headphones, etc).
  • Clothing and accessories for on or off the field.
  • High Quality Whistles, stop-watches, and other related equipment.
  • A plaque or sign everyone on the team has autographed.
  • A heartfelt card with a personal note.
  • Tickets to a show or concert (maybe with the team!).
  • A team photo signed by everyone in a nice frame.
  • Anything DIY.
  • A nice duffel.

Football Coach Gifts

Football Coaches are some of the hardest working ones in the business. Few are responsible for more players, and have as big an impact on the actual gameplay in real time on the GridIron. Taking the time to find an awesome present at the end of the season is a must for all grateful players!

Here’s our list of the Best Football Coach Gifts:

  • A Football Signed By The Whole Team
  • A Personalized Coach Mug
  • A Football Tumbler
  • A Personalized Plaque Award
  • A Premium Strategy Board
  • A Coach Bobblehead Trophy
  • A Premium Whistle
  • A Personalized Crystal Trophy
  • Eat. Sleep. Coach. T-Shirt
  • Football Strategies Guide
  • Soccer Coach Gifts

    Soccer coaches are special people, and they play a huge role in the development of many kids in America. Whether you’re looking for a token of appreciation for your children’s, or something for your own, there are a lot of Soccer themed presents to choose from (in addition to what we outlined above).

    Our picks for the most Unique Soccer Coach Gifts are:

  • A Light Up Soccer Ball
  • A Personalized Soccer Coach Plaque
  • A Personalized Coaches Tumbler
  • A Stainless Steel Soccer Mug
  • A Ceramic Soccer Ball Mug
  • A Premium Dry-Erase Board
  • A Soccer Flask Set
  • An Amazon Gift Card In A Soccer Tin
  • A Funny Soccer Coach T-Shirt
  • A Soccer Team Photo Frame
  • Cheer Coach Gifts

    Be aggressive, be-e aggressive when it comes to picking out a fantastic gift for your favorite Cheer Coach. There’s no end of personalized Cheer items to choose from, and we’re here to help you make a choice they’re sure to love the second they lay their eyes on it!

    We’ve outlined some options above, but here are our favorite Cheer Coach Gifts:

  • Cheer Coach Wine Glass
  • A Personalized Cheer Coach Whistle
  • A Signed Team Plaque
  • A Cheer Coach Tote
  • A Steel Coaches Tumbler
  • A Coaches Fill In The Blank Book
  • Cheer Coach Charm Earrings
  • Infinity Cheer Coach Bracelet
  • Coach, Inspire, Love Sweatshirt
  • A Funny Cheer Coach T-Shirt
  • Baseball Coach Gifts

    Baseball Coaches are passionate hard working folks. They give so much to their teams and players, that it’s only right to take a little time to recognize their efforts every now and then. Our roundup of awesome Baseball themed items below are sure to hit a home-run!

    Our favorite Baseball Coach Gifts are:

  • Team Autographed Home Plate Plaque
  • A Baseball Bottle Opener
  • A Stainless Steel Baseball Tumbler
  • A Baseball Glove and Ball Trophy
  • I Teach Kids To Steal T-Shirt
  • A Baseball Whiskey Glass Set
  • A Baseball Coaches Organizer
  • A Baseball Word Cloud Plaque
  • An Engraved Bat Trophy
  • A Mini Pitching Machine
  • Basketball Coach Gifts

    Score a 3 pointer in their heart this year with a unique and thoughtful present. They do so much for us, pushing us to thrive and compete at the highest levels. The bare minimum we can do is spend the time to pick out something they’ll love this season.

    Our top picks for Basketball Coach Gifts are:

  • A Magnetic Coaches Basketball Board
  • A Signed Team Photo Frame
  • A Stainless Steel Basketball Tumbler
  • A Ceramic Basketball Mug With Hoop
  • A Personalized Wooden Plaque
  • Some Basketball Themed Socks
  • A Mini Autographed Basketball
  • A Light-Up Basketball
  • A Personalized Basketball Coach Mug
  • Some Yummy Chocolate Basketballs
  • Swim Coach Gifts

    Coaching swimming and diving is a calling unique to some of the hardest working and most dedicated folks out there. A good swim coach can make or break the performance gains of amature and professional swimmers alike. Show them what they mean to you with an awesome swimming themed gift.

    Our top picks for Swim Coach Gifts this year are:

  • Tears Of My Swimmers Water Bottle
  • Swim - Signed Team Plaque
  • A Waterproof Travel Bag
  • A Set of Premium Whistles
  • Swim Coaches Sweatshirt
  • A Word-Cloud Swim Coach Print
  • A Swim Coach Charm Bracelet
  • Eat. Breathe. Swim. Sticker
  • I Heart Swimming Hook Display
  • A Microfiber Travel Towel
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