27 Epic Gifts for Rock Climbers and Boulderers

Article by Jim Owens. Last Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022.

Rock climbing is more than a hobby for many, it’s a way of life! Who can blame them, honestly, being outdoors and using your physical abilities to conquer nature is an incredible way to spend time! With such passion, comes the perfect opportunity to find them a rock climbing gift they’ll treasure for years to come!

Our team has rounded up dozens of delightful rock climbing gifts and gear. From bouldering to indoor climbers, we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone!

Best Gifts For Rock Climbers

  • Vintage Rock & Mountain Climbing Patent Art Poster
  • This 6 Art Print set features a vintage set of iconic rock & mountain climbing patents. The artwork has been reinterpreted to capture the spirit of innovation, engineering, and hand crafted to infuse the personal touch by an award winning artist in North Carolina. Your favorite rock climber will love hanging this gift on their wall!

  • Rock Climber Record Wall Clock
  • It's a huge trend right now to turn a classic vinyl record into a decorative clock and piece of art! This particular one features awe inspiring images of climbers and boulderers doing their thing! Each one is made with love and shipped to order!

  • Sarabi K Rock Climbing Gift Set
  • This set is packed with all the gear you need for a great rock climbing experience! These are the items every rock climber wants, packaged in a great set. We've gathered them here in this unique collection at a special value price that saves you time and money. Consider gifting it to a first time climber.

  • Crag Cards Essential Climbing Knots
  • Crag Cards: Essential Climbing Knots by ReferenceReady is the only portable, waterproof, totally bomber knot reference guide on the market designed specifically by and for rock climbers. These handy knot cards are printed on ultra-durable plastic so you don't need to worry about getting them wet, and they're small enough to slip into your pocket, something that can't be said for heavy paper books! Includes a braided steel loop to clip to your harness or pack.

  • Vintage Mountaineer T-Shirt
  • Keep them looking good while celebrating their love of rock climbing! The distinctive vintage logo will act as a great conversation starter! This will quickly find it's way into their regular wardrobe, and they'll think of you fondly each time they wear this gift!

  • Joshua Tree Organic Climbing Salve
  • This epic climbing salve provides powerful healing for treating dry, chapped skin, chafing, abrasions, scrapes and cuts...all with no skin softeners so it will save calluses. It's a useful rock climbing gift that they may not normally buy for themselves, but they'll wonder how they ever did without!

  • Refrigerator Magnet Climbing Holds
  • These mini sized rock climbing hold fridge magnets are a small copy of climbing holds used by the IFSC for international competitions. Map the speed route on the fridge, and the fridge becomes an original climbing wall!

  • Friction Labs Unicorn Dust Chalk
  • Pick them up a bag of the Best Gym & Rock Climbing Chalk! Help them overcome grip problems caused by sweat, rain, humidity, and oils/sunscreen. Protect your skin from over-drying and cracking! It's a practical gift for any climber!

Rock Climbing Mugs

  • Rock Climbing Hold Mug
  • This ingenious mug will become their favorite they minute they unwrap it! It's a standard size coffee mug with a climbing hold for the handle. Let them show off their grip with this epic mug!

  • Ceramic Cliff Mug
  • If they feel like a rock before their first cup of coffee, then this mug is a fantastic gift to help them show off their love of the sport! Each one calls to mind happy days free climbing, bouldering, or whatever floats their boat!

  • Crimp Rock Climbing Mug
  • The Sketchy Crimp Mug is a climber essential. Start your day off right with a cup of Joe and some essential crimp training! It's stylish, and fully functional as a caffeine delivery system!

  • Eat. Sleep. Climb. Mug
  • This funny coffee cup features the 3 words every climber needs to survive! They'll show off their love with each sip, using this perfect gift! It's a good conversation starter, and works for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more!

  • Carabiner Hook Mug Set
  • Simple, yet effective, these carabiner mugs are handy to keep on hand and get the job done! They're made of stainless steel, and have a fully working carabiner attached as a handle. Give the gift of coffee!

  • YETI Rambler Bottle
  • Yeti has become one of the premier brands of portable beverage mugs, and this rambler bottle is a great gift idea for your favorite climber on Christmas or any other holiday! It's available in a number of colors.

Gifts For Boulderers

  • Valley Climbing Chalk Set
  • This new and improved version of a super popular chalk bag features robust stitching, a stiffer rim, a brush loop, and a bombproof buckle. This bag is designed in Santa Cruz California, based on feedback from the rock climbing community

  • Metolius Rock Rings
  • Help them get their grip strength up with these rock rings! Hang them from a pullup bar, tree, or other sturdy surface and let them get to work! It's an awesome bouldering gift and one that'll get a ton of use as they work to increase their skills!

  • Rock Climbing Wall Decal
  • Jazz up a man-cave, office, bedroom, or any room of the house with this rock climbing decor wall decal! It's laser cut and comes in black to offset perfectly against a white wall. They'll love looking at this stunning decal and enjoy thinking of your generosity each time!

  • Rock Climber Watercolor Art Print
  • This beautiful watercolor print by Dan Morris is a must-have for any avid or aspiring rock climber! It features vibrant colors and an iconic image of your gift recipient's favorite pass-time. Pick one up for them this Christmas or Birthday, and put a huge smile on their face!

  • A New Climbing Harness
  • Safety when climbing is critical, so a good harness is key! If they're new to the sport or their current one has seen better days, surprise them on the next special occasion with a brand new harness to keep them safe and enjoying each climb with peace of mind!

  • New Bouldering Pants
  • Xlite pants are a best-seller among professional bouldering pants. for maximum performance: lightweight, stretchy, durable, adjustable, 4 outer pockets (2 zipped) chalk bag & brush loops. Their breathable and durable stretchy fabric protects from scratches.

Indoor Rock Climbing Gifts

  • Rock Climbing Ropes Print
  • Show the rock climber in your life your support with this playful print of the ties that bind them to the mighty mountain. Illustrator and children's book author Jorey Hurley finds endless inspiration in life's extraordinary ordinary moments and creates a drawing every day based on her encounters, including this scene. These cords are expertly cinched using five intricate knot patterns that help the climber ascent to new heights on every adventure.

  • A Pull Up Bar
  • Arm and back strength is key for a good climb, and this pull-up bar is an epic way to help them train from the comfort of their own home! This is an extremely useful indoor climbing gift that will get a ton of use!

  • Dynamic Climbing Rope
  • Single ropes are the most common type of climbing rope, and essential gear! They come in different lengths and diameters and cover a range of different applications. They are good both for indoor and outdoor use, and are therefore used for alpine, mountaineering, and big wall climbing.

  • New Rock Climbing Shoes
  • As pioneers of knit technology in climbing shoes, Climb X has decided to help make this formidable technology available to all climbers. The new Climb X Icon features a fully knit upper, offering maximum comfort and breathability, without sacrificing durability. In addition, the Icon features a soft neoprene tongue, adding to comfort while also assisting the shoe’s natural downturn in ensuring an excellent fit.

  • A Wrist Strengthener Forearm Exerciser
  • This wrist exerciser is designed to improve strength, power and speed in the wrists, hands and forearms. The minimum tension is about 2kg, which is ideal for rock climbers and other people who need to increase muscle strength. It's a gift they can use around the house to ensure they're ready for the next climb! Check your favorite coupon sites, because this item often goes on sale for 5% off.

  • Double Sided Hand & Finger File
  • This pocket-sized, hand-made file is the perfect pair with chalk to keep your skin in the best condition. Round out your kit and always know where it is thanks to the handy orange string that stands out in the gym or at the crag. The wood is curved to give better balance and help you work around the natural contours of your fingers. It comes with 2 replaceable sandpapers - 1 smooth and 1 abrasive - one on each side of the file.

  • A Rock Climbing Rope Bag
  • Keep your rope clean and organized in this classic backpack style rope bag with built-in rope tarp from NiceClimbs. The bag features reinforced backpack straps to make carrying your rope to the crag a breeze. There is a zippered top compartment to pack away your valuables. The rope bag folds and zips into its own pocket for compact storage, perfect if bringing along during a multi-pitch climb. Whatever the occasion, this is a great gift idea for climbers!

Rock Climbing Christmas Ornaments

  • Personalized Rock Climber Girl Ornament
  • Ornaments by Elves ornaments are made from lightweight, yet durable polyresin. Each one is carefully hand-painted by their talented elves using vibrant colors. They include a ribbon loop for easy hanging and package them up well for safe sending. This one features a personalized rock climber girl - customize it with the year and name!

  • Personalized Rock Climbing Boy Christmas Ornament
  • This is the male version of the rock climber Christmas ornament above, and features the same great craftsmanship and personalization options. If you've got an awesome climber on your Christmas list this year, be sure to grab one!

  • Leather Rock Climber Christmas Ornament
  • These excellent laser engraved ornaments look great on any tree! They can be personalized with the gift recipient name and year, or other short message of your choice! It'll look great in any home this winter!

  • Wooden Bouldering Ornament
  • We love these bouldering ornaments and we think you will too! They're laser cut, and feature a vibrant image in a circular form factor. It's a perfect gift to surprise your favorite boulderer this Xmas!

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